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Social Democrat ditches Muslim holiday plan

TT/The Local · 8 May 2011, 08:55

Published: 08 May 2011 08:55 GMT+02:00

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The newly appointed party secretary kick-started the debate when suggesting in a interview earlier this week that any review of Sweden's public holidays should consider making room for the Muslim celebration of Eid al-Fitr.

Jämtin said the addition of the holiday, which marks the end of Ramadan for Muslims, would help reflect the multicultural nature of Swedish society.

"One could consider whether Eid, the Muslim Christmas Eve, could be a public holiday," she told newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. "Since Sweden is heterogeneous, our holidays ought to reflect some sense that we are different."

However, speaking to Sveriges Radio on Saturday, Jämtin said her party had no plans to conduct an overhaul of Sweden's current battery of public holidays.

"No, we don't want more holidays, and as such we don't want to make Eid a holiday either," said Jämtin. "We're fine with the holidays we have in Sweden. That's the view of the Social Democrats and that's what I intend to promote."

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A wide range of critics noted that Muslims are just one of many religious groups in Sweden, while also questioning the thinking behind adding another religious holiday to the calendar in an increasingly secular country.

Sweden currently has 11 official public holidays - New Year's Day, Epiphany, Good Friday, Easter Monday, May 1st (International Workers' Day), Ascension Day, National Day, Midsummer's Day, All Saints' Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

10:19 May 8, 2011 by Infart
With the exception of those who intend for Sweden to be under Sharia law one day, I think everyone saw that this would be a bad idea.
10:46 May 8, 2011 by Just_Kidding
I think distributing free copies of "Illusionen om Gud" (it costs 37 sek) among the muslim population is a better idea. They don't have access to such books in their homeland due to the religiuos censorship.
10:53 May 8, 2011 by HYBRED
Bad idea to say the least. It was attempted political suicide for the Social Democrats. If they want votes to get power you float a idea that the majority of the voters want. And anyone with a brain knows how a idea will fly before it gets made public.
11:42 May 8, 2011 by motti
Perhaps the SD might wish to change the Swedish flag. Howabout a blue background with a yellow half moon in the centre?

Remember that before Mohammed, the Moslems prayed to the moon, half, full or quarter. Skaal
12:11 May 8, 2011 by RobinHood
Too late Carin. The damage has already been done.

She won't last long. She'll soon be off to spend more time with her family. The quality of Social Democrat politicians is very poor at the moment. Sweden, and every democracy, needs an effective opposition. Can't they do any better than this?
12:29 May 8, 2011 by IXUS
Swedish establishment views Lebanon as a role model.

To behold the Swedish establishment today is to behold a group who are enthrall to the idea of cultural, ethinic and social suicide. Like Marxism before it (which they also embraced with gusto) it's akin to a physchological illness.The problem is by the time a cure is found it will be too late. By then the establishment patients will have quit their own madhouse to seek refuge elsewhere, leaving others to live among the ruins of Beruit they've created.

God help Sweden.
12:39 May 8, 2011 by jomamas
Look around Swedes - there will be no more Sweden in 1 generation.

I speak from experience, my home city of Mississauga in Canada, is now 100% foreign born or children of foreign born. All of the immigrants are good people, they work hard and follow the law - but of course, they are not Canadian, after all, how could they become Canadian when entirely surrounded by other foreigners.

In these days of mass migration and the absence of physical boundaries due to transportation options - the West will be wiped out unless we take an active role in enforcing immigration laws.
12:40 May 8, 2011 by wenddiver
@IXUS- I completely agree.

She should start up a special holiday for fat old weirdos, which seem to make up the majority of her supporters in the picture.

Has anybody thought that Police snipers could probably stop the car burners even if we don't give them a Muslim hoiday.
12:54 May 8, 2011 by Beavis
Just imagine these muppets were almost elected to run the country.This proposal was as well thoguht out as butlers on the metro.
13:09 May 8, 2011 by Iraniboy
Islamphobic thelocal posters back on track! Funny how 99% are non-Swedes and most probably living outside Sweden!
13:10 May 8, 2011 by PaulTheOctopus
back to stone age
13:26 May 8, 2011 by Syftfel
Now, if she could only ditch herself, and her dictatorial, orwellian, party too Sweden would be a lot better place.
13:47 May 8, 2011 by calebian22

The storm of criticism has come from Swedes, not the Local message boards. However, the views of the Islamphobes (or as I view myself, in the know about exclusionary Islam), seem to be reflected in the Swedish population. If it wasn't, the liberally idiotic Social Dems would not have backtracked.
14:19 May 8, 2011 by truthworthy
Great! a victory for SD and bigoted people. This woman has no courage to stand for what she believes. Whether Muslims get holiday or not, her image is destroyed from all sides.

I just want Sweden to declare itself a Christian nation and stop this secular bulsh*t because while they claim there is religious equality and blahblah they discriminate against Muslims when it come to holidays, mosques, minarets, call to prayer, jobs etc. They should just stop telling us about this freedom bullsh*t and be like Saudi Arabia.
14:39 May 8, 2011 by technoviking
Great news.

Step One: Force the radical left to become more centrist in order to survive. Check!

@ Iraniboy

If you could actually read Swedish, you'd see how many Swedes are absolutely disgusted by this on Swedish forums. Go back to your terrorist support forums instead.
15:06 May 8, 2011 by Iraniboy

Given the facts that I was nto support that idea, your response is irralavant. I was referring to thelocal posters bashings and slanders against Muslims and NOT criticism of the holiday plan!


I can read Swedish and the language used in those forums are far from your backward immoral conservative standards. Fortunately Sweden is well-governed so that Xenophobic people like you have only chance to express their Xenophobic and accuse others of supporting terrorism in the internet and not real life! That's why I love Sweden. They never give a chance to you and your ilk!
18:14 May 8, 2011 by calebian22

How do you figure that the facts don't support the lack of support for including Eid al Fatir as the 12th national holiday in Sweden? If support existed, the social democrats would be leading the charge for inclusion. Support for this inclusion does not exist, hence the back pedaling. The muslim bashing/correct assessment found on the Local is only an echo of what is found in Swedish society.
18:27 May 8, 2011 by huckleberry

All you do is run around calling everyone islamaphobes who dares to disagree with your way of thinking give it a rest why don't you
18:36 May 8, 2011 by TheOneWhoTravels
Seriously, who cares about Islam anyway. Those guys are crazy.
18:40 May 8, 2011 by jamesblish
If a big enough chunk of the population are muslims, it would be weird not to have muslim holidays. It's all part of the multicultural society our leaders have strived for for decades. Or do they seriously think people of completely different cultural backgrounds would just come here and adapt, become just like us? Not gonna happen, assimilation has been out of fashion for years. I think we're going to see more of this in the future, and not just in the shape of confused, voter-hunting social democrats. Our main priority should be to protect our constitution and the rights that come with it. That's our main challenge. There are plenty of things about foreign cultures, not just about islam, that are incompatible with the Swedish constitution and that's why we need to defend it. Unfortunately, our politicians are cowardly rats as usual and they will sell it (and us) down the river as fast as they can.
18:41 May 8, 2011 by underskyofsweden
It was not a good idea and it should not be even reflected in the media!

The social democrats should believe that they are not in power anymore!
19:20 May 8, 2011 by Yunis
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: Consider the following facts. Whether you like them is another matter.

1. 9/11 wasn't done by Muslims, it was done by Israel

2. Europe is an atheist and immoral continent that hates Islam.

3. Osama Bin Laden did not die in 2011, he was killed at the end of 2001.

4. America is not interested in fighting terrorism because it is a terrrorist state itself.

5. America wants to break up Pakistan for the following reasons:

a. the country is sitting on the potential energy pipelines from the Middle East/Central Asia to China and India

b. it is an Islamic country with nuclear weapons

c. Pakistan's main ideology, Islam, is diametrically opposed to Zionism and


6. The world has more to fear of 'changing' Western values than Islamic ones.

7. Every country America has attacked since it did Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WWII has been non-white.

8. Al-quada does does not exist.

9. Western mainstream media is extremely distrustfull as a source of truthfull, representational information.

10. America and Britain have committed genocide in Iraq and Afghanistan by, amongst other things, using depleted uranium against the innocent.

11. If Osama Bin Laden did 9/11, why didn't they caputure him first, put him on trial and then sentence him to death? This would put an end to all conspiracy theories.
19:28 May 8, 2011 by wenddiver
I went to the movie "THOR", I would think Thor is a better God than Allah, so I would give him a holiday before the Muslims.

At least Thor uses his hammer for good and is likeable, he comes from a good family and has a pleasant afterlife.

Besides Allah has no plan to deal with the frost giants like Thor does.

Jesus is still my point man, battle partner and my medevac, but if we ever have to pick a second choice I will get a hammer and pick THOR.
19:29 May 8, 2011 by shah85
Comment: Human migration is apart of world history. It is not a new trend. Jomamas mentioned the fact that the the city he lived in Canada is now filled with foreigners. Now I must ask are you a Native American? If not, a few generations back your grandfather and grandmother were immigrants to what we call Canada today. Regardless, it should not matter. One thing I have noticed in these boards is that many people don't realize is that yes after a generation or two these children In Sweden or anywhere else for that matter will become integrated fully into the local country. They will become Swedish, American, Canadian, etc etc. Now, in the case of Sweden some Swedes have to come to grips with reality and accept that a large percentage of your country are now made up of non-ethnic Swedes. For you to integrate these people you have to integrate them into your own culture. Who says a child from immigrant parents whom was born in Sweden, does not speak any other languages but Swedish and just wants to fit in cant enjoy and appreciate a mid summers night holiday or the works of Vilhelm Moberg? In my opinion, the only problem Swedes have is Islam and other organized religion. Now that can be taken care of with logic and education not with stupid comments and ignorance.

Also, Swedes themselves are not foreign to immigration. For those who are familiar with the history of the Rus, or the Vikings know that they traveled extensively to the Near East and in particular to various parts in Iran. Although their intentions was not immigration but plundering a lot of them naturally did end up staying or taking girls and women. So next time some of you decide to be mean to a first or second generation Persian kid , be nice to him, You may have the same ancestor.
19:41 May 8, 2011 by Iraniboy
@calebian and huckleberry

First. once again I have to say that I didn't support that plan. I think everyone should be free to decide when to go on holiday, yet I don't know why this issue can be used for bashing Muslims talking about Sharia ,terrorism or whatever.

Second, if you follow the other posts of most of posters here, you'll notice that most of coming from either North America or UK, so it is totally naiv to think that thelocal poster comments represents Swede's views. Swedes views is what you see out of poll results.


Disagreeing with someone is different from expressing different view. Talking about holiday is far away from accusing people of terrorism and etc. I can make an example which I assume will be little insulting.


You're priceless. You pick the translation of God in Arabic then you differentiate between two identical words in different languages? Oh yes orange tastes better than apelsin!
20:36 May 8, 2011 by shah85
Mr.Iraniboy I think you are avoiding what Calebian said about what Swedes think of Islam. Where are these poll results? Can you provide them here? I think you are again avoiding reality when you blame people who may not live in Sweden for posting on these forums for disagreeing with Islam along with other Swedes here. Most people who post here are somehow involved with Swedes and Sweden regardless of where they are. Also, why are you so intent on defending Islam? Have you not been to Iran lately? You should. Maybe you'll change your mind.
20:38 May 8, 2011 by planet.sweden

I remember you, you're that Pakistani gentleman living in Britain whose last contribution on these pages was to describe English people as "pigs covered in excrement".

Please do see a doctor before the Bradford Al-qaeda discover you and use you for their own evil ends.

And if any security personnel are reading, "Yunis" really is someone who needs watching. He's a ticking time bomb waiting to go off.
21:02 May 8, 2011 by Infart
" many people don't realize is that yes after a generation or two these children In Sweden or anywhere else for that matter will become integrated fully into the local country. "

@ shah-

In many countries and with most cultures this is the case. Unfortunately, with many of our Muslim friends this is not the case. Their 1st and 2nd generations are teenagers and young adults now and we see that they clearly do not fit into society. We see them turning out as gang members or those who identify far more with their Muslim/Middle Eastern heritage than with their Swedish one. You will find many other cultures who easily assimilate after 1 or 2 generations but not the Muslims. I would like to know why that is.
22:07 May 8, 2011 by shah85

The last time I was in Sweden I was speaking to a teenage half Swedish half Foreigner kid whom was telling me how he once was once confronted by the police. When he asked and said why they were treating him as if he was a foreigner, he was born in Sweden and is Swedish. They replied with a smart-aleck comment of "YOUR Swedish?!" Now put yourself in that boys shoes. He wants to be Swedish. He feels it. That is really who he is. However, at the same time he does not feel Swedish enough because many Swedes themselves do not consider him Swedish, even though he was born in Sweden. He also does not feel close enough to what his parents/parent came from because they consider him a foreigner. So he looks for other outlets. Some in gangs, some in religion and some in both. Gangs and Religions do not care who you are and where you came from as long as you dedicate yourself to that inner circle. So they finally end up finding a place where they "belong." Most of the time these places are unhealthy ( Gangs and organized Religion).

One thing Sweden does not have compared to countries that host large amounts of foreigners is Capitalism. Now I am not attempting to promote Capitalism but realistically Capitalism makes money of diversity. Prime example United States. That is why foreigners become so integrated into the system after a short while. The land of the free was not so free until the 1980's when they started promoting individuality and diversity as a means for profit. A plus side of this was that eventually people started accepting those whom did not have the features of a white person as Americans. In Sweden's case, in my opinion, I think Swedes have to reevaluate what a "Swede" Is. Naturally, A lot of Swedes do not like the thought of that. Can a Swedish person only be a ethnic Swede? Or a people whom were born in Sweden and loves Husmanskost? Allowing people to celebrate Eid is not going to make people feel more Swedish. These kids whom are born in Sweden and want to fit in just want to do that. Fit in. Swedes have to accept their reality. Foreigners and kids of foreigners are not going anywhere. Either really attempt to Swedify them even more or continue rejecting them. Then your going to have a bunch of rejects and rejects are dangerous and unhealthy for the rest of society.

Also, foreigners in Sweden are a large group and you can not just lump them all together. You will find Secularists, Atheists, Communists, Christians, Bahais, Jewish, Non-Arab people and others in the foreigners in Sweden. Its not smart to judge a book by its cover and just assume the person is a Arab Muslim because they have different features.
22:30 May 8, 2011 by technoviking
I think Yunis is Laura Kebab's husband.
23:32 May 8, 2011 by GLO
What a dumb ass idea! Sweden is not yet a Muslm country. Just a simple fact.
23:49 May 8, 2011 by chemist007
for all swedes,

U guys are using strange words n i was expecting this. In all Muslim countries all other minorities have holiday to celebrate their religious events.

Simply shame on u all.....

we never opposed Christians, Hindos and other minorties like this.
23:51 May 8, 2011 by local-aam
Everyday Swedes true faces are unveiling. You are just showing how racist you are in the core of your heart. You people always try to hide everything in the mask of goodness. Shame on you.

In my country, we have 0.7% Buddhist and 0.3% Christian, still we have holidays for these group of people from their own Religion. If you think Sweden is a secular country, then cancel all holidays related to Christianity and be fare with what you stand for.
00:25 May 9, 2011 by yyyvxyyy
Muslims are big minority in sweden so holiday was not a bad idea , especially when this idea is given by a swede, a political party, because when political solution fail then hostility begins and if EU groth rate will be like this then in next 20-30 years Muslims will be majority.

if you respect someone you can expact to be respected back and suh stories pass from one generation to the next
00:33 May 9, 2011 by jamesblish
local-sam: I would love to see a completely secular Sweden, with no christian holidays. But it would be very hard to enforce unless you keep the "red days"... ;) The less we have of organized religion, the better off we are.
00:35 May 9, 2011 by Enjoyourlife
Those who are against immigration should go to hell. It is something that can never be stopped. A country without immigrants is a boring country. Variety is the spice of life! Enjoy the short time you have on earth, and stopping thinking about things you cannot change.
00:37 May 9, 2011 by dt804a
Yunis: Among the "facts" you listed, you should have included" (1) The earth is flat, not spherical; (2) Evolution is fiction and never happened; (3) Theory of Relativity is a Jewish conspiracy.

Chemis007: Repeating lies doesn't turn them into truths. Christians, Hindus and Jews are persecuted in every single muslim country in which they live. The site Jihad Watch lists atrocities against adherents of these religions every day. Today, for example, we have the persecution of Christians in Egypt, and even AP reports so ( see AP story "Church burning..."). After the state of Israel was born, Arab countries expelled over a million Jews who lived among them, of which 850,000 found refuge in Israel. These facts are easily verified, Mr Chemis007.
01:51 May 9, 2011 by jamesblish
shah85: Wow, dude, you really think Sweden doesn't have capitalism. That's one impressive display of ignorance.
05:30 May 9, 2011 by Infart
Those who are (astonishingly enough) in are calling Swedes "racist, "bigoted," etc. really need to get a grip on your own logic. They're not so "racist" when they bring a Muslim here, give them free money, free place to live, free Swedish education, protection in the media and the opportunity to live in a safe, clean environment. No. That's not enough apparently. We also have to have Muslim holidays.

Why do Muslims above all other religions and nationalities, deserve a holiday? Someone please enlighten me as to their positive contributions to Sweden? Thanks.
06:06 May 9, 2011 by wenddiver
@Techno-Viking - #31- Funny I was thinking Yunis was Laura Kebaab's Brother/Husband.

SWEDEN is Definetly not racist, it is however an importer of lots of ungrateful people. Hopefully the King can use his special Ninja powers to control them all, ha, ha!
06:59 May 9, 2011 by farnoxo
Ia EVERYBODY missing the point here!!! We are losing the chance of getting an extra holiday. Heck, I don't care whether it is a muslim, hindu, 7'th day adventist or even kabbalah. ITS AN EXTRA HOLIDAY!

For those of you on this notice board that seem to spend all of your sad little lives crafting anti-immigrant or anti-western polemic (just change the words and they sound the same)...a holiday is a day when you do not have to work, when you can kick back and relax, have a BBQ (pork or lamb :-) and ENJOY yourselves.
07:49 May 9, 2011 by Norrlands Turk
Secularism is really a messed up term. I didn't know that Sweden is actually a secular state with no official state religion until I looked it up at Wikipedia a couple of minutes ago.

Well, then my questions to you; If Sweden is really a secular state, then who gives you the right to have a bunch of Christian holidays to celebrate in this country?

What did Christians do to deserve all these holidays?

Isn't a secular state suppose to have no religious holidays in the first place?

If you have all your holidays, then why are you against other religions having their own religious holidays as well?
08:08 May 9, 2011 by technoviking
@ chemist

"In all Muslim countries all other minorities have holiday to celebrate their religious events."

And the Muslims help with the festivities by making "celebratory" fires out of their churches, right?

09:20 May 9, 2011 by infidel2012
Hurrah, Hurrah, Hurrah.

Just goes to show what Scandinavians, or rather, Real 'Swedes' think of these insurgents thinking that they can influence change the 'original' Swedish culture to suit their backwards 3rd-world ideals, that's a one up for Sweden... There is hope for this country after all.

The Score: Sweden +1, Mussies -0

@ iranboy

I seem to have no problems expressing my dislikes for mussies, weather it be on internet forums or on the streets.

@ enjoyourlife

@ farnoxo

You're both IDIOTS and a MORONS...

Immigration, or more to the point, Immigaints are fine until they start blowin' sh*t up or rapping your wife or daughter in the name of a religion of peace, huh?
10:11 May 9, 2011 by djmarko
another chance of a free paid day, i will certainly welcome it!! if you remove the political / media / religious dimension amongst human beings, i.e if you sit a foreigner and a native swede in a room, get them talking, you will be find out they share so much in common, have the same fears, want to live a decent life, when you add the above mentioned, then there is so much dis-trust, prejudice, we can certainly do with less media involment in human life!!
10:28 May 9, 2011 by Infart
I completely agree with Norrlands Turk. If the topic is going to come up then the country needs to define itself as such. If not, then it will be an anarchy of holiday proposals like the one Jämtin is/was suggesting.
11:05 May 9, 2011 by jamesblish
Tradition is what "gets" christians these holidays. And plenty of non-christians celebrate christmas etc. As you know.
11:17 May 9, 2011 by Norrlands Turk
I think there is no real secular state in the world. I mean, probably the US is as close as it gets and its only because the society is more diversified. Most people know when there is an important Jewish or Muslim holiday going on. A coworker takes the whole week off and they learn that its due to a religious holiday for example. Not that there is a federal or state holiday for Muslims (AFAIK).

Back to the subject, until this secularism issue is resolved, the only way to justify the current holidays is saying that they are just traditions like jamesblish mentioned. Is it a good answer? A definite no but its the best we got.

Otherwise one can claim that The Church of Sweden lost 20% of its members in last 2 decades and now Muslims make up 5% of total Sweden's population so Sweden needs a Muslim religious holiday?!
12:33 May 9, 2011 by jamesblish
I think a decent compromise would be to keep the current holidays as they are (christmas, easter, midsummer's etc.) and let people celebrate whatever holidays they like inbetween but they can't take a day off for it.

Or we could remove a couple of red days, let's say two or three in total, and let people decide for themselves when they want to utilize them. But maybe that would be too work-intensive for the employers, I don't know.
14:42 May 9, 2011 by wenddiver
Let's just call in sick and stay in bed with our girlfriends and drink Maker's Mark Whiskey, it works in America. We could kick the doors off their hinges and call it a Freedom celebration!!!!

We could also eat Bar-b-que pork sandwiches and race motorcycles/Muscle cars and if the neighbors don't like it they get deported.

Also the government should provide free beer to help you get over being sick and if you don't recover in three weeks they fly you to a Doctor in Las Vegas to recover at the Casinos. Viking Sword and Axe fights are of course legal on Freedom Day, also fair gun fights.

Woh, woh, Big Chief got plenty of Fire Water, Happy Freedom day!!!!
15:37 May 9, 2011 by Commoner
Why don't the State gives the muslims a holiday when they want it. And they can instead work in the christmas time as they don't celebrate it. That will solve their issues :)
16:47 May 9, 2011 by jamesblish
Commoner: That's sort of along the lines of what I suggested earlier. If it's do-able, I think it might be a good idea. Not sure if it is though. Depends on what kind of jobs they have, I guess. If everyone else at the office is home opening the presents and chugging down eggnog, what are they spozed to do?
11:44 May 10, 2011 by flintis
@Yunis:- you should take at good look at yourself, start to worry about your fantasy world, take a pill & ride a white horse. By the way, there are no virgins left when you get there, the martyr Crusaders made sure of that 700 yrs ago.

Sossarna will do anything to gain votes, soon it'll be Gay Day
16:00 May 11, 2011 by Taha
@Shah85: You gave words to my thoughts. I think in the same way that despite willing to be swede, I can't. Because of two reasons: I do not drink alcohol and does not eat pork.

My fellow swedes can continue to assume their ideology is universe, but in fact, it isn't. There are people of different types and beliefs all over the globe.

One thing to all those outsider criticizers who say the criticism cam efrom within Sweden, the criticism came because they say that Sweden already has too many holidays, so there is no need to revise them (unless the intent is to decrease them).

Rest, cheer up now guys, there will be no Muslim holiday in Sweden, you wanted it not to be, so it won't be... ;)
00:59 May 13, 2011 by andrewsrocks
Why mussies are always lecturing the rest of the world about the infinity perfection of their religion and at the same time running away from their islamic countries? Hopefully Sweden will have a good influence in secularizing them fast!
14:14 May 13, 2011 by tadchem
We have people like her here in the US. They call themselves 'progresives' or 'liberals'. Their distinguishing feature is that they appear incapable of considering in advance how other people might react to their programs. As a result they become agents for the Law of Unintended Consequences. Imagine playing chess with someone who cannot imagine what your response to their next move might be.
15:02 May 14, 2011 by bcterry
14:19 May 8, 2011 by truthworthy

Great! a victory for SD and bigoted people. This woman has no courage to stand for what she believes. Whether Muslims get holiday or not, her image is destroyed from all sides."

Speaking of bigots.

"Intolerance in the quran"
14:42 June 10, 2011 by BaiBye
sometimes im scared if sweden loses her identity. Please you swedish, get married and have children to save the country from identity loss. (:
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