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Housing a hedgehog is a crime: Swedish police

Karen Holst · 29 Jul 2011, 08:54

Published: 29 Jul 2011 08:54 GMT+02:00

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"We carried out a raid this morning. And there was indeed a hedgehog in there," Hans-Olof Sundström of the Gävle police to the local Arbetarbladet newspaper.

The woman came across the hedgehog in the street in central Gävle back in June.

Feeling sorry for it, the woman took the animal back to her apartment and began caring for it.

For almost a month, the hedgehog lived a life of luxury in the woman's flat.

“It appears to have been given food of all kinds, cat food, bread and water. When we arrived there were little sausages on the floor for it to eat,” Sundström told the newspaper.

However, as Swedish law prohibits the possession of wild animals, the woman's act of compassion could end up resulting in criminal charges.

After being tipped off about the illicit hedgehog hotel by officials from the County Administrative Board (Länsstyrelsen), police eventually found the prickly animal on the woman’s balcony after a search of her flat.

Two county administrative board veterinarians tagged along with local police to verify the variety of hedgehog, which didn't appear to have suffered any physical harm form the ordeal.

An African hedgehog is considered a domesticated species and was a trendy house pet a few years ago, explained Sundström.

As it turns out, the spiny creature being cared for by the woman was identified as the standard Swedish variety.

The woman is now suspected of crimes in violation of hunting laws and risks fines or imprisonment for up to one year.

Story continues below…

“One shouldn’t go and pick up wild animals anyway. This applies to all wildlife, including birds and eggs,” said Sundström, who added that a landowner is entitled to briefly suspend a wild animal and then must decide to release it or kill it.

After approval from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket), the hedgehog was eventually released back into the wild.

There are 17 species of hedgehog found throughout parts of Europe, Asia, Africa, and New Zealand. The spiny mammals share distant ancestry with shrews and have changed little over the last 15 million years.

Karen Holst (kholstmedia@gmail.com)

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10:36 July 29, 2011 by Rick Methven
I have a pair of hedgehogs, living for free under my Uterum. In return for my kindness they eat up all the nasty plant eating bugs in the garden. A perfect business arrangement
11:21 July 29, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
If the poor little hedgehog had been a terrorist, I am quite sure the Swedish police had never found him.
11:30 July 29, 2011 by Learner2011
Keeping a pet inside the house is a real challenge and it is a matter of luck actually.

A while ago I bought a cute cat, and I was very happy for having it. As time goes on, the eating habits of the cat changed drastically. The cat eats a lot every day and it never feels full. It eats 2 chicken packets (= 6 full legs) everyday day, and it becomes really really really fat. Also, it feels lazy all the time. It doesn't go out of the house and it doesn't even walk.

I really have no idea what to do. Yes I do love my cat, but honestly I spend a lot of money on it and I am not sure if I can continue doing that. I have announced to give it away for free, and when people see how fat it is, they refuse to take it.

Any idea about how to teach animals diet?
11:48 July 29, 2011 by Shaarila
Indeed, keeping wild animals as pets is not such a good idea, even such cute ones as hedgehogs. Even african pigmey hedgehog are a challenge (I had two of those, and it's been lots of fun, but tons of responsibitities).

HOWEVER, according to Swedish laws you are not even supposed to take care of a sick animal or bird, other than handing it over to wildlife authorities. There, if the animal is not endangered (such a hedgehog), it will be simply "humanely euthanized", in other words - killed. So it is either leave it on the street and let it die, or give it to good caring professionals who will help it die. How is this any better than helping it yourself?
11:59 July 29, 2011 by jacquelinee

#1 Housing a hedgehog is a crime: Swedish police

The woman came across the hedgehog in the street in central Gävle back in June.

Feeling sorry for it, the woman took the animal back to her apartment and began CARING (note this word) for it.

For almost a month, the hedgehog lived a life of luxury in the woman's flat.

The woman is now suspected of crimes in violation of hunting laws and risks fines or imprisonment for up to one year.

#2 Authorities decline to report suspended nurses

The nursing home in eastern Sweden made the papers following reports in the beginning of July that two assistant nurses were back at work despite the personnel department's knowledge of their blatant MALTREATMENT (note this word) of patients (humans!).

One patient had her vomit shoved back down her throat, other patients were slapped and pinched. Another woman, 100 years of age at the time, was subjected to her own fist being shoved in her mouth. However, despite the many reports from the other nursing home staff, and from patients' relatives, some of which have already reported the matter to the police, local authorities don't intend to follow suit.

Authorities decline to report suspended nurses

What the HE - LL is wrong with this F %&# ing country?????????????????
12:02 July 29, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
@Learner 2011

Stop taking your cat to MacDonalds and make him move. It is just becoming another obese item in Sweden. The more you feed a cat, the more he will eat and like humans, if it does not exercise, the fatter it will turn out to be. Eating the way you have describe it, even you would get fat and lazy.

A cat is one of the most intelligent animals you han have. It can teach you how to be independent and clever. Do not give it away. Try to keep it with you.
12:06 July 29, 2011 by Shaarila
@Learner 2011 why are you feeding your cat chicken? they have good quality food for cats these days, some specially made for overweight cats
12:11 July 29, 2011 by jacquelinee
Why are you talking about cats????????????????????????????
12:21 July 29, 2011 by J. L. Belmar

Because not everybody has hedgehogs, so simple.
12:32 July 29, 2011 by jacquelinee
@ J. L. Belmar and @ Shaarila

Maybe you need to read my post # 5. There are WAY bigger issues here than "chicken or fisk" for our pets.
12:42 July 29, 2011 by Shaarila

maybe you should read my post #4 as it's the only one related to THIS article and not cats or "what's wrong with this country"? :)))
12:48 July 29, 2011 by J. L. Belmar

You and your cat must learn how the HF LC diet works. Have you ever seen a fat lion, tiger, panther, cheeta, leopard? They eat meat and do exercise. And, if "there are WAY bigger issues here tna 'chicken or fisk' for our pets", what are you doing here? Just wondering. Go th the bigger issues and leave us with our little pets and how to take care of them.
12:55 July 29, 2011 by andyron2
@ Learner2011

Why are you feeding chicken mate?? there is cat food avaiable in market and all you need to do is to give a small bowl of cat food.

I am taking care of 2 inhouse cats which are fat too but i strictly follow diet.All i do is to give just a cup...half cup in the morning a dhalf cup at night...one cup is equal to 300-500 cal and it is more than enough and keep a bowl of water....btw,the more you give,the cats can take more and gets fat.so stop giving chicken.Its very easy to take care of cats.
12:58 July 29, 2011 by jacquelinee
@ Shaarila "What is wrong with this country?" I am quoting the article above and paraphrasing and adding my own comments to point out how eerily similar this prospective is.

THIS article is DIRECTLY related to my post and if anyone can not see that, then they have just answered my question above...THAT is what is wrong with this country.

HOWEVER, according to Swedish laws you are not even supposed to take care of of a sick animal or bird, (or the elderly), other than handing it over to wildlife (elderly care) authorities. There, if the animal (patient) is not endangered (such a hedgehog, or a rich politicians parent), it will be simply "humanely euthanized (in the case of animals, or inhumanely treated, in the case of elderly humans)", in other words - killed (or brutalised). So it is either leave it free) and let it die (of natural causes), or give it to good (?) caring (?) professionals (?) who will help it die. How is this any better than helping it yourself (by caring for it and helping it live a happy life)?
13:15 July 29, 2011 by J. L. Belmar

It is all about carbohydrates and not calories. High Fat, Low Carbohydrates diet, something discovered almost since the time Jurasic Park was build. Do not believe me? Read about William Banting and do not read all the crap the pseudo dietists write in Sweden because they are paid by the Swedish authorities controlling how to produce and market food items. A HFLC diet helps you to be fit and, most important, keeps your blood sugar on the level. Good for diabetics, including cats. Just recently, a study was published informing that most cat food is full of carbohydrates. It is a proven fact now, that even cats are developing diabetes. Do not believe me? Just Google.
13:36 July 29, 2011 by sendia
Was the animal hurt? or was it starving? then it cant really be considered caring.

Probably it was just going through its daily chores when this curious woman picked it.
13:46 July 29, 2011 by Bigd
The woman is now suspected of crimes in violation of hunting laws and risks fines or imprisonment for up to one year.

Yes what is wrong with this country - when will common sense prevail over rules rules rules! Back in the day (70-80tal) you could quite happily (..maybe not legally) take in an injured animal (bird, hedgehog - both of which we did as a family) and look after it (not indefintely - but at least to good health) and call the RSPCA, who would come around and usually be grateful and then take it off your hands!

Why were the police involved here as the first port of call....?

Why didnt they report her to the RSPCA swedish equivalent...who might have been garteful and not 'raided' her apartment!
13:46 July 29, 2011 by andyron2
@ J.L Belmar....oops...sorry it was meant to be Carbohydrates.Infact, i saw the english videos in youtube on cat food and diet....and following them to take care of the cats.I believe you.
13:49 July 29, 2011 by Learner2011
@andyron2 @J. L. Belmar @Shaarila

Of course I tried several times to feed my cat their special food from the supermarket, but it doesn't like it at all and never touches it.

Even worse, it jumps on the cook and tries to enter the oven looking for chicken. One time the oven was extremely hot and It has burned its foot.

I just cannot control the appetite of the cat regardless how hard I try and how many ways I have applied. Nothing seems to work with this fat cat.

I bought laser pointer with different colors to tease and play with the cat hoping that this will make my cat moves and jumps and play with it in order to reduce its huge weight... but the cat never bothers to move and follow the light at all.

I tried so many tricks to let it at least move, but never managed to do so.
13:58 July 29, 2011 by andyron2
Looks like they take sometime to get used to the cat food.Im trying to do the reverse,try giving them chicken and fish,but they wouldnt touch anything but thier staple swedish cat food.May be J.L Belmar or some1 can give you suggestions.I think your cat is lazy and interested in only food and sleep,like most older cats.appreciate your efforts though.did you try to search in youtube for any help?
14:01 July 29, 2011 by Streja
jacqueline, why are you blaming a few cases on Sweden? It makes no sense!
14:08 July 29, 2011 by RobinHood
I was visiting Gävle yesterday. The first I knew something was up was when a police helicopter hovered over the town for about 30 minutes. Then, several unmarked white vans suddenly spewed out teams of heavily armed policemen wearing body armour who ran into an apartment building. A police van with a loudspeaker kept repeating "This is a police operation, please stay in your homes". Neighbours were escorted to safety outside a security zone which was set up about 100 meters from "ground zero". After about an hour, several men and women wearing white suits and breathing from oxygen tanks, carried out a small cardboard box which they put in the back of one of about 20 police cars parked nearby. The apartment is still taped of and several police are guarding the front door.

This is, by far, the most exciting thing ever to happen in Gävle.
14:16 July 29, 2011 by Åskar

Thank you! That made my day.
14:23 July 29, 2011 by andyron2
hahahaha...sure it must be exciting.Why in Gavle is my first question...any idea why?Hope you taped the adventure.Can be a good case study for other developing countries.Wonder when such exercise will happen in stockholm?
14:29 July 29, 2011 by Shaarila

do you think ýou might be over-exaggerating just a little bit? i understand that you are upset about the elderly, but why are you hating everyone in this thread for not discussing it? Those who want, will do it in another thread.


were they wearing body armour? the damn hog is spiky and dangerous!
14:45 July 29, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
Now, animals for me are just like humans. When I was a child, I remember that there were some things I did not like to eat. Mrs. Minne, the German lady in charge of the full time "kindergarten" I attended to, used to say others and me. "You do not like cabbages? Well, you will not have the chocolate cake as dessert". And you know what? It really worked.

If you are starving, you will eat whatever you can have around you: cockroaches, ants, rats, whatever. If your cat is young, do not spoil it the way many humans spoil their children. They must learn how to eat properly or they might face not eating at all during a certain period. No child has starved yet because he does not want to eat something. A young cat is more or less the same.

I just took care during a whole week of a fantastic female cat; a 20 year old funny looking cat. The first day, he rejected its food and I just let her be. The second day, she started tasting it and began eating from my hand. After that, she was showing me to follow her where the food was waiting to be eaten and where a bowl with water was ready to calm its thirst. Just a little piece of advice: A 20 year-old cat is not going to be running the marathon at all. Let it be what it wants to be. If you manage to walk back and forth so your little pet can follow you, it is already an achievement. Cats are one of the best companions one can have. Believe me and trust your cat..

Summing up: what is good for humans is good for cats, too.


I am a living proof on how to control diabetes with a High Fat and Low Carbohydrate diet. When I developed diabetes back in June 2000, they started treating me wrongly in Sweden. I went to my country and there I visited a world wide famous endocrinologist, who taught me the abc of diabetes: HFLC and nothing else. During a couple of weeks I took a combination of Glucophage (Metformin) and Glibenclamide and, starting on July 16, I had no medicine for a period of 5 years, until I started eating junk food again. Now, I am beginning to control my diabetes again and in a couple of days, I will stop having any medicine. Swedish doctors will be upset by me, but who cares.
14:48 July 29, 2011 by andyron2
@shaarila that was a top comment abt body armour;)
15:02 July 29, 2011 by Rick Methven

Nice High fat food full of saturated fat may in SOME cases control your blood sugar ( not mine) BUT how about your cholesterol?

A balance where 30-40% of the calories come from fat a together with lots of fibre from grains and cereals with lots of exercise is a much better for a healthy life. Remember that diabetics are much more prone to heart decease.
15:02 July 29, 2011 by jacquelinee

A few cases? Are you serious?????? Lets talk misdiagnosis in the medical field in Sweden. (like my melanomia being diagnosed as excema or the lady who's breast they cut off because the diagnosis was wrong and her breast was cancer free even though it was diagnosed with cancer. And the Government spokesperson answer? " I can understand someone getting frustrated" FRUSTRATED! Her breast was cut off for the love of god! Since 2009 there have been 3,000 complaints (thats just the people who actually DID complain about this sort of imcompotence and malpractice) Number of complaints investigated and people held accountable? That would be ZERO!

Lets talk ambulance care? Have you been reading the news? People are calling and no ambulances are dispatched, people are dying because they are refused ambualnce assistance. My post will be too long if I start quoting the instances.They are FINALLY investigating one. I told my family...if you need an ambulance, tell them you were shot in the face or your leg has been cut off or you may not get one (even THEN it is questionable.)

Then, as I stated , it is the elderly abuse. Nurses forcing vomit down peoples throats and worse. What was their accountability and punishment? They got 2 vacations (oops! I mean suspensions) with FULL pay! and then reinstated to the same facility to care for the same people (except the woman who was forced to eal her own vomit. She died.) No firing, no criminal charges. Nothing except their extra paid vacation (oops! again I mean suspension) And it just goes on and on! Every day when I read the news it is just insanity. They charge people for the most ridiculous things and the serious stuff? Nothing, except maybe another taxpayer funded " Think Tank" which will come up with a brilliant solution like, add another telephone so people can call faster or something equally as stupid.

BUT, they will charge and possibly fine or/and imprison some poor lady who was trying to save hurt hedgehog!??????? You tell me if I am exaggerating.

Blaming a few cases on Sweden? Exaggerating? I THINK NOT! THIS COUNTRY IS WACKED!
15:03 July 29, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
Would certainly like to know what will be the fate of our little hedgehog of the story. Will it be still alive? Will it survive the police interrogation as how was he treated by the woman who found it?

Will it ever be again a happy and free hedgehog? Read next chapter of a new detective story written by Hans-Olof Sundström, the hedgehogs Swedish investigator.
15:27 July 29, 2011 by andyron2
@ J.L Belmar

Sorry to hear about your health.I have completely changed my food habits,the moment i landed in sweden.I cut down on junk food completely and it was easy motivating myself,looking majority of fit people around.

I think you can cut down easily on the junk.

swedish investigator on hedgehog...lol.cant wait to know the follow up news.
16:08 July 29, 2011 by Åskar
@ J.L Belmar

I think it will end up in a cage at Furuvik zoo.
16:10 July 29, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
@ 15:02 July 29, 2011 by Rick Methven


"Nice High fat food full of saturated fat may in SOME cases control your blood sugar ( not mine) BUT how about your cholesterol?" you wrote. Just let me give you a little piece of advice: Go to www.ravnskov.nu/cholesterol.htm

and read "The Cholesterol Myths".

I have functioned since the 50's with a HFLC diet, at the time known as the American Air Force Diet. Nothing new has been discovered. Do you want to control your diabetes? Follow what I call the Lion's diet: Meat and exercise and nothing more. Eat meat, pultry and fish. No whites (rice, pasta, bread, etc) and walk, walk, walk, and you will make it. Just tell me: Have you ever seen an animal such as a lion, getting fat?
16:45 July 29, 2011 by Markus G
I think eating the hedgehog might have been better, though I have never tasted one myself.
16:55 July 29, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
@Markus G

Looser. The police might have done it even before you thought about it. Poor little hedgehog. He would have survived in Middle East, but perhaps he sid not survive in... where? Oh, Gävle, of course.
17:05 July 29, 2011 by Streja
Jacqueline, my point is that it is not something specifically Swedish. Horrible things like those happen in every country.

Have you checked the latest news on the two women who maltreated the elderly?
17:10 July 29, 2011 by OMaHTLD
You used to be able to get Hedgehog flavoured crisps in the UK.....

As for the fat cat, put down cat food, and don't give it anything else. It will probably starve itself for a few days as it tries to get you to give it chicken, but it will eventually eat the cat food. It may sound cruel to some, but its not really, it IS cruel to shorten its life and let it get fat by overfeeding it. Just remember, you are the boss, not the cat.

Oh, and Ferret's are much smarter than cats btw. More fun too, albeit stinky.
17:20 July 29, 2011 by Redbee
Find Swedish wildlife laws rather banal maybe because in Britain anyone can look after an injured animal or take it to the RSPCA for their accessment of treatment .Making it a crime regarding helping a creature which is in distress or injured is ridiculous and the Swedish hunting law seems stacked against wildlife anyway .The women hadn't been cruel to the animal and all that was needed was the release of the animal back to the wild .
17:33 July 29, 2011 by J. L. Belmar

I am honoured that you took my comment #26 to write your comment. Really honoured. It is the first time a have a copy cat following me. Good for you.
17:48 July 29, 2011 by josh gura
What sort of JERK would tip the police off about this? what if a fly or a moth flies into the window? is that also a good reason to call the cops on your neighbor? are the polis the conscience of mother nature now? what about wild amoebas? they are animals that are wild and in most drinking water. do the cops have the right to cut you open and search for microbes? RESIST TYRANNY.
17:51 July 29, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
I just got a mail from our little friend; mail that I really must

let you know about it. It reads as follows:

Dear commentators:

I am deeply touched that so many

comments have been put into the

story of my life. More than the ones

made about Reinfeldt not having

empathy for the Norwegians who

lost their lives in the hands of a

mass murderer with the name of

Anders Behrig Reivik.

I thank all and every one of you for

your concern and I promise that as

soon as I know what my future will

be in the hands of the Gävle police,

I will let you know.

God bless all of you,

forget all your sorrows,

there'll be new tomorrows,

with people like you.

Best regards from

Little Hedgehog
18:05 July 29, 2011 by josh gura
only an insane idiot with no life would call the cops on another person because they have a harmless animal in their private residence. shame on all of you who tolerate such an invasion of privacy and causing this woman undue mental distress. i hope she gets a payment from the commune for this dehumanizing experience.
20:04 July 29, 2011 by PaulTheOctopus
this is funny as this video http:// www.you tube. com/ wat ch?v= H J7i 0Q F9ko0
22:05 July 29, 2011 by Gamla Hälsingebock
Imprison that racist B****h preferring a Swedish hedgehog over an African one!
23:49 July 29, 2011 by Grokh
They raided her house for caring for a hedgehog, how many houses they raid when people kill them ?
00:03 July 30, 2011 by Smallnose
Sometimes I wonder, one needs to have studied Law before understanding what is allowed in this country and overseeing the consequences. So many laws, rules, regulations, codes. Anyone any free advise what i should do with this 'wild' cat who sometimes pops into my appartment? The cat is not mine.
07:07 July 30, 2011 by J. L. Belmar

Everything you like in life, is forbidden in Sweden. So simple. As far as your "wild" cat, do not call the police because you would be the one who winds up being at jail.
10:18 July 30, 2011 by Ambre
Stupid country full of stupid people who make really stupid rules!!!! And who is the nasty retarded person who called the cops on that woman??? Doesnt the police have anything better to do????? no far worse crimes to go after????? Raid a house for a hedgehog????honestly???? Oh God, why did you bring me here???!!!!
10:21 July 30, 2011 by jacquelinee
@ Shaarila Streja

Yes, occurances happen like this all the time. But in countries that are purported to be some of the greatest countries to live in with the best laws, cutting edge technology, advances in medicine etc. (Sweden, USA, Australia, Canada etc) the instances should be far less. I come from Canada and we have these bizzarre things crop up in the news too from time to time. But, it is NOT a daily occurance like it is in Sweden and the poulation in Canada is over 116% larger (Canada-34,533,000 vs Sweden - 9,440,588) So...you do the math. Like this morning (if I may quote)

"A woman had one of her breasts removed in south central Sweden and was told after surgery that she did not have breast cancer. This makes it the nation's third such case during July

According to guidelines from the National Board of Health and Welfare Socialstyrelsen (more like SociallyRestin'), a tissue sample should have been discussed during a special round of doctors, BUT THIS WAS NOT DONE."

Was there any mention in this article something to the effect of --- However, as Swedish law prohibits medical professionals from mutilation of patients due to not following the proper medical proceedures and protocol the law decrees, the doctors and/or hospitals involved should end up with criminal charges? NOPE! Just a statement from officials saying how unfortunate it was.

Save an injured hedgehog though and it is--"The woman is now suspected of crimes (get that? CRIMES) in violation of hunting laws and risks fines or imprisonment for up to one year.

conclusion? Cut off a bunch of womens breasts without cause by malpractice and it is unfortunate,


I repeat. This country is Wacked!
10:24 July 30, 2011 by Ambre
Learner2011 : just dont feed the cat all day long!!! What are you doing the poor animal!!!! Its like dogs, if you leave food, they will eat it until they puke just because its instinct to make sure that when there is food, they have to eat it because they never know when they will be fed again ( if they lived in nature ) so measure the portions, dont just keep on feeding the cat, you are killing it!!!!! Dont tell me that the vet didnt advise you???

My cats get some wet food in the morning ( even though its not the best but they are used to it so they enjoy their tuna ) and some dry food at night, they are both around 3 - 3.5 kilos each and they have been that weight for the 8 years of their lives, perfect health, playful, loving and happy indoors cats, never have been sick ones in their lives!!!
15:55 July 30, 2011 by Bobafetto08
@ jacquelinee 11:59 July 29, 2011

"What the HE - LL is wrong with this F %&# ing country?????????????????"

How about over 6 decades of Neo-marxist hegemony? The two countries today most likened to the dystopian (alternatively cacotopian) societies, portrayed in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World and Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, are without a doubt Great Britain and Sweden.
09:11 July 31, 2011 by J Jack
Hedgehogs carry diseases .. so don't touch them .. I had to check my dog for rabies after she killed one the other day.
08:50 August 1, 2011 by J. L. Belmar

Commentators and dogs too. That is the reason the hedgehog of your comment died. Make an autopsy and you will find out the naked thruth.
23:21 August 1, 2011 by wxman
Dinsdale! Oh, Dinsdale! (must be familiar with Monty Python TV episodes to appreciate)
16:11 August 2, 2011 by BrittInSweden
@J Jack

Hedgehogs rarely carry the rabies virus and only one incident of it has ever been reported.

At worse you should check your dog for fleas and ticks.
18:10 August 2, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
The hedgehog checked J.Jack's dog, found that it had too many fleas and ticks and the dog did not like it. The dog pulled out a Kalashnikov and killed the poor hedgehog, giving J. Jack an excuse to asseverate that the hedgehog had the rabies.

Our little hedgehog of our story here, made it . He was released and is happily married and waiting for family to come. No dogs in the neighbourhood. Only nice people like the lady who took care of it.
16:40 August 4, 2011 by tonylaz
Big government at it's most efficient.

"Sweden seems like an evolving and progressive country"

Who's delusional? It's socialist, hardly a platform for any kind of intelligent movement. Such a shame for so beautiful a country
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Angry elk chases Swede up a lamp post
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Why you should 'grab a chair' on Stockholm's tech scene
The Local Voices
'Alienation in Sweden feels better: I find myself a stranger among scores of aliens'
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Swedish for programmers: 'It changed my life'
People-watching: October 20th
The Local Voices
A layover at Qatar airport brought this Swedish-Kenyan couple together - now they're heading for marriage
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Top 7 tips to help you learn Swedish
Swede punches clown that scared his grandmother
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‘Extremism can't be defeated on the battlefield alone’
Fans throw flares and enter pitch in Swedish football riot
Could Swedish blood test solve 'Making a Murderer'?
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Stockholm: creating solutions to global challenges
Property of the week: Linnéstaden, Gothenburg
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Why you should 'grab a chair' on Stockholm's tech scene
Swedish school to build gender neutral changing room
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Where is the Swedish music industry heading?
People-watching: October 14th-16th
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One expat's strategy for making friends in Stockholm
Man in Sweden assaulted by clowns with broken bottle
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Nordic fashion in focus at Stockholm University
Nobel Prize 2016: Literature
Watch the man who discovered Bob Dylan react to his Nobel Prize win
Record numbers emigrating from Sweden
People-watching: October 12th
The Local Voices
'Swedish startups should embrace newcomers' talents - there's nothing to fear'
How far right are the Sweden Democrats?
Property of the week: Triangeln, Malmö
Sweden unveils Europe's first elk hut
People-watching: October 7th-9th
The Local Voices
Syria's White Helmets: The Nobel Peace Prize would have meant a lot, but pulling a child from rubble is the greatest reward
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