Swedish boss let pet poo in office: report

Swedish boss let pet poo in office: report
The dog in the picture is not the dog in the article.
A company environmental health representative has reported a transport company in Sweden after the manager’s pet dog was found treating the staff room as a toilet, outraging workers.

“The boss has his dog in the building, where it both urinates and defecates on the carpet,” wrote the company’s staff-appointed environmental health representative (skyddsombud) in a request for action.

The incident was reported after the officer’s visit to the company, Scandinavian Avionics AB in Sturups, southern Sweden, on January 10th.

When the representative addressed the boss and suggested that the hairy hound was not appropriate for the workplace, the boss responded “In this company, we have a dog, and that’s that,” according to the document.

The company had not provided employees with a suitable lunchroom either, and staff were forced to share a make-shift lunchroom with the dog – essentially just a large table in an empty office.

According to the report, the chairs are now covered in dog hair and the floors are sullied.

Staff have complained several times that the excess of dog hair is a problem in the working environment, but the complaints have so far fallen on deaf ears.

The representative requested that the company be cleaned of all dog hair, and that another arrangement be found for the dog’s whereabouts. He also demanded that a suitable staff room be arranged for personnel to eat.

If the requested action is unsatisfactory, the representative threatened to take the matter further to Sweden’s Work Environment Authority (Arbetsmiljöverket).

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