Gun-wielding threats no grounds for eviction

Gun-wielding threats no grounds for eviction
A Swedish man who responded to his neighbours’ requests that he turn his music down by pointing a gun at them has been allowed to stay in the building, despite the potential exodus of the other residents.

“A settlement is always a settlement. That wasn’t our goal in the first place,” said Anders Nilsson, CEO for landlord Skurupshem to local paper Skånskan, adding that coming to an agreement was at least a step in the right direction.

According to the paper, Skurupshem had wanted to evict the man last autumn for threatening neighbours with a gun after the complained that a party got out of hand in the early hours of the morning.

The man and one of his friends were arrested by police and his gun was seized. When the man was released the day after, he allegedly shouted to his flabbergasted neighbours that he would kill them.

In the report to the Rent and Tenancy Tribunal (Hyresnämnden) Skurupshem said that the man is guilty of “serious offences” due to making the other tenants feel scared and worried.

In the wake of the incident, many residents requested to move apartments.

But as the man was never convicted of any offence, he has reached an agreement with the landlord which, according to the paper, means that he can stay on in the flat but with a shorter notice period of one month, rather than the standard three months.

A tenant being evicted is not something that happens often. At Skurupshem, Nilsson believes the interval to be around 15 years between cases severe enough to warrant eviction.

“It is an extreme measure,” Nilsson told Skånskan.

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