Violent fight sends two women to hospital

Two young women were taken to hospital and two were detained by police after a violent fight erupted in Örebro, in central Sweden, on Wednesday.

Violent fight sends two women to hospital

“It was several girls fighting each other. They were all in their twenties. Two were taken to hospital by ambulance, but their injuries are not life-threatening,” said Kenneth Johanesson of the Örebro police to local paper Nerikes Allehanda (NA).

Officers patrolling the area in a police car first spotted the fight shortly after 10pm on Wednesday night in the Vivalla district of the city.

Two of the women managed to escape the scene before the police had a chance to get to them. However, they were later brought in for questioning and after police had spoken to them, one was arrested.

“The assault was serious enough to be viewed as serious. It consisted of both kicks and punches. One of the women is held on suspicion of attempted aggravated assault. She is said to have been making lunges with the knife,” Johanesson told the paper.

According to a statement from the hospital, the two women treated there didn’t have any serious injuries.

However, police told NA that one had been beaten to the ground and then kicked in the head. There were also minor injuries caused by a knife.

It is not yet known if the scuffle was a planned attempt to settle a score between the women.

“For some reason the women had made plans to meet there in Vivalla. But we don’t know exactly why as of yet,” said Johanesson to the paper.

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Several injured in Stockholm ‘sports fans’ bar brawl

A number of people sustained injuries after fighting broke out at a bar in Stockholm’s Östermalm district on Saturday.

Several injured in Stockholm 'sports fans' bar brawl
File photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

Duty officer Mikael Pettersson with Stockholm’s police central command said sports fans were involved in the violent incident.

“There has been talk of up to one hundred people being involved. It appears to have been sports fans,” Pettersson told TT on Saturday night.

Several police patrol cars and ambulances were present at the location of the incident on the Karlavägen street in the Swedish capital at around 10:45pm on Saturday.

“There were people who needed medical attention. It is unclear whether anyone was hospitalized or whether they were all treated at the scene,” Pettersson said. One person was later reported to have received hospital treatment.

Many of the people involved in the incident fled from the scene as police arrived, TT reports.

One person was placed under arrest as a result of the violence, Pettersson said in the early hours of Sunday.

Police transported around 40 people out of central Stockholm in order to “cool things down a bit,” he told TT.

Police are investigating the incident as rioting, disorder and criminal damage.

No major damage was sustained to the bar, but a nearby vehicle was damaged during the fighting, according to police.