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'Not wrong' to move aide after Islam slur: ruling

The Local/rm · 22 Sep 2011, 12:32

Published: 22 Sep 2011 12:32 GMT+02:00

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”There are no indications that the employee has suffered a drop in pay or any disadvantageous consequences from the move,” read the statement from the Swedish Chancellor of Justice (Justitiekanslern – JK).

The man, a non-political appointee, shared his opinion on Islam on his blog in September 2008 when he commented on an article by writer Lena Andersson in which she warned against the "religious terrorism" directed at artists, writers and journalists.

The civil servant's own commentary on the article was that "Islam is like Communism or Nazism. There are no good practitioners - just confused or evil."

The case received a lot of media attention and the ministry felt obliged to clarify that the opinions expressed on the blog was the man's own and were not in any way reflecting those of the minsitry.

The Minister for Integration, Nyamko Sabuni, told the Expressen daily at the time, "I strongly disagree with these views and there is of course no truth in them".

A written statement from Christer Hallerby, Sabuni's state secretary, later confirmed that he and the staff member had agreed that as the discussion had arisen it was made clear that the man could no longer represent the department "in the same way as before."

However, after a report from a private individual, JK was tasked to investigate whether the employee had been the victim of any unlawful reprisals for expressing his private opinion on his personal blog.

Swedish legal watchdog, the Ombudsman for Justice (Justitieombudsmannen - JO), had previously concluded that a civil servant, in making his personal opinion public and catching the media's attention, may to the public seem less suited to carry out certain related types of tasks.

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Even if the authority itself doesn't doubt the employee's ability to disregard personal opinion, it may be justified to take measures in such cases, similar to what would they would do in a situation of perceived bias.

Considering JO's opinion and the fact that the inter-departmental reshuffle had occurred in agreement with the employee, JK found that there was no reason to criticise the department for the measures taken in the matter.

The Local/rm (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

12:55 September 22, 2011 by Imperor
While i certainly do understand the likeness! Islam is in many ways a totalitarian system per definition. But to say that there are no good practitioners is stupid. Kind of like the big "socialism"-scare in the states where everything "socialist" is automatically evil...

Over-Simplification for simple minds.
12:55 September 22, 2011 by cowboykodp
"All Jews share a particular gene, Basques share a certain gene that sets them apart," Sarrazin told Welt am Sonntag newspaper ahead of the release of his book "Deutschland schafft sich ab" (Germany does away with itself).

Sarrazin has repeatedly created uproar for criticizing Turks and Arabs in Germany.

"There's no room in the political debate for remarks that whip up racism or anti-Semitism," Westerwelle said.

--Thought I preempt the coming comments by our fellow LOCAL racists.

One can LIE and OPINE all they want as long as they don't work in government.
13:02 September 22, 2011 by GLO
Sorry, the truth is real.
13:09 September 22, 2011 by cowboykodp

One man's truth, 6.5 billion's fiction.
14:20 September 22, 2011 by Token-not-found
Bedtime for democracy ...
14:56 September 22, 2011 by bcterry
Islam is a dictatorial, subjugating, bigoted, intolerant, violent, totalitarian, fascist ideology.

Lots of nice muslims though.
15:30 September 22, 2011 by ebsor12
Islam is religon of peace and love . Love and Harmony is the message , the core essence is humanity.

I think u are influenced by propoganda just read for 5 minutes, I hope you will get the real message.
15:53 September 22, 2011 by Svensksmith
While I believe in the right of free speech and everyman's right to express their opinion....when you work in politics, you must learn to filter your comments.
15:57 September 22, 2011 by bcterry
15:30 September 22, 2011 by ebsor12 ,

Well, ..... if you ignore what is written in the koran and hadiths, the rhetoric from your religious leaders, 1400 years of documented, verifiable facts of history, as well as the present day facts on the ground, you may have a point.
16:55 September 22, 2011 by Token-not-found

Just ....wow....

Islam the religion of peace?

"Well, ..... if you ignore what is written in the koran and hadiths, the rhetoric from your religious leaders, 1400 years of documented, verifiable facts of history, as well as the present day facts on the ground, you may have a point. "

I used this poster's words , they convey the pretty much all arguments in a concise picture.
17:11 September 22, 2011 by Scansson
In this case it would appear the truth of the matter has been pointed out, and yes they are a political movement, not a religion. They have and will continue to demonstrate just how peaceful they really are - enough of the PC BS europe !!!
18:13 September 22, 2011 by Gamla Hälsingebock
I think Charles Martel would disagree with that decision.
18:50 September 22, 2011 by ReluctantSwede
Of course the usual brainwashed stuff comes up, if you well duped (Sweden are after all a socialist totalitarian state) at least had a glance, I don't expect understanding, of the writing of the Koran...you will see that it is about love and humanitarism....

BUT, as with the Bible, it's content have been interpreted by people who want to control other's and thus used short excerpts of it to empower their twisted ideas, their twisted idea of what is a righteous society…all socialists have done the same with K.M.'s book, they interpreted it for use as a means for their way to power over the masses.

And before you start about foreigners and other stuff, I'm Swedish, Norrlänning, but got really tired of the Swedish crap going on so I have moved abroad…and I'm not a converted Muslim but I have informed myself more the those just listening to others, I have the green book on my shelf and read it….as is the Bible….and Kamasutra!
19:21 September 22, 2011 by conboy
Is no one raising questions about the employment policies of the so called Intergration Department and if not why not?
20:01 September 22, 2011 by Tysknaden
@cowboykodp:"(...)12:55 September 22, 2011 by cowboykodp

"All Jews share a particular gene, Basques share a certain gene that sets them apart," Sarrazin told Welt am Sonntag newspaper ahead of the release of his book "Deutschland schafft sich ab" (Germany does away with itself).

Sarrazin has repeatedly created uproar for criticizing Turks and Arabs in Germany.

"There's no room in the political debate for remarks that whip up racism or anti-Semitism," Westerwelle said.

--Thought I preempt the coming comments by our fellow LOCAL racists.

One can LIE and OPINE all they want as long as they don't work in government.(...)"

Hope YOU are not working for government. Because in his book, Sarrazin wrote, that in his opinion the average Jew is more intelligent, than the average German. So you see, the liar is you, because your crippled exerpts corrupt the truth. Also it is infamous and not following the truth, to accuse people who do not accept Sharia, to be racists.

You are a slanderer and a rubble-rouser.
20:48 September 22, 2011 by cowboykodp

Missing the point as usual. Low IQ problem, I guess.

Who the heck is even talking about sharia, you fool?

The discussion is centered around stigmatizing groups of people. Whether they are Jews, Muslims, Greeks, Blacks, and yes.... even Germans.

That is the definition of a racist and anti semite.

SD should be proud to have another stand up genius like you in their ranks.
20:58 September 22, 2011 by bramblebush
Islam is fine.........in the middle east.
21:28 September 22, 2011 by bcterry
The discussion is centered around stigmatizing groups of people. Whether they are Jews, Muslims, Greeks, Blacks, and yes.... even Germans.

That is the definition of a racist and anti semite."

"Islam is like Communism or Nazism. There are no good practitioners - just confused or evil."

Where specifically is the racism in that statement.?

She is attacking an ideology, not a race.

Stigmatizing fascism, and those who support and promote it, has nothing to do with race.

Christianity is not a race, and neither is islam.
21:49 September 22, 2011 by Tysknaden
@cowboydkp: I was giving answer to your poor comment. So it was predestined to become the way it is :-)

And no, I don't want to be SD. I just share SD's opinion about a few very important things. And I feel annoyed by the way establishment and special groups are trying to ignore voter's will. And I want to be loyal against my new homeland. And I have to follow my conscience. The people killing democracy, free speech, gender equality, justice, freedom, peace... are members of other parties.
21:59 September 22, 2011 by burito
22:10 September 22, 2011 by Harry®
The multiculturalism brainwashing continues
23:23 September 22, 2011 by johan rebel
This civil servant's mistake was to compare Islam to Nazism and Communism. If only he had compared Zionism to the nazis and commies, then he would have received and immediate promotion.

23:27 September 22, 2011 by esvahnt
is this free speech ?

who is in charge?

can i give any opinion ?

i think that speaking against integration is forbidden
23:28 September 22, 2011 by gh2008
if you want to slander anything just give it a name and the media will do the rest!

what is multiculturalism anyways? when did it started? who promoted it? and how on earth did it get to this point that became humanity's ultimate problem?

folks, there is no multiculturalism! its human thing, socialism. we, humans, have been mixing with each other over the years as easy as an Asian sheep can mix, intermarry and live with a European sheep. this very site proves how hypocrites people can be. while we, on this site, are mostly Immigrants yet, we complain that how multiculturalism has ruined our lives!

*i miss that!
00:12 September 23, 2011 by Grokh
guy says what everyone knows and thinks but fears saying, because if anyone says anything against islam he or she become labelled as racists, but no one says anything when an infidel is threatened and persecuted with a fatwa on his head.

its only freedom of speech when they say they are gona kill you , not when we say mohamed was a pedophile for having sex with a 9 year old.

so to appease those extremists, we shut up people who would speak the truth and end up becoming extremists themselves. this is the kind of thing that ends up justifying the looney right wing nationalistic parties growing in europe.
00:31 September 23, 2011 by esvahnt
talking about the genetic tendencies we shold read what the naturalist gobineau said in the 1800 century

he said that every race had a characteristic

the black are submissive the yelow tend to copy or mimic and the brown tend to get easy and no effort advantages

about the whites he said they were hard working and creative

that is in his" treaty about the differences of the human races"
00:44 September 23, 2011 by t64
@gh2008 #24

Multiculturalism is a term first coined in the US to promote diversity. It emphasized maintaining distinct cultural differences amongst groups rather than melding together as Americans. It has proven to be divisive and is now used as a term to show the folly of this emphasis.
01:34 September 23, 2011 by Tysknaden
@esvahnt: Arthur de Gobineau is one of the fathers of the idea of an Aryan masterrace, predestined to rule the world. He was of the opinion, mixing of races would produce inferior children. His writings have been very important for the Nazis. They used a slightly tuned version. He was a diseased and schizophrenic racist and caused a lot of harm.
01:52 September 23, 2011 by nathan45
I dont think we should punish our people for speaking their opinion about islam or immigrants we owe immigrants nothing they are here as workers nothing more.

If there was a middle eastern country that had a declining population and many of our people went there as immigrants looking to stay there permanetly we would be treated the same or likely worse than they are here and they sure as hell would not be removing their officials for speaking out against us or our culture.
08:51 September 23, 2011 by Grokh
@nathan45 dont put every damm immigrant in the same bucket, im not in sweden as a worker , in fact im unemployed and i get absolutely nothing from the government to help.

i moved here to be with my gf, so if you want to judge immigrants start by separating them because they are not all arabic islamic who came to sweden to leech on your system and make threats for those who dont accept their religion.
10:32 September 23, 2011 by Tysknaden
@nathan45: Try to focus your anger against those, who openly refuse to work and too become assimilated. Your government should finally start to act against those, who commit crimes. This would be helpful.

I know many immigrants from different countries, who are like me. They are on your side by defending Sweden against those, who want to establish cruel Sharia law and cripple your culture. Show a little bit more respect. You're country needs all support in this struggle. Otherwise, Sweden will go down rapidly. Too many Swedish people are already completely brainwashed. They will not stand up for democracy and freedom.
12:08 September 23, 2011 by cogito
@gh2008 (#24)

Multiculturism is identity politics. Like nationalism in Europe or tribalism in Africa. Multi-culti is the opposite of a melting pot. The U.S.A. used to be a melting pot before identity politics divided the nation.
13:01 September 23, 2011 by Token-not-found
Someone please tell me why most western countries adopted multiculturalism as a national goals and policies?

13:19 September 23, 2011 by Tysknaden
@cogito: The US never have been a melting pot. What happened to the natives? What about slavery? Chinese people have been used in slave labour to build their railways! What about racial segregation? Black people have not been allowed to sit near white people in the bus! The red and the black Americans have been treated like animals :-(

This was the starting point for those identity politics.

But one cannot compare this to the situation in Sweden. The Swedes are friendly and generous people/ the immigrants, especially the refugees, are handled fair and have offered all the chances to integrate themselves. It is their own fault, if many of them are acting like aliens - and are seen as aliens. Sometimes it looks like the government prefers them to the native Swedes, which is not okay!
14:09 September 23, 2011 by bells on the knight
everyone should be allowed refuge in sweden.........providing they adhere to christianity.
15:46 September 23, 2011 by tadchem
'Political correctness' has nothing to do with 'actual correctness.' Civil servants exist to implement politically correct policies, and are actively discouraged from uttering truths that may not be politically correct. Such would violate the Prime Directive of Civil Service: "Thou shalt not admit to any error."
19:32 September 23, 2011 by cogito
@34 Tysknaden

quoting: "It is their (immigrants') own fault, if many of them are acting like aliens - and are seen as aliens."

You must fit in well in Sweden. You belong to the Germanic race by any chance?
19:38 September 23, 2011 by shahislam
Who actually cares to fix ties with ego-blind leaders: such as, Iran, Pakistan, Yemen, Nigeria, Bangladesh etc. that are as heads of political powers, still fails to realize facts behind the scenes (Finding out with own smart capacity whether doubtlessly there are still collectible and provable evidences of a group of oil and weapon-business-men's secret involvement) and tries to spread self-destructive propaganda.

Good common senses tells: there were no additional bomb-blasts in WTC in addition to the impacts of two air-planes.

The fact finding or poor judgmental ability of this type of UN delegations including the walk-outers (it is immature or childish and unwise to refuse to hear other's points of view at an UN meeting and walk out!) is /are the main cause of humanity's or in other words: mankind's suffering on this Earth-which is the only place for human existence, as is mundanely experienced! These are the unwise ones who contradict own missions for peaceful solutions and thus ruin own possible role of acting right in implementing own ways of future Global peace.

I wish majority of the world leaders were with wisdom of at least like Mr. Obama, who expresses his personal deep thoughts only when it is necessary.

20:12 September 23, 2011 by Tysknaden
@cogito: Strange. Is always you people, who think in races criteria. But you are right. The skin color can be a problem. My point of view is fixed very much on the Sharia horror. I do not think in races. I am Aspie.
23:17 September 23, 2011 by nathan45
@Grokh where did you immigrate from and why? also why do you not have a job I work for less than minimum wage because its work I dont care I suck it up I could immigrate to another country for better pay but I dont because my country needs me to keep farming to feed the local towns.

And im sorry for puting all immigrants in the same bucket some are good people its just immigrants from non western countries that clash with our culture and tarnish our bloodlines. White people are the only race with any differant color eyes hair or skin than brownish and we shaped the modern world spreading democracy other than the USSR and the Nazies also spreading human rights womens rights ect.

I just dont want to see our people die off the other day the government of canada anounced that in 25 years 1 in 3 will be a minority. While the countries these minorities came from continue to grow in population thus almost ending our race because the same thing is happening in other western nations. In canada in just 50 years how many will there be? look at what happind to the native americans their almost non exsistant not one of our better moments as a race but that was the British for the most part.
00:12 September 24, 2011 by Stuart Parsons
If one investigates the beliefs, aims, practices and history of Islam, it will become obvious that it is a far greater threat to the well-being of mankind than Fascism or Communism ever were. There are 57 nations which form the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation. Can you name just one where non-Muslims are not treated as inferiors and which permits free speech and total religious freedom ?
13:28 September 24, 2011 by svenscum

Native American Land and people were heavily protected under British Rule only after

Independence to get your facts right knob-jockey
15:45 September 24, 2011 by bcterry
"Can you name just one where non-Muslims are not treated as inferiors and which permits free speech and total religious freedom ? "

Isn't it odd, that when they immigrate to western countries, they loudly demand their religious freedom, but not word one about the denial of that freedom against all others who are not muslim in the states that they migrate from.

Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.
21:04 September 24, 2011 by Iraniboy
Freedom of speech is a very delicate issue. It may or may not include insulting religions accepted by millions of people like Islam, Judaism etc or nationality or insulting other races and nationality which may be considered racism or it can exclude talking about Holocaust or talking about private parts of your mother.

Depending on WHO defines the freedom of speech it can unfortunately differ a lot!! So show some respect with otherwise don't be susprised when your red lines are passed!
21:50 September 24, 2011 by bcterry
"Freedom of speech is a very delicate issue. It may or may not include insulting religions accepted by millions of people"

When those religions insult millions of others with their bigotry, intolerance, fascism, and arrogant claims of superiority, and then have the audacity to try and create universal laws to make it a crime to criticize their religions, they're living in a dreamland if they expect clear thinking people with a sense of decency and humanity to simply roll over and give them a free pass.

You reap what you sow.
22:28 September 24, 2011 by Tysknaden
@Iraniboy: It is impossible to insult a religion. That's the poblem with you people. No logic. No thinking.
23:01 September 24, 2011 by Iraniboy

Criticism and insult are different from each other! If the response of bigotery is bigotery then both sides are the same!


Yes it is possible. First insult that religion, then ban it then make people of that relgion resposible and then kill them altogether! (Germany 1950s) (Serbia 1990s) (??? 20??)
23:59 September 24, 2011 by Tysknaden
@Iraniboy: 1.: No. It is not possible, to insult a religion. 2.: Sometimes the members of sick religions roam around and kill people. And stop this blabla about the Shoa. Your fascist leader says, it never happened. :-)
09:15 September 25, 2011 by Iraniboy

I have no leader. This is the main problem of people like you and many people before you. You try to make people resposbile for what others have done. No doubt some Jews did wrong in 1950s. No doubt some Muslims went wrong in Serbia in 1990s but it never justify any attack on the entire community. Those sick religious people think exactly like you. They also bring some examples of how non-religious people have killed them then they find it justified to kill innocent non-religious people. You and them have same ideology!
09:50 September 25, 2011 by Tysknaden
@Iraniboy: Your leader says, the Jews did provoke the Shoa, I know. But this is a lie - created be people, who dream of extinguishing Israel and massmurdering Jews. Your perpetuing of Ahmadinedjad's crap, "Iraniboy", is clearly showing, what is wrong with you.

And no: Sick religious people do not think like me. They never think. They only repeat the same lies again and again, like machines. They think, they are entitled to invade other cultures and to create mountains of skulls, to bring back the Dark Age. They are like cannibals. They bring terror into their own families. They cut of extremities and cut out clitorises. They enslave black people - hunt them, smashing baby skulls against walls, rape the women, sell them. They block the transport of food to starving people. They think, short skirts are provoking earthquakes. They handle their women like animals and kill their daughters. They send their children into death. They used thousands of children to clear minefields - with a key made of plastic on a band around their neck - the " key to paradiese". (By the way: the Iran government did this!)

And I am telling you two things now - although you are not able, to understand, most likely:


THE JEWS IN GERMANY DID NOTHING WRONG; they have not been of your kind.
10:06 September 25, 2011 by Iraniboy

Another lie about me? I clearly said before that I have no leader and I advocate no single word of Ahmadinejad. You do exactly what some sick religious people are doing. Mr X's leader is killing us soo all people of that country are responsible! So we should kill him!

At least we agree that there are no excuse for mass murder but those who commited in 1950s and 1990s had an excuse! Their excuse was that these people are Jews and Muslims so they should die. They all started with these anti-religion bashing as you et al are doing! History shouldn't be repeated by sick people who start by dehumanizing other groups! We have had enough!
10:46 September 25, 2011 by Tysknaden
@Islamiboy: You share a lot of opinions with Ahmadinedjad? But possibly you don't know this. He repeatedly said: If the Shoa did happen, it was provoced by the Jews behavior.

And seemingly you know nothing about the sympathy between the Third Reich and the Arab world. The German Nazis of the NPD are still very fond of some Arab groups, too. They love everything anti-jewish. They are big fans of Ahmadinedjad. As I told you a time ago: Hitler said, he prevers Islam over Christianity.

But the most important thing is: The fascist movement in Germany was in its nucleus a religious movement. And they did make plans to establish a own religion with temples and all the other stuff. Something like perverted and racist Darwinismn in combination with a brutally modified version of Asatru.
11:18 September 25, 2011 by Iraniboy

Lying again?! How can you say I share a lot of opinions when you don't know my opinions? Why do you lie about me when I clearly deny his opinions? Why did you lie about me the other day and quoted me saying 'Sweden is a fascist country?' In Sweden most people do not lie for winning a competition which may include a lot money but you lie to gain a little point in a non-important discussion with random strangers. It clearly shows you are totally unfit to Swedish society despite spending a long time here!

Nothing happens out of the blue. For every mass murder there is a provocation but it never justifies that mass murder. Provocation for Breivik was misbehavior of some immigrants in Europe. Provocation for Hitler was some of his personal bad experience with Jews. Provocation for Afghanistan and Iraq war was 9/11. … Provocation for your hatred toward Muslims is bad behavior of some Muslims you have seen.

Provocation exists in all cases but it can never justify the act.
11:45 September 25, 2011 by cowboykodp

I understand the "your leader" comment directed towards Iraniboy.

As evident, you have the same views as your leader Hitler and/or Avigdor Lieberman.

Being a bit childish, are we not?
11:55 September 25, 2011 by Tysknaden
@Iraniboy: So your comments did not transport your opinions?

@cowboydkp: Give up. Your crap is not worthy any answer.
12:34 September 25, 2011 by cowboykodp
So why did you answer then???

The truth hurt?
13:12 September 25, 2011 by Tysknaden
@cowboykodp: You're right. I feel a little bit hurt. This is because of all my spelling errors - and because a troll like you thinks, he could provoke me by posting such a deathborn comment like # 54. Compared to you, even "Iraniboy" is an aristrocrat. He is only young; - your problems will exist lifelong. (Until you accidently cut your head of with a can opener, or something like that.) Bye :-)
15:53 September 25, 2011 by cowboykodp
How the heck does someone cut their head off with a can opener?
04:37 September 26, 2011 by ericrufinosiah
All I can say honestly about the Natives Swedish are that they had lost the fighting

spirits of their forefathers " The Great Vikings " and now they are so scare of a

certain group of immigrant that are being fed by the generosity of the Swedish.
10:10 September 26, 2011 by Tysknaden
@ericruinosiah: The end of the Vikings came with adopting Christianity. If they had chosen Islam, which fits much better to a society of warriors and enslavers - which is more compatible to Asatru -, they could still be around, most likely the most wealthy, strong and powerful force on this planet. The biggest difference was the emancipated role of the Viking woman and the love for alcohol. It's ironic :-)
20:42 September 26, 2011 by Iraniboy

Cowboykodp simply applied your method of 'Assigning people a leader against their will simply based on their roots' It is intreseting to see you can't handle it but you just did the same thing to me.


Yes they have lost it and that's why everyone love them. If they still had, Sweden was no different to Isreal, Iran or even the US.

There is only an abosolute minority among them who hasn't and according to the statistic they end up to be among the least educated and lowly paid men.
22:20 September 26, 2011 by Tysknaden
@Iraniboy: Normally, I would remind you of the fact, it was you with your Hitler babbel, who started this. But I've already accepted the fact, "normally" is no category for communication with you. You are a notorical liar with selfmade truth. So forget about it.

If you need somone to take care of you, go to your classmates or your father, please.

I am a little bit tired of being held like a hostage in this virtual schoolyard, by a troll. Your time is worthless - mine is not.
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'Swedish startups should embrace newcomers' talents - there's nothing to fear'
How far right are the Sweden Democrats?
Property of the week: Triangeln, Malmö
Sweden unveils Europe's first elk hut
People-watching: October 7th-9th
The Local Voices
Syria's White Helmets: The Nobel Peace Prize would have meant a lot, but pulling a child from rubble is the greatest reward
Missing rune stone turns up in Sweden
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