Springtime weather sweeps across Sweden

Swedes across the country are enjoying the first signs of springtime warmth and the weekend’s forecast promises more of the same.

Springtime weather sweeps across Sweden

Temperatures will hold around 15 degrees Celsius in many places over the weekend and at the beginning of next week even warmer weather is forecasted.

“Monday to Wednesday can be really sunny and the temperature could reach 20 degrees,” Meteorologist Johan Groth from weather services company Storm Geo said to daily Aftonbladet.

According to Swedish Meteorological Institute (SMHI) spring temperatures have penetrated almost the whole expanse of the country, leaving only pockets in the very north where spring has not yet sprung, according to the agency.

The definition the institute uses to determine the onset of spring in Sweden is that the average temperature should be above freezing seven for seven days.

But Swedes wanting to shed their hats and gloves should beware because spring weather in Sweden is capricious.

“Temperatures will resemble summertime in certain places of Sweden over the Easter weekend, but it is important to remember that the clear weather also makes temperatures fall quickly once the sun goes down. It can reach 0 degrees Celsius or we may even see minus degrees at night,” Groth warned Aftonbladet.

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