Shots fired in daring carjacking drama

Two armed assailants prompted an intense police chase during which at least one shot was fired following a brazen carjacking on a highway roadside in central Sweden on Tuesday night.

The a man and a woman, both armed with guns, suddenly appeared on the side of route 40 near Axamo outside of Jönköping and managed to flag down a passing car.

The woman driving the car thought the two men needed assistance following an accident, but instead found herself being forced away from her vehicle at gun point.

The suspects then drove off, leaving the woman stranded.

Police eventually gave chase and opened fire when the suspects suddenly veered their vehicle toward a police car that was attempting to stop them, the local Jönköpings-Posten newspaper reported.

It remains unclear if the shot fired by police hit the car, but the suspects continued their journey a bit further before police eventually managed to stop the car.

“I can confirm that a shot was fired, but no one was hurt,” police spokesperson Maghus Roman told the TT news agency.

While the man, aged 45, was arrested Tuesday night, while the woman, 35, remained at large until she turned herself in Wednesday morning.

Both suspects have a criminal past and have substance abuse problems, according to police.

While most carjackings involve exclusive, luxury brands or cars which are hard to steal by other means, Tuesday night’s drama invloved a six-year-old Opel Astra.

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