Police target burglary crime wave

On the night between Saturday and Sunday police in Halland, in southern Sweden, directed their efforts towards catching robbers. The area has been hard hit by a recent wave of burglaries, and the police's efforts were successful.

Police target burglary crime wave

“We got a hit. Four people have been arrested, and quite a lot of stolen goods have been found,” said Johan Johansson, officer on duty at the Halland police force, to news agency TT.

The arrest was followed by a thorough search of a car and a house. The police also suspect narcotics offenses.

The Halland police focused the night’s stake-out on Melbystrand and Knäred, the neighbourhoods that have been hardest hit by the recent crime wave. Suspicion arose when they saw a group of people outside a car, and this led to the arrest and the search.

All four arrested were already known by the police.

Halland is one of the regions in Sweden which has been suffering most from the recent wave of break-ins.

“We’ve had twelve burglaries just since Saturday noon,” said Johan Johansson on the night between Saturday and Sunday.

He hopes that this arrest will lead to some of these being solved.

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Seal pups ‘abandoned’ on Swedish beach

Small and fuzzy seal pups currently lining southern Swedish beaches have caused quite a stir, as many concerned callers to the police have worried that the pups have been helplessly abandoned on the beach.

Seal pups 'abandoned' on Swedish beach

The seals are no cause for concern however, reported local newspaper Hallands Nyheter.

“There’s nothing strange at all about seal pups being on their own at this time of year,” said Magnus Bartholdsson of the Halland police force to Hallands Nyheter.

“Either the mother is out fishing, or she’s rejected the pups because they’re old enough to get by on their own, and they will be just fine as long as nobody touches them,” Bartholdsson explained.

This isn’t the first time that the lonely little pups have caused confusion, and Halland’s police force is accustomed to dealing with the many calls from the public.

“The same thing happens every year around this time. People don’t understand that mamma seal is out fishing, and that she doesn’t dare return to her pup because people are standing too close by, watching them,” said police officer Stefan Dahlhielm to the TT news agency.

He advises curious bystanders to stay a couple of hundred metres away, so that the seals can calmly return to take care of their pups.

“The kids are big enough now to lie on the beach and wait for their mothers. It’s perfectly natural,” Dahlhielm said.