Swedish cop sacked and fined for flashing staff

Swedish cop sacked and fined for flashing staff
A police chief in southern Sweden found guilty of sexually molesting several women, after he allegedly exposed himself to them and touched their breasts, at a police station in Malmö has lost his job and will be forced to pay a hefty fine.

The charges are based on testimony given by eight women employed at the station as cleaners.

Three of the women alleged that the officer touched their breasts on several different occasions, sometimes in connection with other close bodily contact that they claimed “violated their sexual integrity”.

All the women testified that the man has been overly tactile, that he massaged their shoulders and touched them in an inappropriate way.

The officer was also found guilty of showing himself naked to the cleaners in the station showers in a premeditated way. He allegedly always chose a cubicle without a door, stood at the hand basin naked while shaving, and sometimes walked naked to the toilets.

According to the paper, the officer agreed he sometimes did this but claims that it is the cleaners’ own fault for turning up at the premises before the stipulated cleaning times, which was 8am.

The man also claims that the whole thing is a set-up instigated by his ex-wife and a female colleague, who were in cahoots, and had managed to get other women to report him.

Some of the man’s colleagues have testified that he did usually do his nude shower routine before 8am, but the court found the cleaners’ testimony more credible.

The man’s theories regarding his ex-wife and colleagues were seen as fabrication.

The man will now have to pay a fine of 7,500 kronor ($1,107) as well as losing his employment.

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