Cops finger fox in ‘copy-cat’ rabbit robberies

Police hunting for a bunny burglar believed to have pinched 11 pet rabbits since the New Year in Säffle in northern Sweden have found their first suspect – a fox, but residents remain unconvinced the culprit has four legs.

Cops finger fox in 'copy-cat' rabbit robberies

On Friday night, a resident of Säffle heard a commotion from the garage where his pet rabbit lived behind a caged fence.

After rushing to the room and opening the door, a startled fox allegedly dashed past him, according to the local Värmlands Folkblad newspaper.

The rabbit lay in its cage, bitten to death.

Police now suspect that the cunning fox may be responsible for the string of missing rabbits that has left many pet owners in shock and investigators baffled.

One anonymous resident even offered ‘a few thousand kronor’ to an animal welfare group in Säffle to be used as a reward for information leading to the capture of the suspected pet pilferer.

Despite the discovery of the recent fox-induced bunny fatality, some local residents disagree with the local police’s theory that the fox is to blame.

Diana Strömsmoen, whose pet bunny Molly was the first victim in the recent slew of robberies, refused to attribute her pet’s disappearance to a fox.

“There was a tiny hole in the corner of the cage, maybe big enough to squeeze two or three fingers through, but there’s no way it was big enough for a fox… it couldn’t be,” she told The Local.

Strömsmoen added that the door on Molly’s empty cage was definitely shut, and could not possibly have been the work of a four-legged predator.

“This whole thing is a real mystery,” she said.

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