Swede provides ‘proof’ in Obama birth debate

Swede provides 'proof' in Obama birth debate
The announcement from 1961 shows both the names of Waidelich and Obama.
A Swedish woman, Monica Danielsson, 78, may have provided the last piece in a the puzzle on where US president Barack Obama was born, when CNN recently went to Hawaii finally lay the matter to rest.

“Obama was lying there next to my Stig in the bassinet and I remember him because he was the only black child there and I thought he was very cute,” she said to Swedish daily Expressen.

CNN recently sent reporter Gary Tuchman from the show ‘Andersson Cooper 360’ to Hawaii to find evidence that president Obama was born there.

While there, he quickly discovered an announcement in the birth columns of the local paper of a Stig Waidelich who was born in the same hospital the day after Obama.

“They then tried to track me down to compare my son’s birth certificate to the one provided by Obama,” Danielsson said.

According to CNN the whole matter is complicated because the governor of Hawaii is not legally able to release the original certificate.

But now ‘the CNN investigation showed that the ‘certification of live birth’ released by President Obama in 2008 is the same certificate that is issued to every Hawaiian’, according to a statement from CNN.

Through Monica Danielsson, CNN obtained a certificate for her son Stig, to compare to president Obama’s.

According to CNN, the document given to Stig from the Department of Health is the same exact document that President Obama has released.

“Stig, who no longer has his original birth certificate, can use this document for any court proceedings and any legal purposes”, CNN said in a statement.

Monica, who was borh in Traneberg in Stockholm, moved to Hawaii 50 years ago.

Her memories of an African-American baby at the maternity ward further corroborate the story.

“I have no absolute proof of course, but I saw Obama and I have always thought it was Obama,” she told Expressen.

When President Obama became a candidate in 2008, Monika noticed his birth date and hospital in an article and remembered that day in the nursery. Since then more memories of Obama growing up has come back to Danielsson.

“The memories come rushing back to me. Obama was very into sport and my son was good at tennis, although Obama was more into basketball,” she said.

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