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Anti-Semitic crimes on the rise in Malmö

TT/The Local/js · 11 Nov 2011, 15:01

Published: 11 Nov 2011 15:01 GMT+01:00

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During the first six months of the year there has been the same number of anti-Semitic crimes reported as were reported for the whole of 2010.

“The increase in reported crime could be due to the police investing in more resources to solve these kinds of crimes, or that the tendency to report is higher now because there are more incidents of an anti-Semitic nature”, Susanne Gosenius, a hate-crimes coordinator with the Malmö police told the TT news agency.

She added, however, that there may very well be a large number of crimes that are never reported to the police.

In many respects, Malmö seems to be a bit different from the rest of the country in terms of hate-crimes against Jews, Gosenius explained.

At the same time, however, the number of reported Islamophobic crimes has decreased compared to the first six months of 2010.

Fredrik Sieradzki, spokesperson for the Jewish Community of Malmö, said that the crimes are often attacks on people either arriving or leaving the synagogue.

The police in Malmö have registered a total number of 21 anti-Semitic crimes and 105 crimes against immigrants in the first half of 2011.

The total number last year was 20 and 116, respectively, for the same type of crimes.

In Gothenburg, police don't have specific statistics anti-Semitic crimes.

“They are seen as being part of hate-crimes”, said police analyst Thomas Pettersson to TT.

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However, the Jewish congregation in Gothenburg does not view the issue with the same urgency as the Malmö congregation.

“It’s not that we are entirely without problems of course," said Daniel Jonas, head of the congregation in Gothenburg, to TT.

He explained that it's not uncommon for someone to shout out "damn Jews" or other derogatory slogans, most often outside of a synagogue.

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15:41 November 11, 2011 by millionmileman
Sweden is their county, and everyone has the right to worship as they please. How about the press informing us of what the crimes are?
15:47 November 11, 2011 by skumdum
Or informing us who the criminals are. Malmö has the largest muslim population in Sweden.
15:50 November 11, 2011 by Grokh
fking sick.
16:05 November 11, 2011 by jvtx3232
I guess I don't understand why the article has to ignore the 900-pound gorilla in the middle of the room. The growing anti-Jewish sentiment in Malmö is directly due to all the Muslims the Swedish government has been importing to the area. Why not just say it?
16:24 November 11, 2011 by Lavaux
I wonder how long before the residents of Malmö propose to change their city's name to Gaza? It wouldn't surprise me a bit if Sweden's political, media and cultural elites enthusiastically supported the proposal.

Muslim culture may be very different from that of Europe's elites, but there is one thing they share in common: A hatred of Israel and a deep suspicion of Jews. Exhibit A: Sarkozy's recent smear of Netanyahu.

Pay attention, Sweden's Jewery: You are not safe in Europe. Read the writing on the wall and don't make the same mistake twice.
16:51 November 11, 2011 by Svensksmith
Where did you think this was going to go?
16:59 November 11, 2011 by Uncle
And then the muslims whine and curse how swedes are "racist".

These nazis in civilian clothes have no shame...
17:12 November 11, 2011 by old jack
Taken from Dagens Nyheter (dn.se), 7 Nov 11:

Seven years ago, Rabbi Shneur Kesselman moved to Malmö. Kesselman grew up in Detroit where he says he had many Muslim neighbors without any unpleasant occurrences.

But in Malmö, young boys scream, "Support Hitler!" at him. People have spit on him, thrown empty bottles at him, and called him a variety of phrases including "judejävel" (Jewish Bastard). Such slurs even occur in the presence of his children, who don't understand why other adults say such things to their father.

Kesselman said most of the incidences are from young Muslims. And though Kesselman has not reported all such incidences to the police, the ones he has reported are around eighty in number. He no longer feels he can walk around Malmö in peace.
18:00 November 11, 2011 by guliver
I do not understand well who bothers that Jews.

If Muslems immigrants do it-then the Swedish police has to deal with it.

BUT if the Sewidish people in Malmo do it,my advice to them is to leave a soon as possible that country , As a son of parents who escaped from Germany in 1933 it will bring no good future for them specialy if there are many people who think like Tamoko,

Israel Arad
18:07 November 11, 2011 by Larry Thrash
We all know that the religion of Islam is the religion of peace, just look at the countries where Muslims are in control. They are so tolerant of Jews, Christians, Hindus, Homosexuals, women and other races. Wow, what a paradise Sweden would be with only Muslims, NOT!

Uncle: Muslims yelling "racist" is odd, they must be looking in a mirror when they scream this.
18:14 November 11, 2011 by SockRayBlue
I find it astounding that Jews would be victimized by Swedes. Our laws and the Christian religion came from the Jews. That would be like attacking ones ethical parents. The claim that Muslims are to blame would mean that the individuals would have to be deported. Is that the correct remediation?
19:36 November 11, 2011 by Uncle

The attacks are not coming from swedes. At least not "native" swedes.


Whenever swedish police arrests those muslim "youths", they are accused with racism and extremism. The "moderate" muslims explain everyone that the policemen are prejudiced and light on a trigger against innocent peaceful muslims.

It is a teamwork. Educated muslims are filing law suits and extremism claims against those who are opposing the uneducated muslim bullying. They also do well in media in their attempts to defend all attacks of muslims that are performed in Sweden and outside of it. They also use quite well student socialist movements, who call their views as liberal, rather than extremist (the way Mugabe was supported in Sweden in the 70's)

Cunning, vengeful and constantly aggressive they attack jews, burn women alive, circumcise daughters, execute gay sons and justify camera executions of UN workers while everyone else is racist, but them.

At the same time most of swedes are forgiving them the little cultural "perks", whereas Jews are expected "to know better". Go figure, eh?
20:16 November 11, 2011 by teknowaffle
In my SFI classes (american married to a Swede) I find it offensive that someone was gone through and sharpied out the Israeli flags on most of the maps in the class rooms.

Now, I am far from supporting everything that the nation of Israel has done/is doing, but the fact is that doesn't get considered a hate crime offends me. If I went in and were to scribble out Syria because I don't like what they are doing to their citizens, I would probably be hauled away for a hate crime.
20:29 November 11, 2011 by guliver

Thanks for the information.

I have never been to Scandinavia but in Israel we have n't heard anything bad over Sweden.,

I can only tell you that my fother was saved by the Swedish Consoul in Strasburg during the 2ww so he was not sent to Auschwizim,and we learnt in school that the Swedish people saved the Jews of Denmark during the war,

Therefore I wrote I did not understand who bothers the Jews...

Now it is more easy to understand.

Can they move to another city there were there are no muslems?
20:42 November 11, 2011 by Gamla Hälsingebock

The joys of multiculturism, ethnic diversity and political correctness.

And some enlightened Swedes wanted those joys so desperately that they moved to force them upon all of Sweden.

They even abandoned Lutheranism as the official religion of the Swedish state so as to not offend newcomers!

Good job guys!
22:12 November 11, 2011 by motti
Reepalu must be laughing all the way to the bank.

The Moslems cry continually about their plight all over the world. Yet, they are worst offenders of hate all over the world. wherever they are, you will see strife, murder, bloodshed, slaughter etc. All part of their human rights of course.

Sweden, it is already too late. Look at what the jewish citizens have contributed to sweden and ask what benefits the Arabs/Moslems have brought with them.
22:27 November 11, 2011 by rouzi
As far as my historic studies allow me to know, the conflict and sometime enmities between Muslim and Jews back to long time ago and apparently to the time of Muslim profit, Mohammad. Even so, looking to the history tells me that Jews have been suppressed several times by other nations. Perhaps, we need to have a more profound look to the past to see what caused so much enmity toward them.

Regardless of the past, the behavior toward Jews in today Sweden under no circumstances can be acceptable. We are not living in middle age. Today is the era of civilization and communication.

The mentioned fact apply simply for both Jews and all other nation or religion follower. We can not behave each other inappropriately only because something happened in the past ( and most often very old past). Arguing that we became suppressed in the past or somebody or a group betrayed us in the past can not explain our abnormal behavior at all. It is really a lame and sick excuse.
22:32 November 11, 2011 by Iraniboy
Here we go again!

Anti-Swede, Anti Muslim Xenophobic posters back on track again. They assume and/or paid to support Jews yet they fail to understand that this works the other way around. They don't know that this behavior of blaming other groups is actually the main source to lead someone racist!

Racism in most countries has two sources. A tiny minority of them who are organised to promote their filthy agenda. This can be in a form of political party! The rest of them who are actually their supporters are young low educated low paid or unemployed men who only lack a little a bit education to realize they shouldn't say yes any instinctive urge and a more paid job so they care to enjoy life rather than to hate it!
22:41 November 11, 2011 by cowboykodp
Crime against Jews in Malmö 20 in 2010.

Crime against Jews in Malmö 21 in 2011.

Crime against immigrants (guessing Muslims) in Malmö 116 in 2010.

Crime against immigrants (guessing Muslims) in Malmö 105 in 2011.

Seriously, do you people read the articles or just comment for commenting sake?

In LA alone there is probably 100's of anti- semitic crimes weekly.

Having said that, one crime against Jews is one too many. So now to all you enlightened people... How should we address the crimes against immigrants in Malmö?

Let me guess... "send all the Muslim barbarians back to their country of origin"

To use the words of the master RACIST -Uncle... Pathetic.
23:27 November 11, 2011 by jvtx3232
Yeah a CRAZY belief system!
23:36 November 11, 2011 by Iraniboy
@ phantom of the vasa

The same goes for Jews too but Jew or being Muslims is widely associated to specific races while Christianity is fortunately very well spread among all races. Racists hide behind the argument you provided to spread their racism. But what's wrong with racism in general? It is because a racist start grouping people regardless of their individual characteristics and regardless of them having organised grouping system and blame an entire group for the action of some persons who associated themselves to that group.


You know the difference between that (probably) young Muslim who insulted a Jew in Malmö and you who insult Muslims? He did it due to his testosterone urge you did it due to your racist sick brain! I hope you realize the difference!
00:16 November 12, 2011 by Uncle

Where the info is from may I ask? Jihaddaily.com ? Hazbollah Morning? Where is the info about attacks against muslims? Oh, GUESSING.... RIIIGHT. So shoooutouts between muslim groups ("guessing" peaceloving shia against peaceloving sunni) is in the stats? Guessing beating a wife to death is in the stats? Guess circumcising a daughter is in the stats?

According to Vilhelm (Willy) Silberstein (Swedish Radio, Head of Swedish Committee against antisemitism) 60% of hate crimes in Sweden are against Jews (guessing by the peace loving people) and 10% against muslims by NON muslims....

Stop with the lie propaganda.


Where is the racism? You know what is the real diff? Muslims attack jews because of racist beliefs against a RACE (ya know - all the "drinking christian blood and stealing organs for sale" stuff). I attack a philosophy of islam as I attack nazi philosophy. Now tell me that one who attacks nazis is incorrect... Parallels I drew few times, so you know EXACTLY what I mean. I hope you realize the difference.


Move to other city? You think that it is safe anywhere here? They are on almost every street and will always react to your "jewish look" (Goebbels quality movies clarified these looks, you see). People have kids in kindergatrens, they work, they have families.... They are a 20th generation swedes. Where should they move because of visiting barbarians?

Note the above iraniboy and cowboy. They are a great example of whining about "injustice and racism against muslims" in a forum that is called "Anti-Semitic crimes on the rise in Malmö" . Get the picture? Easy... People like this (who are not as simple to catch on lies) are actually writing in the media non-stop to mitigate the damages of their barbaric way of life to the normal democratic way of life.
00:27 November 12, 2011 by jvtx3232
Let's just boil this down to brass tacks shall we:

If the Swedish government would never have imported all these Muslims, this problem of anti-Semitism in Malmö would never have happened!

The Muslims should all go back to their countries of origin. That would literally solve the problem.
02:50 November 12, 2011 by jimmyjames
Please do your own research to verify what I am about to say : First, both Jews and the Arabs are BOTH SEMITES. This FACT has been conveniently over-looked for so long it has been"forgotten". Second, neither Jews nor Arabs belong in Sweden. The Swedish people have inhabited present day Sweden since the endof the last Ice Age approx. 12,000 years ago. The Sami , the indigineous people of the land, have inhabited the land of Sweden since the beginning of TIME.

The Swedish people need to EXPEL everyone who is not an ethnic Swede or Sami. Do exactly like the Japanese : If some people need some aid somewhere.....SEND IT TO THEM. If some people want to come as tourists for a couple weeks.....O.K. If a foriegn student wants to study in Sweden for a year or two,,,that is O.K.


You Swede's better wake up.
03:33 November 12, 2011 by xexon
Israel. It's not Jews in general. It's Israel.

Israel is a zionist state founded by a Jewish version of the KKK. If you buy into the ruse that it's a "Jewish state", you'd be wrong. So when Israel misbehaves itself, it's Jews all over the world that have to pay for it. Innocent people.

You want to help this situation, help bring down the racist apartheid government of zionist Israel.

03:48 November 12, 2011 by Frobobbles
It is terrible that people are shouting things at Shneur Kesselman. So it has been 21 shouts this year. Just awful. One more shout than last year, that is a worrying development. What will we see next.
09:45 November 12, 2011 by cowboykodp

Right on. That is exactly the case. 99% of these "crimes" against Jews and Muslims are "shouting". Some like to make it a big deal for political reasons.


Where do you and Silberstein get your facts? 21 out of 105 is not 60%. Unless I missed something in math class. No need for your sort of websites (such as Atlas Shrugs/ Jihad watch) to get "stats". Just read this article you are commenting on.

The only one spreading lies and propaganda is the person starring back at you in the mirror. You cannot fight hate with hate. You will always lose.
10:52 November 12, 2011 by Playmaker
first islam is not a race. in fact the country with the most muslims is indoinsia (sic) not some middle east country.

2nd islam is more of a political party then a religion. everything from birth to death has a law from shria. look at any muslim country. the jews are democratic they have chraged the PM with crimes before and will again like a real democratic country.muslims can live with the jews but jews can not live with the muslims.

3rd there is going to be more "hate" crimes against muslims for the simple fact that there are many more muslims then jews. but who commits more crime per capita that is? jews or muslims u guess.
10:57 November 12, 2011 by guliver

what is really Israel everybody in the world knows,

So long you and your brothers go on with denying our right to exsist , continue firing missles on our cities and going on with terrorists attacks against our children and women the war against you will continue,

Exporting your terrorists attacks against our citizens and Jews abroad will bring the Mossad to treat you,so you have to think twice before you try something bad against these innocent people.
11:00 November 12, 2011 by hogar2010
You go to jail in Sweden if you buy the legally offered services of a prostitute; at the same time, you will not be deported to your country of origin if you commit racist crimes in Sweden.

Something dead wrong there in Sweden. It is not the ethnic Swedes committing these attacks on Jewish Swedes but it is the muslim occupants.

Muslims do not belong into Europe as their culture is virtually incompatible to any other culture in the whole world. Send these muslim "asylants" and "immigrants" back to their muslimic countries, and better now than later when the ethnic Swedes forget about their good manners, their educated ways and their political correctness.
11:29 November 12, 2011 by guliver

every state makes its own immigration regulations ,these laws are in your own hands

if you decide you want no one person to be resident in Sweden you can put it as a low and believe me nobody will enter your country without permission
12:10 November 12, 2011 by rationalperson2
islam is a terrible ideology hiding behind the facade of religion in order to be immune to critics. if you can't see this, start with simple things like what does the koran and hadiths demand as a punishment for anyone critisising islam, allah or their so called profet, muhammad? that's right; death! there you go, that's the core of islam. no go figure for yourself whether it's something we should respect and tolerate. wake up, and realise what islam really is, and what the goal of muslims is. it's time we all expose islam for what it really is, and BAN IT!
12:18 November 12, 2011 by Learner2011

Really? really... really... really.... Really?

It is so sad that we live in 2011 where our multicultural society lives in peace and harmony, But we still have very ugly elements like You, Adolf Hitler, Jussi Halla-aho, Anders Breivik, Jörg Haider, Robert Spencer,...etc

Anyhow, We "Good" human beings in the West, East, South, North in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and North America are "decent" people and the first thing I taught my 3 sons is how NOT to hate anyone regardless their skin color or their cultural/philosophical/religious backgrounds.

I am really surprised how a human being like you carries all this deep hate in your heart against other people? One question though, Do you hate yourself as well ?
12:26 November 12, 2011 by Swedishmyth
Any conscious Westerner knows that a country where Jews cannot live safely anymore, is a country undergoing self-destruction. I give Sweden 15 years or so before it hits critical mass.
12:30 November 12, 2011 by Uncle

"So when Israel misbehaves itself, it's Jews all over the world that have to pay for it. Innocent people."

Haha iraniboy... Morons like this show the racism of muslims in all the colours and undermine your theories of peaceful islam...

xexon, oh really? I heard about the situation of berbers in apartheid Tunisia. I heard about christians in apartheid Sudan. How about hindus in apartheid Pakistan? Druze in apartheid Lebanon? Can I burn pizzerias because of the situation of 30 million kurds in apartheid Iraq, Turkey and Iran? Do I have the moral right to bomb mosques because of what Syria does? Can I beat down persian families because of hanging of gay people? Can I please attack muslims because I disagree with execution of converts?

WONDERFUL! Then we should go that way...

Hej, your religion buddies kill nuns because they are as white as the preacher who burned Koran. Religion based on RACISM, XENOPHOBIA and INTOLERANCE.


No, you right. The head of Swedish committee against antisemitism is filled with lies. The reports of the local are filled with lies. But cowboy stories about attacks on muslims (based on guesses, as admitted) by non-muslims (not proven at all, as admitted) are the ones that are correct.

You did not say still - is beating down a wife for exposing her face and attacking a sunni neighbour by a shia neighbour - is it in your stats or not? Thank you for the truthful clarification.
13:34 November 12, 2011 by godnatt
Maybe it's because of the inspirational teachings of the "religion of peace"??

"The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him...." -- Sahih Muslim 6985
15:26 November 12, 2011 by xexon
Listen up, "Uncle" hasbara,

I have no religion. I think you're all nothing but cults of the dead as you attempt to keep your dead masters alive by the perpetuation of their words. You're not spiritual paths, you're cults.

I've followed the zionist movement for decades. It's not Judaism. It's a radical offshoot of Judaism. Racist and militant. And composed mostly of WHITE Euro-Jews. It's essentially Jewish nazisim. They did collaborate with the German nazis, you know?

Radical Islam, as we know it today, began a 100 years ago in repsonse to the zionists coming to Palestine and taking land that didn't belong to them. It continues to this day. With US backing. This is what's stirring the pot.

Jews, like the one's in Sweden, are caught in the middle of this mess. Your bigoted opinions of Islam are just as bad as your bigoted opinions of Judaism. The world has grown too small to allow this. And at some point, it's going to have it's way with you.

Someday...the Arabs are going to hunt the zionists just like the Jews have hunted the nazis. And for the very same reasons. Because there's a 4th reich on the rise. Islam is the new Jew. And history will repeat itself yet again.

15:47 November 12, 2011 by roger85
Its interesting how anyone that critiques islam is accused of being racist. This accusation in itself is racist. Since islam is supposedly a religion, they are essentially saying it is a religion for only one race of people...excluding all other races of people. The fingers point back every time.
17:23 November 12, 2011 by guliver

the dream to wipe out Israel from the map is still after 63 years alive.

"one day we shell push all Jews to the sea" Gamal abdel Nasser 3.6,67.

Israel must disapear from the map-Ahmed El Najar.

"Someday...the Arabs are going to hunt the zionists..."

Your understanding in History is zero, The Jews in Europe were citizens of that nations till 1933 when they lost their citenzenship and conduced to death in gas chambers by the Germans.

Our conflict goes about resolution 181 of the UN from 29.11.47 says that Palestine will be divided in 2 states: a Jewish one and an arab Palestinian one.

Ben Gurion accepted it immediatly ,you deny that decision for 63 years and try with repeated wars over and over to eliminate us.
18:30 November 12, 2011 by outofthebox
@ guliver:

"Your understanding in History is zero, The Jews in Europe were citizens of that nations till 1933 when they lost their citenzenship and conduced to death in gas chambers by the Germans."

your logic is just mind blowing.. so u say that Europeans kicked the Jews out of Europe where Jews were residing.. and not only kicked them out but Holocaust happened in Europe.. so in return Palestinians should agree to divide their country for those expelled Jews from Europe???

Seriously! you're just awesome.
18:36 November 12, 2011 by godnatt
@ gulliver

Xenon, and most Muslims, would settle for nothing less than the extermination of the Jews from the Middle East and if possible, everywhere.

Their goal isn't a Palestinian state. It's the destruction of the Jewish people.

Israel has tried to make peace. But no amount of concessions short of mass suicide by all Israelis would appease them.

Don't worry, most non-Muslim, non-terrorist sympathizing people in the West don't see things his way.

Keep fighting the good fight. The truth is on your side.
18:53 November 12, 2011 by Uncle

You voice of Jihad...

You see I liked the fact that you did not respond to any of my accusations of nazism and ethnic cleansing in muslim countries. It shows the weakness of your babbling. Jews are guilty of death of less than one percent of all muslims in the world in the past 60 years. While muslims themselves are reaching well into double figures in MILLIONS in murder statistics during the existence of Israel. I could count for you for the past 60 years.

In addition, on one hand you are saying that Jews all over the world are suffering because RACIST muslims are avenging behavior of the same RACE of people in Israel.

On the other, you are all of a sudden claiming that zionism has nothing to do with Judaism... Are you on vodka? Allah will not be happy, ya know... Is Israel guilty in the suffering of the Jews all over the world, although zionism is not related to judaism?

And you justify this? So if not Israel, they will be attacked because winter is cold? Because icecream machine is too loud? Because there are magnetic storms on the sun?

Leave alone my thoughts about zionism (simply the right of Jews to their own land in the place they actually never left and lived in for the past 3,5 years in varying quantities), but what you describe is logical nonsense, which brings me back to the assumptions of the moronic nature of your statements.

by outofthebox

Really? palestinians had a country? WOW! What country that was that they had to divide? Who said that it was an arab land? Christians and Jews were together a majority there all these 2000 years.... What status did the palestinian country have? Who was governing it?

Pffft. You're just awesome.
19:22 November 12, 2011 by Sheba
i hate the apartheid state of israel...its amazing how people have no sense of justice when it comes to this occupying,colonising,commiting genocide state of israel...stealing palestinian land and selling human organs...i shudder at the thought of even knowing a jew....
19:41 November 12, 2011 by outofthebox
@ Uncle

by Palestine I meant the land that was to be divided in 1948. I don't understand the logic of creation of state of Israel in that region for Jews and particularly calling Jews from around the globe (mainly Europe) there. Holocaust was pathetic thing that happened but wise decision would have been to reinstate Jews in their previous countries (in Europe) after Nazis were defeated.

and your point that "Who said that it was an arab land? Christians and Jews were together a majority there all these 2000 years.... What status did the palestinian country have? Who was governing it?"

I am amazed how you deliberately or unintentionally neglect facts. Jerusalem was governed by Muslims for about 1300 years (just a 100 years span when christian crusaders governed it). so from 600 AD to 1918, it was governed by Muslims. Population of Jews in this region was increased after famous "The Balfour Declaration" when Jews were brought to this place from world.

The only claim I have come across so far is the Orthodox Jews belief that because Torah claims Jerusalem to be holy land given to Jews by God, and that's the reason for creating state of Israel there. My friend, Bible and Quran also claims it to be Holy land. And if you think that only truth is Judaism and rest all religions are non-sense, unfortunately 7 billion minus 12 million do not agree with you.

And even if you reject this claim as baseless (I know you will), still my main point of wonder is why Jewish state in this region and not anywhere else or in Europe for that matter as Holocaust happened there and Jews were expelled from there.
19:44 November 12, 2011 by shahislam
So complacently dumb!

It's getting late for wise leader-ships to announce amnesty for dumb Assad to facilitate falls of many dumbs in a chain reaction. If a real wise one was there, could start right now to change the future course of events of the world to become later forever glorious history of great initiatives.
20:00 November 12, 2011 by Uncle

Hehe my dear buddy. What you are doing is the common trick of muslims on this forum.

The forum is about muslim attacks on Jews in Sweden. You are trying divert it to the existence of Israel injustice...

Why not discuss the right of muslims to rule in Africa? This is at least remotely related to the topic.. Why not discuss genocide of minorities in EVERY muslim country or attacks of muslim minority on the majority in EVERY country that contains muslim minority that reached at least 5% in size? That would be at least related to the topic...

No. You are questioning the existence of Israel, as I would start questioning the right for existence of all the arab lands, which borders were artificially drawn by empires (including muslim empires). I actually COULD try and prove the right of Jews to Israel (that was clearly defined by Herzl BEFORE Holocaust), but I won't even go there.

The issue is that muslims attack Jews. Period. They attack them because of opinions of Sheba (who is clearly one of the guys here, but just trolling once in a while). Nazi opinions. Nazi propaganda. Nazi movies and media. Nazi everything.

That is the point. That shall be stopped. That is my goal - to try and inform and at the end to be the grain in the mountain that will stop the flow of barbarian cannibals into Europe. Savvy?
20:29 November 12, 2011 by guliver

Coming back to history ,the immigration of the Jewish people to his homeland had started in 1889 with the Zionist movement which declared that in order to end the suffer of the Jewish people in Europe ,the Jewish people need to come back to his original land Israel from where it was forced 2500 years before,so the Zionistic movment started to buy lands in Palestine and the immigrants came to build their new home land since 1989,

In 1947 were in Palestine 600000 Jews and 780000 Palestinians both had national aspirations ,the Jews fought for an Indepedent Jewish state ,the arabs rejected that idea and wanted a one state in which the 780000Palestinians will be dominate over the 600000Jews.

After the UN sent a few commisions to inquire the situation in Palestine=the Jews and the arabs fought each other in order to prevale the issue was brought to the UN vote on 29.11.47 ,the vote 181 with majority had decided the partition of Palestine in 2 states a Jewish one and an Arab Palestinian one.

The arabs reject that decision and reject the idea that the Jews has the right to return to their fotherland and to rebuild their state,

Rejecting the history of the Jewish people and its right to rebuild his own nation in Israel does change the historical truth.

a defination of people is :a group of people who had a common history, a common religion,a common land,a common language.these parameters can be proofed by historical books archeological findings which coming out still today.
21:11 November 12, 2011 by rouzi
Ah! And Alas are the only things that I can state here. Based on comments that I read here,peace is more like a dream. I think there are always other races who want have their own countries like Jews. Just assume how many different races and religions are living together in India, Iraq, Iran, Syria and so on. I think we should expect more conflict and casualty in the region.
21:25 November 12, 2011 by andy_so
one day i believe this conflict will be solved (jew/muslim/israeli/palastinian)... i really do!

and then the media will find another conflict to obsses about (highly likely to also involve a muslim based country, maybe turky and the kurdic conflict? who knows...).

as for this discussion i really hope that commenters/people such as outofthebox, sheba, xexon and ect (which im sure are not of a swedish origin) to encounter racism on every street corner. so they know how they make other people feel with their comments! but then again i dont want there to be riots in sweden... because all know how muslims react when things dont their way, so i wish you all the best instead...!!
21:52 November 12, 2011 by xexon
There are racist elements on both sides. There are radical religious elements at work on both sides. And the secular zionists are behind both.

Zionism, Herzl zionism, is a double agent. One one hand, it offers protection to Jews. Even founded a country for them. But on the other hand, they generate anti-semitism against Jews.

They do this as a cover of what they themselves are up to. The core of these zionists are connected at the hip to certain wealthy Jewish families in Europe. You know the names. Rothschild. Warwick, etc. You've heard of the New World Order by now. It's no urban myth. It's real and it's happening all around us. The NWO is their plan to maintain power in the world in light of a rising Asia and Middle East. Islam is in their way. Mostly because they have their own banking system.

Islam has been stimulated by these zionists to respond violently. Setting up a colony of white Jewish supremacists in Palestine is just the tip of that iceberg. Jews are being used. Muslims are being used. Most of you can't see past what your TV tells you. That too, the media, is very much under zionist control.

Even back in the 1930's, Albert Einstein saw how zionism was manipulating Jews and the general public. Here's what he said: "Anti-Semitism is nothing but the antagonistic attitude produced in the non-Jew by the Jewish group. The Jewish group has thrived on oppression and on the antagonism it has forever met in the world... the root cause is their use of enemies they create in order to keep solidarity"... --- Albert Einstein, quoted in Collier's Magazine, November 26, 1938

Know when you're being used, people. And when you hate others different from yourselves, you're falling in lock step with what they want. You want to change the world, bring down zionism. Not Jews. Not Muslims Zio-nism.

22:18 November 12, 2011 by godnatt
@ xenon

A local thread wouldn't be complete without one tin foil hat nutjob... oh, I see Xenon is already here.

Perhaps you'd like to educate us about chemtrails and alien abductions as well?


Maybe you'd fit in a little better posting over on Stormfront. They'd love to hear you regurgitate some neo-Nazi conspiracy theories for the thousandth time, I'm sure.
22:42 November 12, 2011 by Uncle
haha xexon

I LOVE examples like you. The light and the core of antisemitism. The rotten graveyard of the Mein Kampf teachings... Wonderful! Like looking on a mummy.

Not answering the questions, but just pulling your own agenda... What is interesting is that one could blame the muslims that attack jews on the jews (who said Kristallnacht?), but how one explains the attacks of muslims on muslims? Them 10 million dead that were not killed by the evil Jews? How about them christians and other dhimmies who run away from raving islam?

Also, apparently the "quote of Einstein" is quoted ONLY by Collier's magazine. No one else. And every antisemitic site quotes the magazine, rather than Einstein...

Pieces of false info, conspiracy theories, reverse blaming of the victims, marking of specific Jews who are apparently controlling everything. It is a beautiful example of a, not neo-nazi, no, but the old time nazi Goebbels style propaganda. It is reeking like an old wet rotten body. It is a wonderful display of another proof.

Yes - muslims do indeed have the philosophy of the third reich! They actually believe in this stuff! Thank you xexon
23:59 November 12, 2011 by cowboykodp

I hope you see now just how much people like Xenon and Uncle have in common.

Two sides of the same coin.

Pure hate and evil.
00:12 November 13, 2011 by xexon
Save it. I've read the hasbara handbook too.

I suggest the rest of you Google what a hasbara is and if they bear any resemblance to those who are addressing me. Read their creepy handbook too.

I don't play your game. Because I treat Jews as ordinary people. What has any Jew ever done to me that I should hate them? Do tell. Can't wait to hear you answer. I neither hate Jews, nor do I put them on a pedestal. I treat them as equals to myself because that's the only way I see people. Now, if you're a zionist, you can't stand people like me. Zionism thrives on racial or ethnic or religious division.

As I have no ties to any of the above, I'm immune to people like you. And free to call things as I see them.

As to anti-semitism, most modern Jews are far removed from being a semite. Just because you adopt a religion from a 1000 years ago and speak Hebrew doesn't make you one. REAL semites are related to Arabs and north Africans, not white people who once roamed northern Europe and the Russian steppe. The Palestinians are about the only true semites left in Israel. Many related to ancient Jews.

As the zionists are trying to purge them through a slow motion genocide, that would make them the biggest anti-semites on the planet.

I suggest everybody try to get along. Otherwise, you're going to relive the horrors of what your grandparents spoke to you of.

00:49 November 13, 2011 by outofthebox
@ Uncle

sorry for getting off topic.. I sincerely sympathize for Jews who face these racial remarks from Muslims or anyone else. These kind of racial remarks by ANYONE on ANY community spreads hate. Period.

However, at the same time I can not deny the fact that Israelis are using brutal force on Palestinians which by the way is most of times not highlighted by media. If you say that suicide bomber who killed innocent civilians in Tel Eviv is wrong then you must also admit that Israeli forces killing innocent kids and women and denying basic human rights is ALSO wrong.

Killing of innocent Iraqis should be equally condemned as killing of Innocent Americans in 9/11. Unfortunately this is not the case today and this injustice is leading to more and more violence.

BTW you still haven't answered my question why state of Israel was formed in this region and not elsewhere? :p

@ guliver

you said that .. "Coming back to history ,the immigration of the Jewish people to his homeland had started in 1889 with the Zionist movement which declared that in order to end the suffer of the Jewish people in Europe ,the Jewish people need to come back to his original land Israel from where it was forced 2500 years before,so the Zionistic movment started to buy lands in Palestine and the immigrants came to build their new home land since 1989"

so by this logic, Muslims should claim Spain as they ruled for more than 700 years and were expelled from there by Catholics??? And believe me if we go by this logic and every nation started claiming other land which was used to be under their rule some thousands years ago, we will end up with more chaos. Or you would argue that Spain is not holy land given to Muslims by God in Quran???

Then you said .. "In 1947 were in Palestine 600000 Jews and 780000 Palestinians both had national aspirations ,the Jews fought for an Indepedent Jewish state ,the arabs rejected that idea and wanted a one state in which the 780000Palestinians will be dominate over the 600000Jews."

But sir, isn't today's Democracy all about majority rule under which minority has to live. Plus those 600000 Jews were already living under Muslim rule for so long (quoting your own stats) and remember Holocaust happened in Europe and not in Arab.
01:37 November 13, 2011 by Uncle

Mate, you are even more off the topic than the Mein Kampf preacher here xexon. He just forgets for a second how his beloved muslims in Bosnia and Iran cooperated with the nazis... or does he? Anyways, at least he is giving SOME explanation of attacks on the Jews. He is saying that Swedish Jews are beaten down for the state of Israel and at the same time - that Israel has nothing to do with Judaism... Twisted, illogical, but STILL an argument.

At this time YOU are trying to get off the topic (while apologizing) by doubting the state if Israel geographical location. Why?


Why to pull the argument there? Why not to argue that the impact of Russian refineries on climate is horrible? Why not say that Justin Bieber has no right to be famous? All as valid to this forum as the location of Israel!

It is CLEAR to everyone, including the racist muslims that the argument "who is more humane and life cherishing" between all the muslims in the area and the Jews, is hopeless. Hell, Jews exchange 1000 of this kind for one soldier. It already means something. What people like cowboy and xexon above are trying to do is forget about the facts about muslims and their deeds.

Hell, only in Lebanon the SAME palestinians suffered much more horrific losses (believe me, shia Army of God and Lebanese government does not have precision weapons). Both Egypt and Jordan eliminated way more palestinians than Jews.

I am not even starting on Algier, Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Lybia, Iraq and Turkey with their minorities.

The concentration is on the outsider.

It is obvious that israelis make precision strikes, directed eliminations and close quarters arrests, while the muslims prefer to purposely attack civilian population, rather than military. PURPOSELY. The way nazis did in their time. The idea is to break the spirit of children and women, if you cannot break the spirit of the army.

Muslims attacked, are attacking and will attack civilian Jews. They will continue kidnap, torture and murder jewish civilians. WIth or without Israel. AS xexon said above, Jewish state is just part of the plan of conquering the world eh? So there will be ALWAYS a reason to kill a few Jews. That is what important. Try to understand this.
03:09 November 13, 2011 by xexon
Beloved Muslims?

I've made it rather plain that I am not religious. Did you miss it somehow? I think you're all trouble. But thank you for putting words in my mouth.

I treat everyone as an equal. It makes no difference to me what religion you are or what the color of your skin is. I'm obviously out of fashion with this crowd.

You know nothing of nazis except from the history book, "youngster".

The trouble with Jews in Sweden is the same trouble with Muslims in Sweden. You threaten the old world image of what a Swede "is". I suggest you Swedes get used to the new image of ethic diversity in Sweden. It's not going away.

Europe is undergoing the same transformation. You best treat ALL people equally. Failure to do so is to risk another world war based on white "Aryan" supremacy. With the zionists leading the charge this time. I've seen this movie before.

Nobody wins.

10:15 November 13, 2011 by cowboykodp

Sorry man, as strange as your conspiracy theory regarding Zionists taking over the world are.... You have a respectable value which Uncle could only dream of.

"I treat everyone as an equal. It makes no difference to me what religion you are or what the color of your skin is."

By the way, fortunately or unfortunately your views are not only shared by (some) Muslims. There are 200% more people in the world that share your views about Israel, Zionism, and their sad foreign policy.

Any body who uses "Savvy" must indeed be a youngster as you pointed out. I guess he thinks he is Jack Sparrow. GRRR.
12:31 November 13, 2011 by Uncle

Who said "religious"? Why in order to be deeply in love with whatever muslim countries are doing (and THEIR sad foreign and internal policy, eh, cowboy?) one has to be religious??? I think you missed it somehow... grandpa. Got some medals in SS while guarding a camp? Nice.

I already pointed out few inconsistencies with your argument that you are failing to address. I will break it down, since you are too excited about yourself to comprehend:

1. Your first post claims that "So when Israel misbehaves itself, it's Jews all over the world that have to pay for it. Innocent people."

2. Then you say that jews have nothing to do with zionists and therefore point number 1 is void of logic.

3. Then you say that jews are conspiring to take over the world and establishing Israel is just a part of a plan, which makes the first point also void of causality. If Jews agree to bend over and leave Israel in order to allow create the dream world of big sharia state Gaza with all successes that follow it, they ALSO must stop being rich, influencing Hollywood, media, threaten the image of Swedes as is etc. In that case, your first statement is just one of the prerequisites to why Jews can be CONSIDERED to be not attacked on the streets.

5. Jews conspire as a NATION, while you treat everyone as equals. Reread this and see the paradox. But as long as cowboy gets excited from this to the tears, I am OK with it. I like when cowboy kisses behinds of pure nazis.

Bottom line, you obviously suffer from the inferiority complex that plagues the muslim world (how inconvenient for them to see that a successful democratic state that produces goods and services and has successful degree of education, healthcare, infrastructure etc. can be established in bare desert, while islam cannot get out of the medieval cutting off hands even with all the oil riches, leave alone those without oil).

Your argumentation that parallels to the smallest details Joseph Goebbels only highlights the method of a robber screaming "robber!" and pointing away from himself.

Little. Pathetic. Bitter. Mmm... good definition, I would say. I like being called youngster myself btw. Gives me a boost.
12:59 November 13, 2011 by cowboykodp
The only Nazi on this forum is Uncle and his buddies.

As far as Israel, even an Israeli ,Gulliver agrees on some short falls. Not that dissimilar to all the ME countries "sharia" fetish you have.

Read you all knowing racist, Nazi Uncle:


So, is it me or you who gets a hard on with anything resembling Nazi propaganda?

Saavy? Grrr
13:36 November 13, 2011 by outofthebox
@ Uncle

Sir, you really missed my point. Why I am asking of creation of Israel again and again? Because it is the ROOT CAUSE of the whole evil in that part.

Need explanation?? Fine.

Before 1948, Jews used to live with Arabs in that region. Guliver stated 600000 Jews living in that land with 780000 Muslims (I doubt these figures but for sake of argument lets agree). Never heard of any genocide of Jews taken place in those times in Arab. Now something horrific happened in Europe i-e Holocaust and Jews were expelled and persecuted on mass level.

So the wise people on earth came up with solution that to avoid any such event in future, lets divide this land (not Germany where Holocaust occurred but Palestine.. Hmmm) in two parts; one for Jews and one for Arabs. So Palestinians have to pay price of the sins committed by Europeans!!! sound injustice???

Of course Arabs never accepted this stupid idea and thus began the conflict.

Now if you say that it was a great idea (seriously?), then I would ask you one question.

What if tomorrow Muslims in Malmo claim that they have some "fears", so they want to divide Sweden in two countries; one for Swedes and southern Sweden for Muslims. I hope you would like this idea and not being a hypocrite come up with lame excuses that it was valid for Jews but didn't apply for anyone else.

My friend this is the root cause of evil and unless you address it, you cannot acquire peace. BTW have you ever noticed the expansion of Israel since 1948. Now just have a look at Palestinian land (Gaza and West Bank) and then see Israel land. Do you think it was justly divided between population of 780000 Muslims and 600000 Jews???
15:58 November 13, 2011 by andy_so
its fun isnt it? each one sittingin their ivory tower (behind computer screens) throwing comments around...

so what ever history may be:

- life in israel today is at a 1st world level. been there plenty, i know...

way better then eastern europe (also from experience) and way way better then neighboring countries egypt and jorden (been there as well)...

with avarge salaries of about 17000 kronor (minimum wage is 8000 kronor, but thats for high school students doing the summers odd jobs).

- considering its a country under constant threat, and the lack of natural resources (oil). it literally built itself from nothing. and consiparacy theories aside (please!), its the best in its region in ALL regards.

why israel what it is today: because its democratic (it is!), and the government takes care of its people. in what ever means possible. and thank god for that...

these are simple facts. and the truth of the matter is that israel i here TO STAY. unless an idiot who values their sick idiology/reign over his own people decides to press the big red button (and there are enough of those in the arab world)... but then all the palestinas go as well with the jews.

and with all the above said, i do wish israel would acknoledge palestinias are also threre. they cant ignore and pretend everything is alright forever...

p.s theres no genocide... so stop with that lie!

and stop calling each other nazis. thats not somthing you just call other people that dont agree with you.
16:04 November 13, 2011 by xexon
This isn't about Jews in general. This is about a specific group of Jews.

They're rich. They're powerful. And they're of white European extraction. Zionism was born in Europe, not the Middle East.

Theo Herzl, father of the zionist movement, was from Hungary. An atheistic Jewish supremacist. It was his people who founded modern Israel. They control it to this day. Their operatives are thick in Washington DC, epecially the State Department. Because without US protection these zio-nazis would have been overthrown years ago.

Judaism is a religion. That's all it's ever been. And they have a culture that formed around that religion. Catholics are the same way. Judaism is not a race. Herzl believed it was. The only other people who believed that were the nazis.

When I say there's a 4th reich on the way, you should listen.

The hats have changed, but it's the same group of people as last time. And with modern technology, their ability to take over the world is now within reach. You already use their money system. And all your wealth is stored in their banks

Being Jewish will not save you. Being Muslim will certainly condemn you. Being anything other than a hardcore zionist will place you in danger.

But you won't listen. You didn't listen last time either.

17:25 November 13, 2011 by godnatt
@ grandpa xexon

Tell us the bedtime story about the aliens and the chemtrails and the evil Jewish conspiricies grampa Xexon! Please!
18:17 November 13, 2011 by Uncle

You are not listening. existence of Israel as a Jewish land has not come up as a PUNISHMENT for Holocaust.

The discussions with eh British Empire and even Ottoman Empire started long before that. All lands were BOUGHT and never taken. Note the expansion of Israel due to being attacked. The only time it made a preventive strike was in 6 day war and took Sinai. Entire Sinai was given away for peace. Do not forget that.

It agreed to an arab land. Arabs do not agree to a Jewish land. Why would they get the land they lost while attacking Israel if they do not recognize Israels right to exist?

Now as said, this is not the issue. THE issue is the situation of Jews being attacked by muslims because they attack on basis of a race.


What your delayed brain does not get is that I am not even arguing with you. I merely show the lack of logic in your, so to say, argumentation and by that undermine you as a credible person to listen to.

So for example, your claim that Israel is filled with white supremacists does not go together with the fact that it has 1,5 million sephardic Jews whose parents were kicked out by racist muslims as a response to creation of the state of Israel in the 50's. Add to it the 600K Jews that ALWAYS lived there. Add 1,5 israeli arabs and you have 50% Jews of european descent. You see? You look like an idiot again.

Or this statement " Judaism is not a race". Mmm. Perhaps right...since one could convert. In that case Jews are being attacked in Malmö "because" of Jews in US or Jews in Israel makes the muslims not only xenophobic monsters, but also moronic xenophobic monsters, since if they listen to YOU Judasim is not a genetic trait and therefore they could attack people who do not work on Saturday in GENERAL. Or people who have a beard. Or people who read the old testament. Right?

Oops, you look like an idiot again.

The more you babble, the clearer is your stance and you get into the special corner for the special people on the Local. Shh, relax... the sister will soon come with the medication... You will all forget about them Jews who hunt you at night with their yamakas and bags of money.. Shhh.
18:53 November 13, 2011 by guliver

I do not understand what happened in Spain.

Israel is a fact since1947,and 6 millions Jews here are determined on their historical right on this land even though you reject it,this kind of conversation which will bring nothing but more wars and suffering to both sides and believe me more to the Palestinians

we are not going ,and I talk for 6 millions Israelies,to give up our country and our state.

you can choose: fighting for ever in the hope to push us to the ocean ,what you are trying to do 63 years ,or agree to 2 states solution

Rejecting our historical right for this land does not make you right ,the historical truth is well documented and we do not need your approval,

Majority or minority is a question you raise in one people who diverse just in their religion for example German protestant or German Catholic not 600 000 Jews and 700 000 arab who want every one its own national aspiration,what kind a majority are you talking?we have no common historical heritage ,no common language ,no common religion,very different national aspirations?

therefore resolution 181 of the UN on 29.11.47 was right!
19:52 November 13, 2011 by cowboykodp
"Oops, you look like an idiot again. "

Thats OK uncle. You've looked like an idiot for much longer.


No need to get your blood pressure up. Israel is not going anywhere. The only difference is that you will be living side by side with a Palestinian state. Hopefully in peace and security.

Whether or not Neten YAHOO and other racists on both sides like it or not.
20:04 November 13, 2011 by xexon
Jews in Sweden are attacked for what I mentioned earlier. Like the Muslims, they threaten the old world idea of what a Swede is. So this localized problem swivels on ethnic identity more than anything else. The situation is Israel only irritates it further.

The problem in Israel is more multi-faceted. Under the idea of Herzl zionism, Israel is to be ALL Jewish someday. When they're done kicking out the Muslims, the Christians are next. But right now, they need both your money and your protection. So they cater to you. Won't always be so. Someday, these zionists are going to stand apart from Judaism and you'll see them as I see them. Nazis hiding behind a Jewish identity.

To me, if you don't practice the religion of Judaism, you're not a Jew. There were no Jews before the religion was born. Herzl zionists are atheistic. Jewish on the outside, spiritually hollow on the inside. Not true Jews. They're "ethnic" Jews.

There are a number of anti-zionist Jewish groups out there now that challenge Israel and modern Judaism. Jewsnotzionists, Jewsagainstzionism, Neturei Karta to name a few. You should visit their websites if you don't believe me.

Zionism has poisoned true Judaism. No Jew living today has known Judaism without the zionist tinge. The last ones who did died in the war. Targeted. The zionists made sure they took out the rabbinical leadership and replaced it with their own kind.

You don't have to fight with Jews. You don't have to fight with Muslims. Otherwise, you become the same kind of fragmented society Israel has. Where everybody is more interested in being a Jew or a Muslim or a Christian than they are in being Israelis. Be Swedes first. Leave off your other identities. You'll never be strong as a nation if you're not united.

20:24 November 13, 2011 by cowboykodp

Interesting but weird. I will visit those sites, just out of curiosity.

FYI: No one on this site is an ethnic Swede. Ethnic Swedes are too smart to be poisoned by the likes of Uncle and his twisted Nazi propaganda.
20:56 November 13, 2011 by godnatt
@ cowboykodp the official spokesperson for Sweden and Local readers has spoken.

So it must be true.
21:04 November 13, 2011 by guliver

63 years of wars so much Palestinians suffering and still you have not learnt the lesson,,still going on with false and distorted theories about Jews,Zionists,Israel,

thinking that the truth about Israel and Israelies is not known to the rest of the world.

Talking about Judaism without a minimum knowledge what does it mean to be a Jew and whatis said in the bible in which the Jews believe,separating Zion from the Jewish believe show you understand nothing in Judaisim ,every pray of the Jews come from the bible and speaks on the return to Zion=Israel and to Jerusalem.Theodor Herzl was the one who thought that the Jewish people must return to his land,the issue was building an homeland for the Jewish people in Israel not kicking other population out, in his books ALT NEULAND AND JUEDENSTAAT he described a small Jewish people which have sovreign government a white flag which symolizze the peace and inside 7 golden stars for each day of the week, no army Xenon because he did not think about wars but just a small police force,he believe as rest of the Zionists fothers that the connection of the people back to his country will be through Agriculture,and after this idea many villages and kibbuzim were build and were thenuclear for the comoing Israel.
22:04 November 13, 2011 by cowboykodp
Who do we blame for this Uncle?

Let me guess... "The barbaric Muslims"?

22:09 November 13, 2011 by motti
To read the Jew/Zionist hating nonsense spewed on this site is quite amazing due to its ignorance.

Firstly, most Jews in Israel today are in fact non white. I include the nearly one million Jewish refugees from north Africa and the middle east, many of who settled in modern day Israel. The vast majority of Jews arrived penniless without help from the UN or any countries at all. Iyt was the Jewish people who scraped pennies each week to send to their coreligionists. Unlike the mega oil rich Moslemns who refuse to help their own. They would rather gamble and buy football clubs, race horses etc than help their own. what dreadful people.

The Jew haters needn't worry too much about the wealthy Jews. There are not enough, nore do they have the wealth of the Moslems who dictate and blackmail countries to support them.

Racism is not a word in Hebrew. Only the word GOY signifies a non Jew, the term means Nation. To the Jewish people, there is only 1 race, the human race.

I recognise the fact that we see the same propagandists for the Moslem cause using the same lies and distotortions, they learned from their Nazi and Soviet allies. The Grand Mufti was a friend of Hitler. And the only difference between the Nazis and the Moslems slaughtering the Jews for over 1500 years is the former had a greater understanding of science. Yes the Arabs learned well the prnciples of Goebbels.

The Jews in Sweden, Norway, Britain, the USA etc do not insult the Moslems. It is the reverse. Unfortunately, the majority of Moslems deem it necessary to decry their Jewish neighbours in order to keep the spotlight off them. The Jews don't desecrate Swedish items. That is the usual response by moslems.

Iraniboy, you and your ilk must feel relegated, when a handful of Jews/Zionists can defeat the might of the arab armies. I mean, the Jews, how could htey. People you have traditionally looked down upon as defenceless "Dhimmies." Please explain to our Swedish friends just what a Dhimmie is, now there's a good lad.
22:16 November 13, 2011 by outofthebox
@ guliver

read your posts again. you're emphasizing again and again that because Jewish scripture says that Jews should return to "their" land, so Israel is a legitimate state. Weird or is it not?

My question is why do 12 million Jews (out of 7 billion) want to force their holy book's saying to be implemented in ANY way?

So tomorrow you can say that as the actual state of Israel some 2500 years ago (ruled by prophet David and Solomon) constituted from "River of Egypt to River Euphrates". So because our book says so, we want to extend boundaries of state of Israel. and I'm worried I can see it (further extension of state of Israel up till whole region mentioned above) coming sooner through waging war against neighboring Arab counties in God knows what reason.

and your statements that "we (Arabs and Jews) have no common historical heritage ,no common language ,no common religion,very different national aspirations?"

You really know nothing about Arabs or perhaps history??? Jews and Arabs are descendants of same father Abraham; Jews from Isaac and Arabs from Ishmael. Muslims believe in all the prophets of Judaism and further Jesus (not as Son of God but prophet of God - the awaited Messiah) and then final messenger Mohammad. Most of the rituals and practices done by Jews are similar to Muslims. Muslims can only eat your Kosher meat (other than their normal Halal meat). Muslims are circumcised, don't eat Prok, perform prayers and fast. You think this is not enough similarities? LOL and sigh!

anyway this has gone way out of topic but it was necessary to clarify your statement that Israel was necessary because Jews and Muslims have nothing in common.

02:26 November 14, 2011 by xexon
Once again, why should "I" hate Jews? I have yet to see an answer.

I call out things that interfere with those who desire to program you with their own hatred. I don't have an axe to grind with anybody. But I will call out what I see as a danger to the world. It has nothing to do with being a Jew or not.

Most Jews in Israel are indeed non white, but the ranks of zionism at the highest levels are a whole lot of white people. These are the folks who control Israel. These are the folks who founded Israel as a ZIONIST state. The sales pitch that Israel is a Jewish state is a lie. The zionists latched onto the Jewish persona to give themselves legitimacy. You do know their original plan was to settle in Romania? Atheists don't need a holy land, now do they???

Israel was decided upon because nobody would want to move to Romania. Zionism would have died on the vine had they went there. So Palestine was chosen. It would attract the religious Jews to fill out the population and build the infrastructures.This is how modern Israel came to be. The land theft and apartheid are inline with zionist thought, not Jewish virtue.

But now, the religious zealots threaten the secular goverment in Tel Aviv. It's going to be Jew on Jew violence before much longer. In your worries about radical Islam, you neglected to watch out for radical Judaism. And now a civil war is looming. One nobody wants to talk about.

Some Jews, like some friends of mine have left. They know what's coming. Sweden could also see an influx of Israeli Jews. You should give them sanctuary. Because it's the right thing to do. Another world war is on the way. Not because of Jews, but because of something pretending to be Jewish.

Most of you can't tell the difference...

18:40 November 14, 2011 by guliver


Philosophy will not resolve the issue.

Yes Abraham was our common fother but since then much water flow in the Jordan.

Philosophy want work here, there are two different people who want to live their own national life separtly, and it does not have to do just with the religion,it is also from the Palestinian side not just from the Jewish side,why do you want to force the couple to live in the same house if they want to live separtly,? one must live here and understand what the people want,

Xexon with its theories about white Jews and black Jews go totally wrong we are all Jews and just you see that difference but I can not blame you as distort the reality on purpose

no I do not live after what the bible says I accept the concept of two states solution ,live and let me live,I do not need a big Israel a small one is ok,

And yes Cristian and Muslem and Jews come from the same fother it is true what you said but still the Jewish people is different in his religion also these few things you mentioned are true ,by the way the Jews get circumcised in 8 days of life and not in 13 years , the Jews do not believe in Muhamed and not in Jesus,and eventhough people can live as good neighbours accepting the 2 states solution
01:36 November 17, 2011 by THE JEW
Jews of Europe arm yourselves and kill the haters before they put you into the furnaces. The Swedes, since Christianity, have been part of the haters even if they are not Muslim. Muslims, however, are taught hate in their Mein Kampf commonly known as the Koran. It teaches them that they are better than anybody else and to lie, cheat and steal for the benefit of the Muslim nation.

Check around. Before this century is over you will have at least 4 more Muslim countries in western Europe. Sweden has created laws and policies that will accelerate the process of Islamic domination, also.

When Sharia law takes over no man can be convicted of rape; homosexuals will have trouble staying alive; anybody involved in an abortion will be in big trouble and extreme Leftists will be in danger.

If you do not believe the above read their holy books to get yourself educated.
19:10 November 19, 2011 by lina333
Funny how hateinfested NSDAP-propagandist xexon can't come up with any real facts so they spew lies and misrepresentations..
11:15 November 22, 2011 by motti
xexon. Why do you hate Jews? Only you can truthfully answer that. Why do you not search within you to find the answer. Is is because the Jews are seen by many as the conscience of the west? (many Christians will agree to that)

The original plans were to settle in romania. where on earth do you obtain your "information" from? Even for me, that is a new one, I believed that I'd heard every bit of rubbish about Israel.

Xexon, are you anti white? Yes, it was mainly European Jews that started the movement. They, unlike their brown brothers had the opportunity. Their brown brothers known as "dhimmies" in north Africa and the middle east were just to frightened of being slaughtered by their Moslem (mainly) hosts in that area. It never took much to riot and slaughter Jews, something they shared with their Christian cousins in europe.

As a Jew, I do not differentiate between white and/or other colours. A Jew is a Jew and a humnn being is a human being. Try practising that along with a greater understanding of Jew/Zionist history. You have a great need for both. Your ignorance of real events is obvious. Why not look up the word dhimmie for a start and explain to the readers what it signifies, please.
18:49 November 22, 2011 by guliver

Well answered to Xexon.

From what I have read by now ,Xexon has his brain full with hatness to the Israelies and the Jews,it does not work to explain him as he will not listen or try to understand the other side, he conduce a monologue with himself and goes over and over with the same Mantra about the Jews and Isreal,even the most left wing members of the Israeli politic like Sarid ,Yahriv Openheimer,Zahi Reshef will not be able to bridge or conduce any dialogue with such person.
17:58 November 23, 2011 by motti
Thank you Gulliver. Your honest and factual answers are unacceptable due to the ancient Jew hating tradition.

Xexon, you know nothing about Herzl, Altneuland, or Zionism, I offer you some facts, not hearsay, so please sit still and learn.

Dr Herzl described in 1902 the Jewish state of the future which included; "there is still one question arising out of the disaster of the nations which remain unsolved to this day, and whose profound tragdey only a Jew can comprehend. This is the African question. Just call to mind all those terrible episodes of the slave trade, of human beings who merely because they are black, were stolen like cattle, taken prisoner, captured and sold. Their childfren grew up in strange lands, the objects of contempt and hostility because their complexions were different. I am not ashamed to say though I may expose myself to ridicule in saying so, that once I have witnessed the redemption of the Jewsw, my own people, I wish also to assist in the redemption of the Africans."

The Arab/Moslem slave trade is alive and well. So much for yor arguement about white Jews. Your ignorance and that of your friends, is quite apalling. I await your translation of the same book about Zionism.
23:12 November 24, 2011 by xexon
Once again, I invite you to show evidence that I hate Jews. I treat everyone as an equal. But I've no no love for the zionist movement. It's a racist hyper-nationalistic cancer upon true Judaism.

Anti white? I AM white. Nordic/Irish

My point is that the poor treatment of Jews around the world is directly linked to the actions of zionist controlled Israel. In Sweden, it's somewhat different because you're trying to preserve a national identity as to what a Swede "is". Jews are Swedes too. Why would anyone have a problem with that?

13:49 November 25, 2011 by guliver

Like you have as Irish the right to live in Irland,so the Jewish people have the right togo back home and to establish his own state,this is the basis of all Palestinian-
15:55 November 25, 2011 by xexon
Jews are a religion. You don't transmit religion by DNA. You're no more a people than Catholics or Mormons. You're not a race. Before Judaism, there were no Jews.

There are also Japanese and Chinese Jews. They no more belong in the Middle East than the European converts who represent the face of modern Judaism in the west. The original Jews were Hebrew. Semites native to the area and they looked like Arabs and North Africans.

I understand the attraction to Israel based upon religious belief. Muslims and Christians also suffer from this. But it doesn't entitle you to go there and take land away from those who were already there.

Under the zionists, Israel is to be all Jewish. Even non zionist Jews will not be welcome there. Because Israel was founded as a zionist state.

It does NOT represent world Jewry.

If you wish to play the religious card, Jews are still supposed to be in exile. A homeland provided by this movement flies directly against that belief. Yes?

17:46 November 25, 2011 by guliver
Here you are wrong, Judaisim is a religion but the Jewish people exsist and it is not a question of DNA although a big genetic reacher that was done among samples of 12 millions Jews in the world showed clearly similarity in the DNA but it as I said nothing to do with what I wish to say,

A definition of people by international historians rules is:"a group of people who got the same land,the same history, the same language, and the same religion"

so it depends from where the history chain starts ,for us the people of Israel it starts 4000 years ago with Abrham who travelled from Iraq to Cnahan and goes on

with all the prophets and the kings to 70DC when the second temple falled and we were forced by the Romans in exile for 2500,but the connection with Israel did not stop for a moment all that period there was allways a Jewish community in Israel and in Jerusalem, in Passover the Jews allways pray the next year in Jerusalem,Zion is the biblic name of Israel and the Zionistic movment wastitled by this name to show the connection with Israel the Hebrew language exsisted before 2500 years if you come with me to Jerusalem national museum I can easly read for you the oldest rolls from Kumran written in Hebrew by the Jews there 3000 years ago..So as for the definition we are a group of people who got the same history on the same land the same language and the same religion ,if some one wants to convert to Judaisim and he is not Jew he can do it but the religion do not incourge it.

About semitic yes or no ? no question about the belong of the Jewish people to the Semitic race together with their cousins the arabs."Jews will suppose to stay in exile?" who decided it? it is not written in the bible,during 3000 of exile the Jews were too weak to realizze their national aspirations so many ultra religious groups came with such theories,and yes after 3000 in exile not all the people who lived in differnt people look the same,but they did not stop to believe in their national goal to come from exile and to create their state

on this historical basis the UN decided on 29.11.47 with resolution 181 on the partition of Palestine in two states a Jewish one and an arab one
18:50 November 25, 2011 by motti
Xexon, your stating that poor treatment of Jews is directly linked to the Zionistcontrol of Israel. How can you be so pig ignorant. You have no idea of any historical truths whatsoever. You just keep the same kind of hateful and ignorant posted. Come on man, show some originality for a change.

Who are you to confirm what a Jew is? You make many non factual and racist statements and accusations, which are always answered. Yet, you choose NOT to answer anything and ignore the implications, unless it's with another stupid accusation. This does nothing for the quality of your arguement.

Do you understand the meaning of the word Zionist. Do you know where Mount Zion is located? Were you aware of this mount? Abraham was the first Jew and Zionist in one sense. He left his father's household and destroyed the idols. Moses was also a Jew and a Zionist. Hertzl was a modern Zionist. Yet, you are surmising that Jews don't belong in the middle east. where on earth do you obtain your ideas? Are you high on substances when you post these articles?

If Israel is to be only for Zionist Jews, please explain why 20% of the population are non Jewish.

Jewish people are defined by many things. My genes as a white Jew ( a Cohen) are the same as that of black Jews of the Lemba tribe in modern day Zimbabwe. By your statements, these people should not be Jews? Yes, Jews are in northeast India/Burma and have also been discovered in rural Spain, where recently modernisation has brought electricity and TV.

Xexon, you really have nothing to add in what could and should be an exercise in discussing politics. I have mentioned this before, time and again. You and your ilk need to read historical and factual observations, ask questions, absorb the information. Perhaps one day, you will grow up to be an intelligent person. Until then......... Oh by the way, my best friend for many years was a Jesuit educated Irish Catholic, with two brothers who were priests. They learned a lot of facts from me, which differed from what they were taught in /sunday school.
20:43 November 25, 2011 by guliver

Thanks again for your post

I really do not understand if Xexon is ignorant and does not know the history ,or he knows the history but distorte the facts and invent un exsisting facts to stand his ideas

So and so the result is the same ,he is kind of Jew hater and unfortuntly not the only one,these people exactly are those who let the Nazional Soscialism in Germay come to power and then doing our families all terribile events we shell never forget .

Good Saterday
22:28 November 25, 2011 by xexon
I suggest you Google the following, as any attempt to post links here gets nabbed by their spam filter.

Let Jews who are opposed to zionism tell you in their own words "why".


Neturei Karta


And I'm still awaiting evidence as to why I should hate Jews. As for the nazis, it weren't baptists that collaborated with them. It was Herzl zionists. The SAME people who founded modern Israel.

You see Israel as a Jewish homeland. I see it as a trap for Jews. Because they're going to finish what the nazis started. Only this time, it's going to be an inside job...

11:24 November 26, 2011 by guliver

you do not need evidence for the fact you hate Jews,you "just support the elimination of the Jewish state of Israel" including my family and children"

Yes among 12 millions Jews in the world and even in Israel there are small groups of ultra orthodox Jews who are against the establishment of Israel ,they live their life in their neighbourhood in Jerusalem but still get services like health and social help from the government, they believe that all Israel from Euprat till El Arish will return to Jewish hands only and just when the Messiah will come ,so they are still waitting to him , but this group is only a few hunderds people and express in no way the wish of the majority of the Jews.

And I do not understand from where in the history you learnt that the Jews were collabrated with the Nazis the Nazis murded all the Jews not important if he was religious ,atheist, communist, right winger,university Prof, a store handlerand even when he already converted to Christianity they looked at the Church books and then sent him to Auschwizim,but if you wish to know about colloboration with Hitler please read about the Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin El Husseini that in 1941 met with Hitler and discussed with him about the stermination of the Jews in Palestine ,these things that you support now.

More then that Hitler created militant muslem fascites groups in Juguslavia who conduce the Jews of Juguslavia to death.

If you take the history of the Jewish people you can see that it was a small people very unified in his culture and religion , the danger was never among the Jews ,they allways protected each other in Israel and all over the world , the danger came and come over and over from not Jews and other people around the world ,and in Israel case the arabs who tried to eliminate us.

Yes Xexon you just give a wrong and false interptation to the Jewish people and in case of the collaboration with the Nazies you lie.
12:48 November 26, 2011 by motti
Guliver, you, Uncle and others answer the ridiculous and malicious accusations against the Jews/Zionism/Israel so well. In direct contrast to the likes of xexon, Iraniboy and their ilk who are unable to respond with real facts.

The Bosnian Moslem SS members- no recognition. The Grand Mufti and Hitler - no recognition. Jews do not belong in the middle east. Well if that is not Jew hating, what is?

One can also Google to find some very prominent Arabs, including ex Moslems who were taught to hate Israel and nowe realize what hate did to them. They now support Israel, as do many Moslems , who are also too scared to acknowledge this publicly.

Naturei Karta. They are a tiny segment who are against Israel because the Messiah had not been involved.

Jews against Zionism/Israel A small but prominent group usually in the arts. Most have turned their backs on Judaism to accept the religion of International Socialism. Of course, we don't know if they are all genuine or not. Maxwell of England is a good example. A Czech penniless Jew who fought in the British Army against the nazis. Became a major, later a socilaist Israelphilic politician and a Lord. He was buried in Israel with high ranking officials in presence. Makes you think?

Xexon, your inability to answer any questons with factsn and only able to respond with accusation and further stupid questions/facts prove the point that is always made against you. You are just ignorant. Unfortunately, you have chosen not to try learning facts and just continue with your hate. Guliver and now I, have given proof as to why you hate Jews. Quaestion answered. Now try and answer our questions. Just like Iraniboy, he and you are of a similar nature. I am still waiting for acknowledgement of the Green Islamic map of the world, and the meaning of the word Dhimmie.

What's wrong, scared of upsetting the many Swedes on this site? tut tut, where is your courage?

To all Jewish contributors, a shabbat shalom
14:11 November 26, 2011 by guliver
Thanks again Motti

As Xexon is Irish I would lik to refresh his own memory about his country:

1.Mr.Oliver Saint John Gogarti-wrote 2 anti semitic articles in the Shein Finn Journal with the editor Arthur Griffith.

2.Amon de Valira the Irish Premier during the 2ww was Pro Hitler.

3.1904 an Irish Priest asked a complete boycott of the Jewish stores he succssed in preventing the Christian from buying in Jewish stores for 2 years.

4.the pogrom of Lyrik in 1884 in which the people of the city hit a Jewish woman and burnt her house.

6.Anti Israeli propaganda today in Ireland incourging and supporting Palestinian terror activies against us.

7.View all said above ,one can understand Xexon your attitude towards Israel and the Jews.
20:09 November 26, 2011 by motti
Guliver there have been several letters to the Jewish News in London about Ireland. You must appreciate that this was a very "Catholic" country still enmeshed with Jew hating paedophilic priests. That's one reason why they backed the Arabs especially the paedophilic Jew hating Arafat.

When Hitler died, de Valera the Irish PM sent a condolences to the Nazi German authorities. At the same time of course, many Irish people srerved in the Brit army against the Nazis.

Xexon is unable to put two sentences together in order to maintain any factual arguement. He is very ignorant and like I placed above, he and his ilk are unable to anser questions at all, only to accuse further, without any thought of truth, honsty, facts etc. Guliver, Kol hakavod lekha! Shavua tova
21:15 November 26, 2011 by guliver
Thanks again Motti

That historical facts about Ireland and the Jews that you mention I did not know,

I read once that they kept neutrality during the war but did not let Jewish refuggie to get secure place during the war ,as for example Sweden did.

Any way you see that our fight for our right to exsist on this earth have not chaned for the last 4000 years,in Israel or abroad.

Have a nice new week"ha mavdil ben kodesh le hol"
14:27 November 28, 2011 by motti
Guliver, metzuyan

The Irish government was pro Nazi and of course anti British. so much so, that Nazis could find refuge in Irish waters, Vritish ships had to steer clear of Ireland, this leaving a big gap for theUBoats to attack shipping.

I lived/worked in Norway and rented a flat in Oslo owned by 2 sisters. Both sisters were active in herlping Norwegian Jews escape to Swede,

1/ Sweden was neutral and traded with both Nazis and Allies.

2/ Sweden allowed the Wehrmacht to pass through Sweden from Norway to Finland to battle the Russia

3/Sweden, unlike the majority of european countries allowed real refugees, i.e. people escaping the death camps, the Jews into the country withoput hindrance.

No matter how pro Arab the government and elite are, we can never forget what Sweden did for us between 1939-45. Unlike some other immigrants, we would never think for one second of murdering citizens of the country we live in. No doubt Iraniboy, Xexon and the other Jew haters will find difficult to agree withis synopsis.

Guliver, I am sure ordinary Swedes who wasnt to learn facts are very pleased to read of your accounts of life from Israel. This is one way, Israelis can get the message through, unlike the BBC, CNN, NRK, RT. France24, Euronews etc.

Lehitraot Khaver Am Yisrael Khai. Hayiti be totkhanim 1973!
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