Deported man claims police stole money

A Palestinian man who was deported from Sweden last year has filed a suit against Swedish police, claiming that the escorting officers have stolen 65,000 kronor ($10,000).

The man had studied and worked in Sweden for a number of years when he was sent home in November last year.

At the time of his extradition his savings, 65,000 Swedish kronor, were being looked after by the escorting officers. But there is no receipt that they were returned to him upon arrival in his country.

“We know that the police have looked after the funds during the journey. Then it follows that the police are responsible for giving him a receipt if they return the money,” his lawyer, Birgitta Elfström, told Sveriges Radio.

According to SR, the police have given differing statements as to if the monies have been returned. One of the officers stated that the Palestinian man refused to take his money.

“Just like it said in the report: ‘No, I don’t want any money’, ‘Yes, you must take it’.

But the other officer denies this and is certain that the man had an envelope with the money in his hand as he left.

Extradited foreign nationals are as a rule escorted by officers from the Swedish Prison and Probation Service transport unit (Kriminalvårdens transporttjänst) and not the police.

If money is being handled, there are strict rules regarding receipts and signatures by officers and recipients.

At the Swedish Prison and Probation Service transport unit, Gunnar Johansson, head of foreign operations in Gothenburg, is surprised.

“I am speechless that this can have happened regarding such a large sum, “ he said to SR.

The police have so far declined to comment in the Swedish media and the case is being investigated internally by Swedish border police.

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