Midsummer forecast recommends both umbrella and sandals

Bring both rain boots and summer sandals to next Friday's midsummer eve party says weather experts. Current weather forecasts show that most revelers in Sweden can count on both sunshine and showers making an appearance.

Midsummer forecast recommends both umbrella and sandals

“It’s basically the typical Midsummer weather, with a chance of showers. Otherwise mostly cloudy and also some sun time,” summarizes Anna Hagenblad, meteorologist at weather institute SMHI, for TT news agency.

In other words, best to cover all bases.

But it doesn’t seem as though Midsummer weather will be downright rotten.

“The map may look fairly dismal, but in reality it’ll be pretty good, with long periods of sun, and a chance of a shower or two later in the day,” according to Hagenblad.

The forecast applies to both Midsummer’s Eve and Midsummer’s Day, and for practically all of Sweden.

Those in the south of Sweden and the island of Gotland can look forward to the best weather, as these regions have the highest chance of sunshine all day, while rain clouds grow larger further north in the country.

“The past few days indicate that the northernmost areas of Norrland have the biggest chance of rain,” Hagenblad says.

And the temperature? You can probably leave your thick wool sweater at home, as temperatures look to rise up to 20 degrees in most parts of Sweden.

The prospect of a partially rainy day will likely do little to dissuade most Swedes from celebrating Midsummer in the traditional manner, where no amount of hail, cold or mosquitoes can put off the annual dance around the Maypole to the tune of “Små grodorna” (“Little frogs”).

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