Man convicted for attack on driver of riding mower

A 60-year-old man has been sentenced for assaulting the driver of a riding lawnmower the man claimed was making horses in a nearby field in northern Sweden “hysterical”.

When the man heard the machine rumbling over the grass in June, he ran over and attemtped to throw the driver to the ground, the local Dagbladet newspaper reported.

The surprised driver managed to right himself, but drove the riding mower into the ditch.

The 60-year-old then grabbed hold of the driver once again, lifting him out of the driver’s seat and throwing him to the ground.

When the driver attempted to get back on the mower, the 60-year-old rushed back and threw him to the ground again.

During his trial in the Sundsvall District Court, the 60-year-old claimed he was acting in self-defence, arguing the lawnmower was making the horses “hysterical” and thus posed a danger to any humans in the area.

He also claimed he simply wanted to tell the driver of the mower that he was scaring the horses by cutting the grass with the noisy machine.

But the court didn’t buy the 60-year-old’s arguments, sentencing him to 50 hours of community service for assault. He was also ordered to pay 6,500 kronor ($1,000) in damages to the driver of the lawnmower.

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