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Second Swedish woman reports 'fake rape' slur

The Local/rm · 20 Apr 2011, 11:31

Published: 20 Apr 2011 11:31 GMT+02:00

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Another Swedish woman has come forward telling the story of how she was mistreated after reporting a rape on the island of Kos in 2002.

Last week the case of ‘Anna’, who was told she was trying to cash in on a special Swedish ‘rape insurance’ after reporting a rape in 2008, kicked off a media storm in Sweden.

The second woman, ‘Maria’, told Swedish broadcaster TV4 that she was forced to go out and scan the streets for the man together with police after reporting the incident.

After he had been apprehended she was made to sit in the same room as him and his girlfriend, according to TV4.

As the man denied the charges, Maria was countersued shortly after. She then spent 48 hours locked in a cleaning closet at the station, after the police initially wanted her to be locked up with ten male detainees.

Just as in the earlier case, Maria was told that she had made a fake claim in order to cash in on insurance.

“The Greek police said that I made it up to get money, but I haven’t had any money from anywhere,” she told TV4.

Back in Sweden the letters started coming with summons to Greece. For eight years she had two letters a year. The latest came in 2010.

“You get really worn down, because it just goes on and on. I am trying to put it behind me, but I can’t,” she said to TV4.

Maria told TV4 that she doesn’t dare going back to Greece to give evidence. She still has nightmares, she said, but is telling her story in order to help others.

Anna’s story was aired on TV4 last week. After watching the news on TV, Jan Tordsson from Växjö sent a protest letter to the Greek embassy in Stockholm.

“On the contrary my friend, it is you who should be ashamed over Swedish womens' behaviour, on vacation in all parts of the world and with what they do with foreigners in their own country,” was the answer he received by a distinguished diplomat.

After news of the letter leaked out, the Greek ambassador to Sweden fired the diplomat. According to the press secretary, his views and conclusions about Swedish women were not shared by the embassy.

Alexandra Pascalidou, a Swedish journalist and TV presenter of Greek parentage said in newspaper Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) that the comments of the Greek diplomat were “embarrassing and prejudiced”.

“It is incredibly embarrassing, unprofessional and prejudiced. You can’t really say more than that. It is as stupid as it can be, really,” she said to SvD.

According to Pascalidou, the view of Swedish women as promiscuous stems from the first tourist invasions of the 1970s and 80s.

But things have changed radically over the last decades and the view of the sinful Swedish woman is generally only rife among the older generation, she said.

“There is a lot left to do – both in Greece and in other Mediterranean countries. These things are very deeply rooted and are a part of that generation,“ Pascalidou said to SvD.

As a woman with Greek roots she is very critical about what has happened to the Swedish women in Greece, and is hoping it will open up for a dialogue on these issues in the country.

But at the same time she questioned why Swedes expect other countries to extradite to Sweden, like in the Assange-case, when they are so sceptical of extraditing any of their citizens to Greece.

“If the judicial system in Greece was as poor as it has been portrayed in the Swedish press, the country would surely have been kicked out of the EU long ago,“ Pascalidou said.

She also pointed out that the newspaper, which ran the story on Swedish rape insurance, was a small local paper in the city of Chania on the island of Crete and not one of the national papers.

A group of Swedish-Greek citizens also wrote an article in Svenska Dagbladet over the weekend urging the Greek ambassador to apologize for the incident.

Story continues below…

“We can’t judge in the legal case. But we can condemn the statements made by officials and the view on women shown in Greek press. This is not the Greece we are proud of,“ they wrote in SvD.

The Swedish reactions to the second woman’s story have been strong. After Swedish TV4 news ran the story on Tuesday night many viewers wanted to comment.

“I think I am going to forget about ever going to Greece. It is so backwards about things,“ one viewer tweeted.

“We are cancelling our trip to Greece. Shame on you for your views on women,” another wrote.

Others were not in favour of boycotting Greece.

“I feel bad for these women but terrible things happen all over the world and I don’t think it is grounds to shun an entire country,” one viewer commented.

Attempts by The Local to get a comment on the matter from the press department of the Greek embassy in Sweden were unsuccessful.

The Local/rm (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

12:23 April 20, 2011 by amirhosein

is this a news piece?? or a confessional record from a psychologist's office, about how some people feel and think.

News used to be about facts, happenings, and events. and not about feelings, thoughts, and guesses.

That's an unfair generalization, also, to say:

"There is a lot left to do - both in Greece and in other Mediterranean countries. These things are very deeply rooted and are a part of that generation,"
12:54 April 20, 2011 by Twiceshy
"I think I am going to forget about ever going to Greece"

13:23 April 20, 2011 by darky
I see some drama here now. May be she has been called to counter the Greek claims and prove the Swedish Women innocent of the claims. .... Wait do these ladies think that it is in Sweden where u pose around naked in the name of basking and go free? After exposing your nude self to a sexually hungry guy, what do you expect him to do or say?...... That thank you for showing me your boobies? heheheheheee
13:29 April 20, 2011 by Nilspet
Let me be less patriotic and more global : how about TV4 urging Swedish (beach) tourists everywhere in the world to "respect" local culture, rule of law, social norms, etc of countries where they go for vacation? I have also heard complains about Nordic tourists going topless on beaches in SE Asian countries (it is illegal to be topless in those countries) and the locals there were not at all happy. But they just do not want to make a big deal (calling police,etc) to avoid headlines. A lot of us here expect foreigners coming to Sweden to conform with Swedish rule of law, norms, ways of life .. we should do the same when we go abroad. If (french or nonfrench) kissing in public is illegal in the middle East so be it. If we cannot accept that then it is better to go where it is allowed. It is really pointless to criticize other culture, set of laws , … practiced in other countries. I have been to Greece and it is not a less civilized than Sweden and Greece is an important state in the EU geopolitical settings despite its current troublesome economy. The Greek people have their way of doing things and they have the right to do so in their territory. (In some countries it is illegal to

sell sex and it is punishable whilst in Sweden you can sell whatever kind of sex but buyers get punished ..and our sex law, from other viewpoints, is uncivilized no matter how we defend it. But we have the right to practice this sex law within our territory after all we are a

sovereign state.).

But rape = rape and rapists should be punished no matter what. One should fight for the justice if one is raped ..that is for sure however in "some" countries if xxxny women offer men to have sex with them but the act turns out to go wilder than they first thought it might not be possible to sue the guys (for rape) as you can easily do in e.g. Sweden (on contrary you could be countersued for damaging their image/freedom like the case(s) in Greece). Lets take this WAKEUP call for all the Swedish tourists no matter where they go. I am sure that if we conform to local laws, social norms wherever we go we are likely not to run into trouble. Now, if you go to Greece and avoid e.g. having sexual activities with the locals you can never be sued or countersued for rape or false rape claims. I suppose Assange really regretted having intimate times with 2 Swedish girls in Sweden because he failed to study the pattern here (or it was just imaginable for him that nice times could turn out to be rapes...). Imagine Assange having sex with 2 Swedish female tourists in Greece ... rape claims against him would not work there.

Again do not get me wrong..if you are robbed, raped, .. while abroad you should certainly fight for your right up to the law of the country you are in. What this Anna can do now is to fight for justice (clearing her name if she beleived she was innocent) by appearing in the Greek court. There are probably some Greek laywers that are willing to help her.
14:11 April 20, 2011 by drosophila
Before i start i would like to say that i tried to provide some links from news but the local thought they were spam even though they were form the archives of some big national newspapers of Turkey.

Unfortunately every summer some real rape incidents happen in Turkey. But on the other hand simply two additional types of reports happen as well.

1. Tourist get drunk sleep with a man and next morning does not remember anything and reports rape. This is a huge ethical discussion, the clear evidence is medical examination but there is always a debate going on if it is real rape where there is no forced entry but sex with a drunk person. I have no clear idea, it is too complicated.

2. Tourist sleeps with a man few days before they go back (generally one day before) and report rape to get vacation money back and some more insurance money.

these news we hear every summer. I can not say anything about the Greek cases but police in Turkey detected several Danish, Norwegian and Swedish tourists faking rape. Both by medical examination, cross-questioning, camera and hotel information.

In one case the Swedish tourist rented a room (not the one she stayed during her vacation) together with the guy for one night and 4 days later claimed rape (her last day of vacation).

Turkish newspapers generally announce these reports immediately as real rape. And laws in Turkey stupidly allows you to announce the victims name but the rapist with only initials. And when the report turns out to be fake it is very easy to learn the names of the fake reporters. It is easily accessible but i do not write them here because of ethical concerns.

I just wanted to say fake reports happen every summer. Keep in mind!!!

Note: to say it simply rape to any living thing (i read about some poor swedish horses on the local) is horrible.
14:23 April 20, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
Pascalidou is trying to cover the Sun with one finger. I have been in the beautiful Sweden for more than 24 years and I have learned that it is a common denominator for a girls to sue his own father for rape in order to get an economic compensation, or girls who go with a man to a hotel, undressed and go to bed with him and later she claims that she was raped. I agree that rape is rape but I do not agree in rape equals economic compensation. This has been a trend I have seen in Sweden throught the years and, correct me If I am wrong, ultra feminism is behind all this. Men are guilty as charged. Ask Julian Assange and tens of others that have faced the same, except for the extradition item. Last year I was in Cancún and there were two have naked very beautiful women exposing themselves to the eyes of whoever wanted to see an spectacle. I asked them where did they come from and the answer was: "We are Swedes" One of them said "I am from Stockholm", the other did not open her mouth. She was posing for a Mexican paisano.

Anna will not go to Greece to clear up her name, because it is my belief that there is no name to be cleared up. Time will prove if I am wrong or wright, but certainly not Pascalidou. Somewhere in the wilderness she forgot how to uses the grey matter.
14:31 April 20, 2011 by Swedesmith
So, Mr. Belmar, you are complaining about beautiful woman exposing their naked bodies in public. What the heck is wrong with you, man?

Ladies, don't listen to him. Expose away!
14:52 April 20, 2011 by Rick Methven
"Ladies, don't listen to him. Expose away! "

15:03 April 20, 2011 by Syftfel
What the hell do all these Swedish broads do when they go to Greece? I'd like to know.
15:28 April 20, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
Swedsmith and Rick Methven: If you do not know how to read properly, do not comment. I was not complaining about beautiful women exposing their naked bodies in public, but now that you mention that, I want to point out that, yes, they were beautiful and that yes, they had no shame and yes, they were Swedes and yes, they should do that in the center of Stockholm or in the Parliament if that makes them feel good, but not in a foreign country where there are quite many decent ways of behaviour. And yes, I can see that Pascalidou was not the only one in not knowing how to use the grey matter.
17:04 April 20, 2011 by Swedesmith
If you're going down the "when in Rome, do as the Romans do" road, I can't say that I disagree. But, by the same token, that would apply to the "guests" who come to Sweden from other countries and try to impose their culture on their Swedish hosts.

Don't you agree?
19:00 April 20, 2011 by superturbo
rape insurance? lol, yeah right. Where can I sign up on one?? :P
19:39 April 20, 2011 by calebian22
According to Pascalidou, the view of Swedish women as promiscuous stems from the first tourist invasions of the 1970s and 80s.

Has Pascalidou a Swedish journalist actually met a Swede lately? Booze cruise around the Baltic anyone?
21:06 April 20, 2011 by ppaf
Who the hell would take any other side than the rape victims here??? What kind of weird people are you???

The problem of men suffering from "fake rape" claims is about as big as the problem of white man suffering from "fake racism" claims in the 50s...

Do you really believe what you're saying? ...or is there something repressed trying to come out?

Rule of thumb for all you pervs: "When in doubt... don't do it! It's probably rape!"
21:23 April 20, 2011 by zx81
"But at the same time she questioned why Swedes expect other countries to extradite to Sweden, like in the Assange-case, when they are so sceptical of extraditing any of their citizens to Greece."

Exactly. Hypocrites.
21:32 April 20, 2011 by _Miriam_
It seems very likely - to me anyways - that these girls weren't exactly innocent little angels while on vacations, just like many other Swedish women, whether on vacation or not and regardless of how corrupt Greeks are. I say this from personal experience of hanging out with Swedish girls for several years. So, yes, I will go so far as to make a general-ish statement about "most of" Swedish women. A statement which may or may not be false, however that's just the way it is. Everyone seems to be stereotyping nowadays from Muslims to Asians, Middle-Easterners to Europeans etc etc, without even having the slightest idea what they're talking about. So what makes Swedes so different? They're all about egalitarianism, and, well, so am I, then. I will stop prejudicing when everyone else does. Swedish chicks might be "blond and hot", but that doesn't give them the right to feel as though they can do whatever they want AND get away with it.

Also, I'm not saying that these two women are lying, I'm just saying that they sort of had it coming. I mean, come on.
21:57 April 20, 2011 by drosophila
Another story:


It is not all black and white
23:15 April 20, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
Swedesmith wrote at 17:04 April 20:

If you're going down the "when in Rome, do as the Romans do" road, I can't say that I disagree. But, by the same token, that would apply to the "guests" who come to Sweden from other countries and try to impose their culture on their Swedish hosts.

Don't you agree?

No Swedesmith, I do not agree. I have never seen "guests" from any other country (you name them) that come to Sweden and go naked in public beaches or dress like whores to call the attention and get bad, mediocre or a good lay and then to sue the poor fellow because she was raped.

So, Mr. Swedesmith, wake up and do not try, as Pascalidou did, to cover the Sun with one finger.

And your "guests" are simply the tourists that contribute to the welfare of this magnificent country. Your Japanese, Russian, American, British, German, Spanish, etc, etc,"guests", come to Sweden to enjoy the country. They are not looking for another naive Assange to frame him and to try to get as much money as they can, thanks to nincompoop attorneys that do not sign with their names and only put their fingerprints.Perhaps you are one of them, or am I wrong?
00:37 April 21, 2011 by jackx123
greeks are nothing else but upper class arabs. same f^&*%d up mentality
01:14 April 21, 2011 by Swedesmith
No, Belmar, I am not talking about tourists. I am talking about people from other countries who come to Sweden and then get their knickers all twisted up when they see a naked woman, sunning herself on the beach. Swedes aren't hung up on nudity.. It's a well known fact.

And frankly, I don't buy the argument that seeing a naked female will drive a man to rape. I've seen plenty of naked gals and hope to see many more. I've never raped anyone or even thought of it. Most experts will attest to the fact that rapists actually hate women. You know, think of them as conniving b*tches and whores. Ring any bells, Bellmar?

And no, I am not an attorney for poor, naive Assange. Wouldn't take his case even if I was.
01:34 April 21, 2011 by kraken
Apparently Swedish women have found a smart way to fund their vacations.

Another similar case, this time the "rapists" were 4 British men...


Hurrah for the Greek embassy employee who had the testicular fortitude to speak out.
04:39 April 21, 2011 by RitaPita
Hahaha! I love that so many are commenting with the same opinion.

Hmm..... Swedish women aren't scantily-clad sl*ts who sleep around then cry out rape and try to regain whatever small dignity that was not destroyed from an entire night of binge drinking and making out with strangers...???

*Points at the "Gallery" section on this page*

I rest my case.
08:25 April 21, 2011 by Kevin Harris
A combination of the Assange "rapes", and Sweden's ridiculous, lead as the country with the most rapes (twice the number of the country that came second), has led to international suspicion of any Swede who cries rape.

Swedes are going to have to get used to being disbelieved over this sort of thing; and not only by Greek policemen. The unforseen by product Sweden's unusual interpretation of the sexual offences law is that genuine Swedish rape victims are at a serious disadvantage when abroad.
09:27 April 21, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
01:14 April 21, 2011 by Swedesmith

I thought you had something inside your head, but I can clearly see that you are "stängd i huvudet" plus that you belong to all those who cannot prove the opposite. End of debate, please!
10:02 April 21, 2011 by Nilspet
@Kevin Harris

Thanks for this well-put sentence:

"The unforseen by product of Sweden's unusual interpretation of the sexual offences law is that genuine Swedish rape victims are at a serious disadvantage when abroad"

I would actually like to change "unusual" to "illogical" if you don't mind :)
10:35 April 21, 2011 by Kevin Harris

What about ".... unusual and illogical ..."?
11:04 April 21, 2011 by johnny1939
Very true what so many of you have mentioned that what we consider ok at home is not in other countries. I recall a mother being arrested for breastfeeding her child on Waikiki beach in the 70s. I also recall police helicopters busy trying to find "hippies" swimming in the nude on secluded beaches on Maui!!! As far as i know sunning topless is still a no-no on most beaches in the US. There exist designated beaches now after so many years.

I wonder if Norwegian and Danish women have the same problems? Maybe better to bring your own guy nd stay away from the local talent.
13:00 April 21, 2011 by Nilspet
@Kevin Harris

Ok :) I buy it if you let me say "unusual and extraordinarily illogical"


I dont know about Danish and Norewgian babes out there but I think the Danes have different attitude than we have regarding sex. Prostitution is legal there for example.

I am not sure that local talent (i.e. indigenous Swedish guys) is immune from rape claims abroad. Most rape allegations in Sweden are against Swedish men. Even though the allegation is dropped abroad the girls might be able to invoke the Swedish sex law when they get back to Sweden.
17:05 April 21, 2011 by daddys
Sweden in all it's hypocritical glory.

There is a rape insurance, the mistake the Greek paper made was to call it that. It falls under the home insurance, and will pay a woman 100 000 SEK. All she needs to do is report being raped to the police and show the insurance company the policereport. They pay up every time.

Think for a minute. Which big insurance company would want to end up at TV4 News portrayed as the bastards that distrust female rape victims? Allready 2006 insurance company Trygg Hansa claimed to have between 5-10 cases every year and the rate of reports was growing, Mind you that a conviction is not necessary to cash in on the insurance. A police report is all it takes.

I am not saying the real victims of rape should have to face this kind of treatment, but the ones that cheat a system that is there to protect real victims should rot in prisons. It's the worst crime of all. It destroys the lives of innocent men, and real victims of rape.

I totally agree with Pascalidou when she questions the double standard that Sweden show in this case. They want Assange extradited for a rape he obviously have not commited, but they don't want to send their own citizens to stand trial in another European country? There is a name for that kind of behaviour. And it ain't pretty.
19:50 April 21, 2011 by ppaf
All you perverts that talk about rape insurance and think women have it coming... do the same... go to the police, say you were raped and collect the insurance... all you have to do is take it up the ass while in Greece...

When you do that, then it's reasonable to assume others do the same. In the meanwhile stop rationalizing your perversion and help fight the the war against rape...
10:31 April 22, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
And how much can a homo get if he is raped in Greece? Maybe the Swedish flock can start making business there. The problem would be that insurance companies would go broken. There are so many.
17:27 April 22, 2011 by here for the summer
J.L don't laugh blond guys get raped in these countires too. Unfortunately the whole rape insurance is sick story to discredit rape victim. drosophila shows the insensitivity and attitudes of the middle east. yes it is possble for a woman to rent a room with a man and be raped. It is also very pssible a woman passes out and it raped while passed out. This is the law in the western countries. These stories about Greece show how different their attitudes are .
05:46 April 23, 2011 by vikingstrong
Well nothing in the world would ever make me set foot in a LOOSER country like Greece again after reading the comments of men who think that the are men for RAPING , as a real man I will spend the my time making sure Europe let looser like you starve rather the being BAILED OUT . Does it make you feel like a man to be a BEGGING!!
16:18 January 3, 2012 by janeway
The court in Greece have dismissed the case against the rape victim and have urged the police to investigate the original complaint about the rape. The suspect has been questioned by the police and a trial against him is expected some time this year. To some of the neanderthal posters: A woman should be able to walk naked through a room full of men without anyhing happening to her. This is a quote from one of my best friends: a man from Turkey, who also happens to be a practicing muslim, but not a fundamentalist.

The Greek laws are different from many other countries in Europe. A man accused of rape can deny the charges and counter sue the victim. If the man denies the charges and countersue, the police will stop investigating the rape and instead hold the victim in a cell until the trial against her has started. This is all fair and square, according to Greek laws. But since Greek is now on the brink of bankruptcy, I have a feeling they will be encouraged to amend their laws into the standards of the 21st Century.
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