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Man denies buying sex: 'I couldn't get it up'

The Local/rm · 7 Oct 2011, 08:24

Published: 07 Oct 2011 08:24 GMT+02:00

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”My member only entered her for a very short while,” the man defended himself when questioned by police, according to daily Aftonbladet.

Swedish police were carrying out surveillance against a suspected brothel in Bromma, a suburb of Stockholm, where they suspected that several Romanian women were working as prostitutes.

The officers witnessed the 71-year-old leave his car and enter the brothel. After a while the police heard panting and creaking noises through the letterbox.

When the man left the premises he was promptly arrested, but would only admit to “attempting” to pay for sex.

The crime - as well as the act - had not been completed, argued the man, due to his very severe erectile problems.

According to the paper the 71-year-old acts as chairman of the board within a large Swedish real estate company.

He is married, has an annual income of 6.3 million kronor ($925,000) and is good for another 15 million kronor, according to the paper.

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Despite his member failing to stand at attention, the 71-year-old was later convicted for buying sex and was sentenced to pay a fine equivalent to 50 days pay -- around 50,000 kronor.

”I have no comments, I must refer the matter to my lawyer,” the man told Aftonbladet.

According to the paper, the failed sex purchase had already set the man back by €200 ($268).

The Local/rm (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

09:15 October 7, 2011 by Rishonim
LOL. what a bag of lies. Sex is not only penetration, I am sure even the stupid judges know that. Then again this is Sweden...........Furthermore, I am sure the old geezer has heard of the blue pill.. V.i..a..g..r..a
09:25 October 7, 2011 by Da Goat
He should have said I did not pay .... not I could not get it up!

the last line condemns him by revealing the price . perhaps if he goes back and retrieves his money then he is again innocent!

Loved the bit about listening thru the letterbox (hope it was not a French one) did they hear the cash rustling that is the key !

this Law is a real doozy it makes for some wonderful stories, other wise it is quite silly, maybe I like silly things to make me laugh!
09:27 October 7, 2011 by Pont-y-garreg
When it came to the trial the evidence didn't stand up in court.
09:33 October 7, 2011 by HYBRED
$268??? Thats outrageous! In Detroit it is still $30. Umm, so I have heard.
10:08 October 7, 2011 by Lukestar1991
What the hell?? could this get anymore disgusting? why havent they not only chopped a certain part of his body off and shut down the brothel?? How can the police know about it and not do anything about it??? Just because he is old doesnt mean he should be exempted from being punished.
10:24 October 7, 2011 by London_Jim
If the women are working there through their own choice, I don't see what the problem is.
10:46 October 7, 2011 by jostein
Im still waiting for the 14 year old boy getting nabbed for buying sex. Then the prostitute can be convicted of rape and the boy for sexual exploitation :D Please God, make it happen! The verdict would become one of the classics of swedish literature :D Maybe one of these "ensamkommande" "flykting" "barn" just to collect all swedish crazyness in one jar :D I never ever ask you for anything, just this once? Pleeeeeeaaase?
12:08 October 7, 2011 by Mr boinky
Had he stated "no comment" to the police, he wouldn't have incriminated himself through his own admission. "Panting and creaking" could have many causes, and I suspect the police wouldn't be able to prove anything.

And is this the police or the moral police? Should Sweden also have a religious police, perhaps? Surely they have better things to do than investigating "crimes" between consenting adults which are done in private.
12:19 October 7, 2011 by gplusa
I'm more interested in how they were able to manage it inside the letterbox.
12:34 October 7, 2011 by London_Jim
Let's be honest, if his wife is a similar age, there's a good chance that her sex drive is 0, as is common with women of that age and all the fella is doing, is using a brass to fulfil a need that his wife no longer can. Don't really see that it's fair to persecute him for doing so.
12:41 October 7, 2011 by gplusa
The law isn't there for his benefit, it's there for her's. Prosecuting the girls doesn't work, but prosecuting the customers has shown to reduce demand, which in turn reduces the cases of illegal trafficking. Many countries are (or have) changing their prostitution laws to follow this path.
13:28 October 7, 2011 by Central European
I really do not like the way of information about his salary, job, job role etc ...

The criminalization of prostitution is the same way as criminalization of drog using.

It only makes bigger profits for mafia and spending huge money of police, which can do smtg more useful . F.e police which is not sniffging the letterboxes would have more spare time to go directly to places where shooting is reported and don´t wait hours as was written here previously...
13:28 October 7, 2011 by eppie

Yes everybody knows that making things illegal is the best way to stop things.

We all know that in the US nobody uses cocaine and goes to prostitutes.

And we also know that in mexico nobody gets killed because of this.

The only thing that happens is that pimps will treat their girls even worse and won't let them out ever....because there would be a risk for them.

Great job sweden, please start fighting real crime.
13:38 October 7, 2011 by Åskar
@Central European

Prostitution is not criminalised in Sweden. Buying sex is.
13:55 October 7, 2011 by gplusa
No, the girls are not at risk. Not from the law anyway. That was always the problem, and is was the threat of prosecution that kept a lot of women trapped in the profession. Now it's only the clients who are at risk of prosecution. As Askar has pointed out. This is an industry that preys on the most vunerable people in society. It's no girl's first choice of career, in fact it's typically her last. Even in countries where the entire process has been decriminilised. Anyone who believes this to be some kind of Dolly Parton cat house fantasy world where all the girls love their work, is dreaming. Sweden's approach (and Australia, among others, is to follow) is to try and reduce the demand, rather than the supply. By installing the instant penalty and "name and shame" deterrant. It's no foolproof system, but it is proving to produce a better result in controlling the industry than just accepting things the way that they are.
14:48 October 7, 2011 by eppie

Of course I understand. But as I said, hard drugs is also not a fun thing.

When guys can't go legally to a prostitute they try to get it another way....one of these ways is rape.

These are just rules of a government that is to incapable of dealing with human trafficking and forced prostitution. Sadly Sweden is not the only and the worst country in the world, I totally agree with you.

Legalizing prostitution at least gives you the benefit that these girls can get into the health care system and even build up a pension (how silly that may sound).
15:03 October 7, 2011 by Svensksmith
If I order a steak and can't eat it, I still have to pay.
15:45 October 7, 2011 by zat_xela
It's not unusual for police to face stiff resistance in prostitution cases....
16:38 October 7, 2011 by teslar
How did a fine of "50 days pay" from an annual salary of 6.3 million end up at 50k? I would have expected something more on the tunes of slightly below 900k (since 50 days are slightly less than 1/7th of an entire year)....
17:46 October 7, 2011 by London_Jim
Having sex with someone for money is illegal in Sweden, yet having sex with someone on film for others to watch...for money.... is legal.

Odd laws.
18:36 October 7, 2011 by StuartM

You're last comment is correct, the laws seem totally inconsistent. Producing and buying porn must also be criminalised if Sweden is to be worthy of its reputation as a country that cares about women's rights and fights sexual exploitation.
19:35 October 7, 2011 by tadchem
If you order a meal in a restaurant, you are still expected to pay for it all, even if you can't finish it.

If you could figure out a way to collect a sex tax, prostitution would become legal in minutes!

This story adds a new meaning to the phrase 'big tipper.'
00:11 October 8, 2011 by Mark S.
He should go to Germany, where it is legal to hire a prostitute and there are even agencies that specialize in services for older men. I read about it on The Local.
01:12 October 8, 2011 by Lukestar1991
@ London_Jim

What a typically ignorant and stupid thing to say. I'll try and keep this simple for your simple mind; First of all, this man has lived most of his life and should accept that, not to mention that he must have mental issues to even try to do what he did. Secondly the affected women were supposed to have come from Romania.

Now, Romania is known for being one of the poorest nations in Europe. It is also has the highest number of so called 'sex workers' (whatever the hell that is supposed to mean) statistically in Europe. It is also (can you see a pattern developing here mate?) known for having an extremely high rate of trafficking and exploitation of women in Europe, and this involves scumbag gangs CONTROLLING what goes on. Taking this into account, can you seriously and rationally say as a fellow human being that you could understand anybody WILLINGLY selling their bodies for money, in a brothel away from home??? Do you really think that any women (or anyone else) would CHOOSE to do this??? would you do that???

JUST SOME THOUGHTS for your simple mind.
02:34 October 8, 2011 by philster61
"Prostitution is not criminalised in Sweden. Buying sex is."

Perhaps you can enlighten us and explain the difference.....

If a girl sells me sex, am I not buying it?
04:15 October 8, 2011 by johann2340

This means, the police knows about the brothel, but cannot shut it down. Selling sex is not illegal, these women offering sex against money are not doing anything wrong under any circumstances.

In future, these women will continue their business as usual, as the police cannot be next to them and watch all people entering and leaving this house all the time. - A very strange feminist solution, entirely ridiculous.

It's not true that prosecuting customers is reducing demand and what was done openly before is now done in secret, in hiding. If this is supportive for the safety of both, these women and their customers, I doubt it.

Police cannot watch every man in the entire country and 1 man will be prosecuted and 100s of others not.

It's like a law, which says buying a gun is illegal, but to offer guns for sale and to display them in a shop is perfectly OK.

I don't know what to answer as man if a woman is approaching you and offering sex for money. She is not doing anything illegal.

Is it legally OK to ask her in return, if she is not ashamed of herself to rent out her body and if she wants you to become a criminal?
12:02 October 8, 2011 by Just_Kidding
This rich dude should jump on a jet and fly to Germany when he has a need.
14:16 October 9, 2011 by mgoodyear
I am curious as to why some commentators feel that Sweden`s sex purchase law is `working` (achieving its objectives) or that women (or any one else involved in sexual exchange) are being protected.

Two Swedish feminist researchers recently published an extensive report into such claims and found them unsubstantiated. Please see:

The Swedish Sex Purchase Act: Claimed Success and Documented Effects

By Susanne Dodillet and Petra Östergren

Conference paper presented at the International Workshop: Decriminalizing Prostitution and Beyond: Practical Experiences and Challenges. The Hague, March 3 and 4, 2011

Available through Gothenburg University, at


Michael Goodyear

European Centre for Sex Work Research and Policy
01:25 October 10, 2011 by ferdio
Is this law not another victory for the outrageous 'Right-winged Swedish Feminists' that' sworn to destroy men-folk. Or has it any other rational that has any significant bearing on the society in general?

If sex is good for us (As proven), is it not the worst abuse of people's right to deny people (Especially men who for one reason or the other are not able to get in contact with women), chance to balance their hormone? I think this law is another way of encouraging men with wild testosterone from committing violence or rape against women! Is that what the society wants?

This is not just a law to protect anyone, neither is it about upholding 'moral', but a law from 'right-winged feminists' to destroy Swedish men

If it is not illegal for people to be 'employed' to work and get paid for that, what then is the difference here? Are both not making use of their body to do 'their jobs'??

Just wondering...

What will they come up with next? Men being barred from looking at women??
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