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Reinfeldt rejects terror outrage criticism

The Local/gm · 7 Aug 2011, 08:56

Published: 07 Aug 2011 08:56 GMT+02:00

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The Swedish prime minister has come under fire from some quarters for keeping too low a profile in the days following the tragic incidents in Oslo and Utøya, and more specifically for not attending the memorial service in the Norwegian Church in Stockholm.

However he refused to respond to questioning about it when he made a speech at the scout meeting near Kristianstad on Saturday. Instead, according to newswire TT, when pressed, he emphasised the frequent contact he had with his Norwegian counterpart Jens Stoltenberg.

“The important thing for me has been that through our direct contact with Jens Stoltenberg, he has repeatedly acknowledged that he has expressed great appreciation for what Sweden has done or said is willing to do. We wanted to show our presence and solidarity with our neighbours, but we also wanted to show that we are on hand,” Said Reinfeldt.

He continued, “He (Stoltenberg) expressed, for example, great appreciation because we participated in the minute of silence, and that official buildings in Sweden had flags at half mast for more than two days.”

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Reinfeldt visited the jamboree at Rinkaby, outside Kristianstad together with the leaders of Denmark and Finland, Lars Lökke Rasmussen and Jyrki Katainen with a speech that underlined the Nordic countries’ solidarity and the importance of young people engaging in society in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Norway.

The Local/gm (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

10:21 August 7, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
And what did he expected from Stoltenberg?

Did he really think that Stoltenberg could have said other things? I would really be able to read Stoltenber's mind. I am quite sure that there are some question marks in relation to Reinfeldt'x way of reacting.

We, the ones who have followed the tragedy in Norway, keep on wondering. ?Is Reinfeldt a thinking person? or is he only a marionette saying what his "advisors" tell him to say, specially what his buddy buddy Roberta Alenius tells him to say.

His "The important thing for me has been that through our direct contact with Jens Stoltenberg, he has repeatedly acknowledged that he has expressed great appreciation for what Sweden has done or said is willing to do." says everything.

It is not important what Swedes think about him. What is important for Reinfeldt is what Stoltenberg said.

And, is this the politicians we thought could make a difference in Sweden? His ego keeps on showing that he believes is bigger than King Kong's right buttock.
11:44 August 7, 2011 by Rey Stockholm
RIght wing idiots commiting mass murder in Norway, Muslim extremist car bombs in Stockholm -

All those who politicians and experts who have been pontificating over the last ten years shoudl be fired - something is badly wrong with the direction governments are taking
12:03 August 7, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
11:44 August 7, 2011 by Rey Stockholm

Right on target Rey.
16:32 August 7, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
15:27 August 7, 2011 by cheguevara

I don't like Reinfeldt, but you certainly won another Nobel Prize.

1.- As PM of Sweden, he got involved in the tragedy in Norway because what happened there affected the Nordic countries. It is just a matter of showing solidarity to the neighbours.

2.- What happened in New York on September 11, 2001, happened to the Americans. At the time, the PM in charge of Sweden, showed his solidarity by sending messages and by calling President Bush to present his condolences.

3.- Stoltenberg did not need to come to Sweden. The tragedy happened in his country.

4.- So, enjoy your Prize and you should have gotten out of Bolivia, on time, but it was too late.
17:50 August 7, 2011 by conboy
What was Rheinfeldt supposed to do? This time the criticism seems unfair.
18:26 August 7, 2011 by tonylaz
As your readers know, we in the United States have been the target of several violent terrorist attacks, among which were Oklahoma City in 1995 and the two against New York's World Trade Center, one of which on September 11, 2001 destroyed both towers and claimed nearly 3000 lives, and the two on the same date against Washington, one being foiled by brave airline passengers who lost their lives in the process. The world was in sympathy with us then as we in the US are in with your neighbor Norway now., and as it was with Sweden when you suffered a jihadist attack. The threats which climaxed in The United States on September 11, 2001 were known for years but were ignored because of the previous administration's egocentricity and what we call "political correctness" (PC). PC here is the avoidance of the truth or facts because someone's feelings may be offended or the loss of the identified group's votes. That changed on September 11 when the new President, George Bush, ordered an all out war against the enemy both within and without our borders. President Bush can be criticized for other things, but there has not been a similar attack on our soil since. With the help of Sweden and others, Osama Bin Laden and the Muslim extremists were driven from Afghanistan and dispersed. What I'm getting to is that an early identification of those who would destroy our lives and cultures must be acknowledged and they must be flushed out. Political Correctness must have no place here. Politicians who value votes more than lives must have no place. Government's FIRST function is to protect it's people. There is no place for timidity.
21:07 August 7, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
18:32 August 7, 2011 by cheguevara

Go back to Bolivia. You just do not dig anything at all. Besides, your language is quite flowery. Good eduction Che.
21:39 August 7, 2011 by sfk
@ tonylaz

Are you blind or what?

USA is invading all the countries which have natural resources such as oil...

And yes the members of nato including our greedy Sweden help you to get oil in your large engines...

And about BUSH do you know how much he own the oil companies... First they had business relation to Laden then they had business problem... And poor Muslims are jammed between these business groups... Learn your real country before make any comment on anywhere...
00:25 August 8, 2011 by Tusker
The biggest con that has been foisted on the peoples of western europe is the threat of Al Quadea. Big drama with occasional bombings etc.

Biggest damage has been done via the weakening of the powers of the Police and Security Services. These are the most scrutinised, and therefore most trusted, members of society and whose members can hardly be accused of being in the job for the money.

The billions spent chasing a mob of wahabee and pashtun shitheads would have been much better spent on upgrading the resources and support for our real front line of protection, the men and wowen who stand between us and the filth that roams our streets
06:38 August 8, 2011 by izbz
Just wonder how a person can take so many innocent lives. Quite relief that not a muslim did that. If it was a muslim, hell gonna break loose...Words like terrorist,extremist and etc, etc will be use.

But since it was not done by a muslim, lots of people said a loony did that............( see the difference). Said this once before, not all muslim are bad neither are all Christian bad.

Not a fan of R feldt, so no comment on that...he is the one that is facing the music not me.
09:53 August 9, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
like to see that everybody has stuck to the theme.Ho, HO. But I do not like TL qualifying this article as one of the most commented.

The article about his son flipping hamburgers at MacDonalds has been commented seven times more than his father's one. I suggest Rain field to go and plip hamburgers and let his son run the country. At least he has shown charisma, something that our PM does not know what in the hell it is.

21:39 August 7, 2011 by sfk

You are right. Lousy Americans. It does not count that in both wars, WWI and WWII, they, and only they got rid of the nazis and that it was because of them, that you, instead of speaking in your colourful and rich Swedish language, you are not doing it in German. And also, because of the stupid Americans, our beautiful Sweden (this is not joke) did not speak Russian.

I am not very keen of the Americans. They took half of my country once upon a time but everytime, and I mean everytime we face a catastrophe, they are the ones helping us with ships, helicopters, medicines, doctors, tents, tons of food and whatever is necessary.

My grandfather was in charge ot the army that kicked the Americans out of the Port of Veracruz. We Mexicans have more to complain against them, but you Swedes, and Europeans in general, should have been more thankful for what they did. They have never invaded or even tried to invade Sweden, or have they?

We have never been thankfull for their invasions /2), but we are thankful for their assistance when needed. And please, do not start trying to teach me history of my country, because you have not the faintest idea about it and perhaps, just perhaps, you do not have the faintest idea of its location.

Well, I am just thinking aloud. .
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