Wheelchair-bound man on Malmö shooting spree

A wheelchair-bound man was arrested after going on a shooting spree at a bowling alley in Malmö, southern Sweden, on Friday night.

The 34-year-old man was charged with the attempted murder of seven people after police apprehended him following the incident in Limhamn.

The group, including the gunman, were all guests at a staff party at the alley when the incident occurred.

As people got up to leave, suddenly there was a series of loud bangs and panic ensued as the guests realised there was a gunman on the attack.

He opened fire on several people, as they were leaving the restaurant, shortly before 8pm. Despite the panic, nobody was hit and all escaped serious injury, according to reports from news agency TT.

“We heard a loud bang and turned round. Then we saw a man in a wheelchair with a gun in his hands. He was aiming straight at us,” one eye witness told Aftonbladet.

As they ran out towards the car park, shots continued to ring out before the man attempted a desperate escape in his wheelchair with his dog at his side.

Police arrested him shortly afterwards however at a petrol station and after confiscating his gun and taking away the dog, the disabled gunman was charged with seven counts of attempted murder

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