Agency rejects Swede’s FCKU2 licence plate bid

Having FCKU2 on your licence plate is not acceptable, according to The Swedish Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen), who recently turned down a 31-year-old man from western Sweden.

“I am disappointed, especially since the plate was a birthday present from my brother, “Stefan Waerner from Hällingsjö in western Sweden told Sveriges Radio (SR).

Waerner and his brother have competed in the motorcycle sport motocross for many years and FCKU2 was their team name, according to daily Dagens Nyheter (DN).

But the rules say that a licence can’t be approved if it is possible that it will “cause offence or inconvenience to anyone”.

“We have made the judgement that this could cause offence. The reason is that it’s a clear allusion to a swearword, an American swearword,” Mikael Aronsson of the Traffic Registry Department (Trafikregistret) at the Agency, told SR.

According to Aronsson, the registry has to view these matters through a more general perspective and consider the whole population when they make their decision.

“In Sweden we have 9 million inhabitants and there will be just as many opinions on what should be allowed. We know that whatever we decide there will be some people who think that we have made the wrong decision,” he said to SR.

But Stefan Waerner doesn’t think that his choice of licence plate would cause offence to anyone.

“It isn’t really the swearword said straight out, it s just an abbreviation. It was just a bit of a ‘diss’. Just for a laugh, “ Waerner said to SR.

According to SR, it is not possible to appeal the decision, but Waerner will make another attempt with a different letter combination.

“I don’t know yet which one to go for, “ he said to SR.

Other recentlybanned combinations are NETBABE, L84WORK, BAD ASS and JERK R, according to SR.

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