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'Force' municipalities to receive refugee children: minister

TT/Clara Guibourg · 22 Apr 2012, 12:56

Published: 22 Apr 2012 12:56 GMT+02:00

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“Even though the number of cooperative municipalities is rising steadily, we still don’t have enough spaces,” Billström said to SR.

Today, 235 of Sweden’s 290 municipalities have a deal with the Migration Board, agreeing to receive a number of unaccompanied children.

Billström is now suggesting to make this deal mandatory for all municipalities, a change he wants to see come into effect before the next general election in 2014.

How the minister’s suggestion will be received in the Riksdag remains to be seen, but several municipalities are strongly critical.

“We can’t take all this responsibility on our own. The government can’t just make laws and then not send us enough money. We’ve got several other things, schools and elderly care, to take responsibility for,” Göran Dahlström told SR.

Dahlström is the social democratic head of Katrineholm, one of the municipalities which has no current deal with the Migration Board.

Another issue pointed out is what sort of reception the children are given.

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“Pedagogically and psychologically, it’s not much fun to arrive to a municipality where you aren’t welcome,” said Per Åhdén in Skellefteå, one of the municipalities which accept most unaccompanied refugee children.

Last year 2,657 unaccompanied refugee children came to Sweden, an unusually high number.

TT/Clara Guibourg (news@thelocal.se)

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14:18 April 22, 2012 by kirub
Good politics in key areas.
14:42 April 22, 2012 by EtoileBrilliant
Isn't anyone asking the obvious question? Why are they bringing in record numbers of UMs when the immigration experiment is showing signs of falling apart at the seams?
15:00 April 22, 2012 by jan.petras
Children don't count in this area. They are always a good investment.
15:45 April 22, 2012 by Kublai
How do you define a refugee child in Sweden? Male in the age between 16 and 30 years old.
16:09 April 22, 2012 by libertarianism
As perhaps seen with the recent asylum home rape article, the state has a problem defining who is a child and who is an adult. For most people, "child" is generally used to reference prepubescent humans. However, other sources have argued that ensamkommande barn are often in their late teens and early twenties even, and thus, not really "children". It has furthermore been argued that some of these, often young men (?), pay for entry into Sweden. What does Billström say about this? The rape article said three MEN raped... One of those three was under 18. Was he an ensamkommande barn?

Why does Billström think it's okay for läns to torture, maim, and kill the sick and elderly in order to finance MV's ambitions? And what of people housed in problem asylum homes where läns don't have resources for extra security to protect residents? The recent "rape" asylum home has a history of violence, drug-trafficing, and arson. What kind of place is this to house anyone? What does Billström say about this?

Tuburculosis (TB) is also on the rise in Sweden bc the state brings people from highly endemic areas and doesn't bother to test and treat them. So individuals infected with TB may become quite sick themselves, but even if they are asymtpomatic, they are carriers and may spread TB. What does Billström say about this?

Good for Dahlström for standing against MV's reckless agenda. My body is permanetly mutilated because Swedish politicians did not think my life and my body was worthy of the taxes my family's paid for healthcare. I hope history, at least, remembers Billström and others as the torturers and murderers they are. Let Billström linger ill with no healthcare. Let Billström have TB with no treatment. Let Billström live in a highrise with constant arson. Let Billström be gang raped. Politicians never live the policies they inflict upon us.
16:14 April 22, 2012 by Grokh
the municipalities are refusing because they have their hands full with the ones that came before.

swedens wants to help everyone but that doesnt happen by just bringing them here, a lot of people that do arrive here sometimes wont integrate and some live as if they are still in their own country.

it is also ilogical to try and bring more and more kids when the ones that are already here are not being really taken care of from the aspect of integration.

it is stupid to think that sweden can take on everyone from anywhere in the world and make them live better here. a lot of these people end up hating sweden, and sweden neither takes good care of the ones that came before nor the swedish people themselves.

A lot of bad parents around here :S
16:34 April 22, 2012 by johan rebel
Refugee what?!? Children? Oh, come on, gimme a break!
19:19 April 22, 2012 by lapua338
The fact of the matter is that many Swedes take exception to the number of refugees.

It's an invasion by stealth.

The answer is no more as Sweden needs to prioritise resources to take care of it's own citizens.
20:38 April 22, 2012 by Migga
The refugee children in these cases are mostly 16-17 year olds and males. So it`s young adults and not kids. The reason that we get mostly late teens is because it`s just under the age of 18, which is the age of beeing an adult legaly in Sweden, so anyone that is older but wanna pass as a kid say that they are 17 or 16. The reason they do this is because it`s easier to be allowed to stay in Sweden as a kid then an adult, and you get more benefits.

So these "refugees" scam their way into taking spots while the real kids are stuck in the warzones.
21:49 April 22, 2012 by Swedishmyth
It's interesting that mass welfare immigration doesn't seem to be supported by the majority of the Swedish populace, yet political parties continue to be able to maintain that policy through election after election.

It makes me wonder about the size and autonomy of the Swedish bureaucracy.
23:26 April 22, 2012 by DAVID T
Easy to sort out - stop letting them in
23:34 April 22, 2012 by Svensksmith
If it's such a good thing, why is force necessary?
02:43 April 23, 2012 by Spuds MacKenzie
What are these 55 municipalities that are refusing more refugees? That's where I wanna live! :)
07:43 April 23, 2012 by Frobobbles
If they just followed the principle of first asylum country, that is used in all of EU, none of these 'children' would be allowed to seek asylum in Sweden in the first place.
09:05 April 23, 2012 by Scambaiter
Why does the forum attached to every article at the Local vaguely related to immigration become immediately infested with the same dozen or so Anglo bigots and misguided Sweden Democrat ingrates spouting hyperbolic nonsense like "the immigration experiment is showing signs of falling apart at the seams" and "mass welfare immigration doesn't seem to be supported by the majority of the Swedish populace".

What a bunch of Breivik-style losers.
10:10 April 23, 2012 by Borilla

It is not necessary to be a racist or a Sweden Democrat to see that immigration is a problem. Since the Sweden is allegedly a democracy, the majority's voice needs to be heard. Unfortunately, between loudmouths on both the left and right, it is difficult to determine what the majority wants. Unpopular policies which are crammed down the throat of municipalities do not improve the situation. Clearly, this is an unpopular policy. Your view is no less Brevik-style than that of a Sweden Democrat. It simply takes the opposite position and assumes that it is correct.
11:18 April 23, 2012 by Rishonim
Those are not children. From the article one would think these are little 6 and 8 year old kids who just happen to land in Sweden by their own will. These are young men in their late teens and early 20s and they have paid hefty sums to get here. It is time to put a stop to this madness and make arrangements with their countries of origins so they can take them back. The cost for supporting each of those young men is close to 2M SEK/year once you factor administrative, personnel, medical and housing cost.
12:32 April 23, 2012 by Scambaiter

Immigration isn't a "problem" at all where I live - in a multicultural suburb of Stockholm - nor in any of the other suburbs of Stockholm that I've frequented. It may well be a "problem" in other parts of Sweden (probably in a few white-bread holes in Scania).

It certainly becomes a problem when a handful of haters and losers who are generally dissatisfied with their own lives - unemployed, frustrated, bored, afraid, or whatever - spread their ignorance and prejudice on the Internet or in their own communities. In other words, the real problem is intolerance and ignorance.

"Since the Sweden is allegedly a democracy, the majority's voice needs to be heard"...and it HAS been heard... in the last election, when the vast majority, most of whom abhor the policies of the Sweden Democrats and any other similar political trojan horses, voted for other parties...over 85% I believe.

Multiculturalism is here to stay so you'd better get with the program.

In the meantime, it's also a fact that the majority of forum users at the Local aren't Swedish residents, so what are they doing here if not stirring up trouble?

12:51 April 23, 2012 by libertarianism
Scambaiter = Nazi
13:08 April 23, 2012 by RobinHood

"Immigration isn't a "problem" at all where I live - in a multicultural suburb of Stockholm - nor in any of the other suburbs of Stockholm that I've frequented."

I suspect the Swedish taxpayers, groaning under the dead weight of these vast and ever-increasing sink holes, might disagree. The problem with those "haters and losers" taxpayers is that they occasionally get to vote and, as happened in France yesterday, they tend to vote against the multi culturalism "program" in huge and ever-increasing numbers (one in five in France I believe).

Suddenly, you see, immigration is a problem after all. Many of those who pay for it object to being called "L-O-S-E-R-S", and insist on voting for any old right-wing loony who promises to put a stop to it all. Mainstream parties desperate to hang on to their own support shift towards anti-immigration policies too (Sarkozy).

Until you find a tax paying electorate prepared to finance massive quantities of people who seem intent on making no meaningful contribution to society themselves, and at the same time, don't mind being called "L-O-S-E-R-S" this problem will only get much worse - far-right parties increase their vote every election all over Europe these days. Sooner or later, one of them is actually going to get elected, and all those "L-O-S-E-R-S" are going to be winners.

Then what?
13:36 April 23, 2012 by Scambaiter
Libertarianism = meddling loser. Take your teabags and stuff 'em where the sun don't shine.

RobinHood...a common bandit if ever there was one.

"One in five" is 20% of the population, no matter how you spin it. 100% - 20% = 80%. And having lived in France for many years, I know what the score is in that country. JML-P was active for how many years?.. and the French National Front is no more popular now than it was 30 years ago. There will always be a minority of racists in France.

The simple fact is that far-right racists and bigots always crawl out from under their stones during times of austerity...which is why they're called "missnöjespartier" in Swedish. 20 years ago it was the Nyliberaler, now it's the Sweden Democrats who are flavour of the month. Unlike you, the vast majority of people in Sweden (and Norway) are well-educated and tolerant. An important distinction.

The rest of your comment is total unadulterated nonsense and I honestly can't be bottomed to bicker with a bigot. You obviously have too much time on your hands...all of you. Unemployed? Retired folk?

Tell me... if you're man/woman enough...where do you live?
15:47 April 23, 2012 by Svensksmith
Another keyboard warrior spewing hate, making threats and calling names. What's the matter, scambaiter, imature...stupid????
16:45 April 23, 2012 by Uncle

"Immigration isn't a "problem" at all where I live - in a multicultural suburb of Stockholm - nor in any of the other suburbs of Stockholm that I've frequented."

Simple statistics in regards to crime, gang infestation, stolen/damaged cars and police calls per region could argue with that, however you, Scambaiter, do not come here to argue, do you? I mean, who in the world is judging an existence or lack of any problem by his own experience??? The biggest and meanest guy in Egyptian prison, surely thinks that it is the safest haven on earth…

You aren't actually going to listen to provable facts, go to links or bring forth arguments that shut down the opponents? You are here just to immaturely whine about racism and that the 80% who do not vote for the extreme right, embrace the beautiful immigration with open hands…

You are not going to admit that those who vote for Sarkozy who is backing filtering immiration, should be also added to the LOSERS statistics…

What you are going to do is to add a bit of a variety to our swearing vocabulary and throw a bit of slogans that do not really impress anybody. So looking 10 posts forward…. Is it worth it? Is it really worth insulting and getting insulted for the next few days? Think about it…
18:31 April 23, 2012 by Greysuede
None of them are genuine and Sweden is tackling with them since the post World War.
18:53 April 23, 2012 by Uncle
Any refugees should be brought with accordance to the ability of the country.

The government is making a decision to accept refugee (let's imagine) children. It should create incentives to the municipalities in form of tax reduction or budget increases and not force them to solve the problems that it causes, without any support. Especially that it is clear that the municipalities that accept these waves of refugees, bury themselves into long run problems like lowering of the real estate prices, schools quality decrease and general economic decrease of the region that leads to unemployment and crime, which turns into a snow ball. Skåne and Västra Götaland have great example of accepting whatever swedish government managed to dig from the deepest holes in deserts.

I would actually invest into negotiating with the UN to enforce neighboring to the crisis countries to accept the refugees, which they MUST do according to international law.
20:41 April 23, 2012 by Spuds MacKenzie
@Uncle Exactly. Why aren't the neighboring counties on these so-called "crisis zones" taking on the refugees? Why is always Sweden and other European countries? It seems as if we are being punished.
22:11 April 23, 2012 by Scambaiter
"Another keyboard warrior spewing hate, making threats and calling names. What's the matter, scambaiter, imature...stupid????"

LOL!..such priceless irony.

First of all, every other media in Sweden has reported this story as "asylsökande barn och unga", which doesn't translate to "refugee children" at all...so as usual the kneejerking xenophobes on this forum are barking up the wrong tree in their eagerness to spout their vile rhetoric.

Then bobs your uncle starts quoting non-existent "simple statistics" as if that proves diddly squat.

The far right and its minions like to claim that crime and rape didn't exist in Sweden in "the good old days before mass immigration".

No indeedy, instead we had Sven Svenne in his stuga getting ratfaced on moonshine and beating up his wife and kids. Paedophilia and homophobia didn't exist of course, back in the good old days either. Nor murder, bank robbery, car theft, drug crimes, etc etc. Each and every Swede that has ever walked this earth is a law-abiding citizen who never drinks and drives, fiddles his taxes or works on the never-never.

What a crock.

Enough of the damn lies and stastitics. Let's have a cursory glance at the top 10 list of most notorious murderers and mass rapists in Sweden in the last 20 years and see how many immigrants there are.

Mattias Flink - worse mass murderer in Swedish history (Swedish)

John Ausonius - the original laserman (Swedish)

Helge Fossmö - psycho priest (Swedish)

Tomas Quick - serial killer (Swedish)

Anders Eklund - serial killer (Swedish)

Jackie Arklöv - Balkan mercenary and police murderer (adopted to Sweden as a 3-year-old)

Niklas Lindgren - Hagamannen, second worse serial rapist in Swedish history (Swedish)

Hampus Hellekant - neo-Nazi murderer (obviously Swedish)

Peter Mangs - the Malmö laserman (Swedish)

Niklas Eliasson - the worst mass rapist in Swedish history (Swedish)

Now why am I not surprised?
22:21 April 23, 2012 by Just_Kidding
If they were afraid of their children's safety in a war torn country, they would send their daughters. If they want to plant a plant for future economic gains, they would send their sons. Can MV provide details of the gender of the submitted kids?
22:37 April 23, 2012 by Uncle
Mmm scambaiter. You are getting onto a slippery slope... OK

Let's say that since we post on The Local, we believe The Local. Here we see that immigrants stand behind 25% of all crime investigations. They are 500% more likely than a swede with 2 swedish born parents to be investigated for sex crimes and 300% more likely to be investigated for violent assault.


Travel agencies advise tourists to avoid Råsengård and Lindänge

Foreign nationals (those who still did not get a swedish passport) represent 29% of swedish prison population and 6% of the TOTAL population. Therefore foreigners are 520% more likely to end up in prison than a swede. Middle easterners are 6,6 times as likely to end up in prison. African citizens are 10,9 more likely to enjoy swedish prisons.

Everything is here:


Sweden does not allow to have statistics for origins of prisoners and therefore stats for non-citizens only are available.

In regards to serial killers. White middle aged men are indeed more likely to be serials. That is a fact. However, in their sum, these serial killers and rapists did not even scratch the amounts of victims of refugees and immigrants. A fact that we "have our own criminals" does not encourage to bring more people who are HUNDREDS of times more likely to end up in prisons than the locals.
00:06 April 24, 2012 by Scambaiter
Bob's your Uncle...your statistics are laughable, twisted straight off the SD website. I could tear them to pieces without even breaking a sweat.

At most they prove that "immigrants" are more discriminated by the police and their investigators than native Swedes, and that immigrants are more economically deprived than native Swedes...which is hardly surprising really.

Not only that...it depends on what your definition of "immigrant" is. My definition is a foreign citizen that is resident in Sweden such as myself...the irony being that I've lived here 22 years and I'm still classed as an "invandrare".

But your stats include Baltic and Latin American gangs and other scumbags that target Sweden and other Europeans countries for their crime sprees...transients and not immigrants at all. It's typical missnöje spin.

Then you single out two areas in Sweden that travel agencies advise tourists not to visit -- a joke in itself because how many tourists would visit Peckham in London or Compton? --- and conveniently ignore the literally thousands of well-integrated multicultural communities such as my own where everyone gets on fine...the native Swedes, Latin Americans, Finnish, Romanies, Iraqi refugees etc etc.

I know it because I live it.

In fact the biggest "spongers" on society in the part of town that I live aren't the refugees and immigrants that start their own businesses, or work as taxi drivers and cleaners, but the working-class Swedes who think that the world owes them a living, the welfare mums, the alcoholics and junkies...most of whom are Swedish or Finnish.

You're just a typical Breivik case....haters and losers who are fundamentally dissatisfied with their own lives - unemployed, unloved, frustrated, bored, afraid, or whatever ...desperately thrashing round for someone to scapegoat for your own inadequacies or unhappiness.

I pity you for your denial and self-denial. Sweden is a multicultural country now, so you'd better get used to it.... but it's still Sweden, and you can still indulge in your meaningless rituals like Lucia, kräftskivan and schlager.
00:56 April 24, 2012 by Uncle
If you would remove the incomprehensible babble from your speech, you would actually look like a person with something to say. SD being "the Local and kriminalvården", I suppose?

So you are saying that immigrants are more investigated by the police, because they are more discriminated? Do you have any proof of that? Do you have hundreds of cases of false accusations? Would be nice to look at.

These stats indeed include ALL foreigners, however a simple research could prove that immigrants in Holland, Belgium, France and Germany are quite a few times more likely to end up in prison (which surely is a direct proof of unjust judicial system, since immigrants are not capable of a crime of course).

There ARE no well integrated communities. There are but only ghettos that live in peace with each other. Families are escaping regions with immigrant majority, because they do not want for their kids to end up in these schools. The fact of the matter is that schools in Sweden magically "become" segregated. Property is way cheaper and insurance is way higher in the immigrant areas and this info I could also dig for you.

In regards to Breivik. He was employed and quite successful as a farmer. What is interesting is that you bring up him and not, say, Al Shabbab that skins people alive. Nor AL Qaida that beheads. Not all the reasons why these refugees EXIST in the first place. As I mentioned before, the " unemployed, unloved, frustrated, bored, afraid" policies are taught and promoted in the countries that produce these refugees. This is in the governmental level BUDGET there.

But it is fine by you. You would accept millions and millions "successfully integrating" immigrants. Hey, I just recalled another piece of statistics from SVT1 this time. More than 60% of the immigrants of Malmö between 18 and 35 y/o are unemployed.

OF COURSE is the fault of the horrible, frustrated and loser swedes and has nothing to do with these hardworking and brilliantly educated immigrants, but it shows quite well the integration level in the "thousands of areas" that I forgot to mention in my bigotry.

What I can do in the case of Sweden that I "should get used to" because scumbaiter says so (oops, an error in the nick) is stop the constant flow of these highly successful individuals and get used to my own alkis and rapists (who are 4 times less likely to rape than the wonderful refugees btw), who are indeed the majority of the "spongers", but not per capita, for your info.

So whether I could accept the policies of commies and islamists and "accept multicultural Sweden", or I could peacefully and democratically promote ideas that brought countries like Japan, Canada and Australia to a good immigration balance. I vote for the latter, as I am sure a lot of people in Sweden would agree with, when the matters are explained in a calm voice and without ridiculous methods of aggression, that just humiliate the speaker.
02:48 April 24, 2012 by Jeff10
@ Scambaiter:

This is an English-language site. So, please refrain from writing in gobbledygook.

Hey, pal, do you really think Japan has a "good immigration balance?" If yes, you know nothing. Japan is one of the most homogeneous countries in the world. There is almost zero chance that of a person who is less than 50% Japanese will ever obtain citizenship.
06:08 April 24, 2012 by calebian22
Statistics will always be disputed, because of bias of the statisticians or bias of those reading them. However, what cannot be disputed, is the rise of anti immigrant parties' percentages in governments all over Europe. Is this because Europeans are waking up and suddenly after years of being liberal socialists are realizing that they just hate immigrants, or is it because of what they are seeing on the ground? Half of SD's increase in the last election were registered Social Democrats and Moderates. This fact kind of flies in the face of the knee jerk apologist claim that SD are Nazis.
07:24 April 24, 2012 by Reason abd Realism
The question of how many immigrants and asylum seekers to allow into a country always generates a rather colourful set of posts.

One problem is that those who advocate keeping the number reasonable are accused of being racists. And yet however generous in spirit one considers oneself to be, Sweden cannot be expected to rev up the printing presses and mail out passports to every person in every financially or militarily troubled region on earth.

To me these numbers should be justified at the same time than an annual budget is presented in parliment each year, and be based on economic forecasts, and regional employment needs and shortages, for unskilled, semi skilled, and highly skilled workers and asylum seekers.

At the same time, a commitment to humanitarian assistance can be announced, which could either take the form of accepting asylum seekers, or perhaps far more efficiently (in terms of the numbers who can be helped for a fixed budget) participate in camps for temporarily displaced persons in countries adjacent to war zones.

Immigrants are often very hard working and dedicated to making a better life for themselves and their families. In Canada many years ago, there were (as there are every year) a number of highly vocal anti immigration critics, who worried that the immigrants were taking all the jobs away from Canadians, but then the Canadian government announced that they were actually not meeting their own immigration targets, based on their calculations of what was needed for healthy economic growth at that time.

So again, the 'right' number is not infiniti, but it is also not zero. If the government does any serious research on this, they have a responsibility publish this at the same time that they announce their yearly immigration and asylum allowances, and in years when the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of spaces, then a lottery based system should be used.
07:47 April 24, 2012 by rise
Vote for Sverigedemokraterna. There really aren't any other alternative parties - not for the question of the mass immigration. I do hope the election in 2014 will show Swedes' disgruntlement about the current mass import of humans.
07:53 April 24, 2012 by Uncle
"So, please refrain from writing in gobbledygook."

Oh, God, what a redneck...

Anyways, of course Japan has a perfect balance and nobody whines about them being nazis. Japanese have no social services in the European sense and their economic growth is non-existent. Therefore they do not accept immigration blindly listening to moronic slogans about friendship and "hard working people". They simply cannot afford these cute social experiments.

What is interesting, is that people like you, scambaiter, feel free with blaming others with racism and nazism, while Malmö is one of the most dangerous places to Jewish people in Europe. 80 verbal and physical attacks on Jews out of 700 population only in 2010. Given that many Jews are not seen as such, basically every obvious Jew was attacked in this city. And the population of Jews is shrinking at the rate of 5% per year.


This is your multuculturalism. You sacrifice one people on the account of the other. Given crime and employment rate of Jews, I am not sure that the trade is smart.
07:56 April 24, 2012 by Scambaiter
Dear oh dear...what a lot of complete cyber-saddos have infested what would otherwise be a very enjoyable site.

Girls, I'll post what I want when I want and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. As an immigrant and tax-paying entrepreneur in Sweden, I've most certainly have earned that right more than any of you.

Uncle...you're just a bitter posting hate and lies on the Internet....utterly beyond redemption. Nobody who matters is listening, pal, just other cyberbitters with too much time on their hands. I hope to God you don't ever get hold of a semi-automatic 9mm Glock 17 because innocents will surely suffer as they always dol.

I repeat...Immigration isn't a "problem" at all where I've for nearly 20 years - in a well-integrated multicultural suburb of Stockholm - one of literally hundreds all around the country. It's hardly my problem that it doesn't fit your xenophobic stereotype.

We'd like to keep it that way, if you don't mind, so keep the hell out of my neighburhood if you know what's good for you. Breivik types are persona non grata around here.
10:01 April 24, 2012 by Uncle
AAAND here we go.

Broke down and became personal. Lake all of you...I write about democratic ways to resolve challenges of this society and due to the lack of argumentation, leftist and islamists say the code word "Breivik". I write about attacks on Jews that remind very much the mid-thirties in Germany, and he brings up Breivik. I write about crime and unemployment per capita, the counter-argument is of course - Breivik. I could write about treatment of women, gays, minorities, children - it would be countered by Breivik. I could write about Al Qaida camps in Sweden, anti-Jew party that invited neo-nazis and islamists, demands of immigrants to remove holidays from schools, national flags from prisons and hundreds of dead in Madrid and London, the salvation for all of this is Breivik.

What is amazing is that people like you say that islamic terrorists exist BECAUSE of western aggression (removing guilt from muslims), but extreme Breivik exists ALSO because of the west and not a reactive effect. Interesting logic.

I am positive that calling you Osama may bring me down to your level so I will refrain. Even the name of the bomber in Stockholm may not quite cut it. Even the recent rapists in immigration center, or the names of those who axed the door of Mohammad caricaturist or those latest honour killings and beatings..

I would just let you continue with your misfires. They are quite entertaining.

Jef10- I saw that it came out quite insulting. I just did not hear the word for quite a while now. No harm meant. Bottom line - you are right.
13:37 April 24, 2012 by Scambaiter
Where in any of my comments have I condoned extremism of any kind?

What I have done is challenge your perception that the well-integrated, multi-cultural district of Stockholm in which I live (one of many thousands throughout the country) is in any way "a problem".

It's extremism, prejudice, bigotry and xenophobia that are the problems - three of which you reveal in your comments.

Highlighting a few problem areas such as Rosengård, while ignoring the many successes, merely emphasizes your prejudice. Churning out crime stats without any meaningful analysis merely confirms your xenophobic agenda.

If I was to churn out just a few of hate crimes committed against non-native Swedes by your neoNazi bundsförvanter in the last 20 years, there'd be no space left for your Chechen refugee gang rape stories.

I live here and I like it, as do my native Swedish neighbours...the majority of whom I've met and talked to, which is rather a breakthrough considering what a self-contained people Swedes traditionally are (especially in a Stockholm suburb). Immigrant families integrate through the nursery and school systems and the fact that the native Swedish population in my district is consistently around 50%, and these same Swedes generally show respect to their non-native neighbours - which is generally reciprocated.

Disrespect anybody and you should count on a hostile reaction.

If you personally would rather live in a Swedish ghetto in some other part of the country (and here I'm making the massive assumption that you're Swedish in the first place), conducting a dyed-in-the wool Svenne existence with other xenophobes and all that entails, then that's your prerogative. Just keep the hell out of my neighbourhood.

As for Breivik, he's not the product of mass immigration and multiculturalism, he's the product of excessive hatemongering on the Internet, and his own fears, failures and inadequacies, some of which you seem to share.
15:00 April 24, 2012 by Uncle
Haha, I loved the analysis of Breivik.. You are also a shrink... Excellante. He was also playing XBOX quite a lot in the last year. Surely that also was the reason.

Again, you are talking about THOUSANDS of perfectly integrated areas. Could I get a list? I would like to have thousands there. I promise that I will count.

Now, tell me please... How many were attacked by the Neo-Nazis in Sweden? Seriously. Jewish community is an excellent example, as it is hated by both muslims and nazis (another parallel... oops). Please provide statistics of attacks on Jews by Neo Nazis in Sweden. Start from 2010, as I provided you statistics for that year on the side of the peaceful immigrants.

As for the integration, I provided you with statistics of unemployent and crime per capita, which you counter with YOUR experience and YOUR neighbours. A clear display of a mentally challenged person thinking, who sits in a chair and thinks that the entire world is lovely nurses that wipe the bubbles in his nose. I understand that it is difficult to explain to that challenged person the real world through statistics, as it is difficult for you.

Obviously you fail to understand the expression "per capita", since you still bang on about majority, whereas immigrants are 10% of the population and immigrants from Africa and middle east are 6% of the entire population, but manage to hit 20%-40% in conviction, unemployment, rape and 90% of attacks on religious minorities.

It is quite funny arguing with you, since it was a long time since I heard such infantile arguments as someones personal experience from a huge society all over the country (and Europe).

And I am sure that a "hostile reaction" of immigrants is due to disrespect of swedes, whereas Breiviks behavior was not a reaction, but personal problems... There is no such a thing as a guilt for cavemen that were dug out of Afghani and Sudani deserts...
20:17 April 24, 2012 by Jeff10
@ Scambaiter:

Hey, dudster, as soon as you get a job, you'll have much less time for your gobbedlygook posts. Yes, you've such incisive intellect; for example, rather than find facts that support your POV, you simply reply with silliness about stats being meaningless.

Try this fact: In the US, black Americans are about 13% of the population, but account for over 50% of all murders, rapes, assualts, armed robbery, etc. Sweden easily has similar stats. Wihle multi-ethnic cultures can and have survived for long periods, no multi-cultural nation has survived or long remained a nation.
21:26 April 24, 2012 by mcarroll1
What job could scambaiter have. Tire kicker, knob jockey, or something that gives him plenty of time off to write all this rubbish. He should take an anger management course with all this spare time on his hands - I'm sure there are many on this site who would happily pay for it.
22:32 April 24, 2012 by nathan45
I read this quote from the local Norway.

back at the Grønland flea market, Hassana Mazzouj, 36, pushes a stroller with three children in tow."

This is exactly why people are worried about immigration in Europe this average Muslim woman has 4 kids the average Norwegian woman has two and they keep bringing in more immigrants who will also have 4 or 5 kids we will be eventually bread into a minority and that is not false at all.

Right on this very website a month ago I read that in a few decades 50% of oslo will be of immigrant decent. The same can be said for most of Europe and North America. No other race on the planet is at such risk of extinction I don't believe in hate and violence but I think more should be done to ensure a future for our proud people.
01:15 April 25, 2012 by Spuds MacKenzie
@nathan45 This is exactly what I fear as well: that muslims are outbreeding ethnic Scandinavians. Sweden must stop importing muslims NOW before is too late.
06:47 April 25, 2012 by budaboy
@scuzbucket./ scambaiter

It normally takes respect to get respect in the Western world, but we are far beyond that point with your kind.

"Disrespect anybody (islam?) and you should count on a hostile reaction.(beheading?)"

"Just keep the hell out of my neighbourhood." (neighborhood).

Don't worry Mr.kebabcartpusher, your neighborhood was declared a No Go Zone to open minded people a long time ago, around the time you moved in.....I feel sorry for your Western neighbors that weren't able to escape your man made hell hole.

Keep up the good work to create a better and more livable society for all of us.
09:03 April 25, 2012 by Puffin
If each kommun took a equal number then that would be 9 kids per kommun - and Migrationsverket pays the kommun around 2000 kr per day for their keep and supervision

Can the kommuns really not manage this?
09:31 April 25, 2012 by budaboy

Why not give an extra 2000 Sek. per month to retired Swedes that live of the bare minimum right now instead ?

That would put a smile on 3285 poor old peoples faces each year.
09:35 April 25, 2012 by Ballcocks
@ scambaiter.

Having read this thread with interest and not a little disgust. I would like it to be noted by all on this forum that I stand firmly behind the comments that you have made. A stand must be taken against the bigots and bullies in this beautiful country

The success of evil only requires that good men do nothing,

You are not alone..
10:00 April 25, 2012 by Uncle

What EXACTLY do you stand behind, may I ask? Just for my information... Do you stand behind his personal opinion, that is based on personal experience and argues with the simplest statistics? Do you stand behind inviting whoever from whatever country, as long as they WANT it? Just because multiculturalism is here and everybody should STFU about it?

Are you willing to risk that islamists will get to that critical mass, where crosses (flags) are removed from public places like in the demands in UK? Where blind people are refused taxis if they have a dog? Where it is not politically correct to celebrate christmas, but there is a standing demand to consider Ramadan a national holiday? Society where a Jew is scared to walk around without a hat, so yamaka would not be seen?

Do you like that incoming society forces "love and acceptance" on the locals and AT THE SAME TIME creating segregated schools where education is commenced in arabic (Danmark) and Koran is taught from the first class, whereas other religions are "mentioned" according to the minimum legal requirements?

Behind which one do you stand and in what exactly the gentleman above is not alone (which I did not think, since I believe that the entire Al Shabbab is with him on that)?
10:37 April 25, 2012 by Ballcocks

I stand behind all the reasonable people of this country who support tolerance, understanding and freedom.

I stand against those who promote hate, ignorance,and intolerance and use forums such as these in an attempt to promote and justify their poisoned dogma.
12:57 April 25, 2012 by Uncle

"I stand behind all the reasonable people of this country who support tolerance, understanding and freedom."

So why do you stand behind islamists who do not tolerate shia or sunni, hindu, jews, homosexuals, educated women, women who fall in love with not designated man, women who look in the eyes and therefore suggest that they would like to be raped, children who do not listen and therefore shall be beaten, westerners who think that Mohammad is funny and other weirdos? Why do you stand behind those who attack others, are ignorant of the traditions of those they are came to and promote and justify bombings and beheadings in their mosques?

Mmm? Why?
15:55 April 27, 2012 by james_g
@ budaboy - 'neighbourhood' is in fact the correct spelling of the English word neighbourhood. 'Neighborhood' is the favoured (NB not 'favored') spelling of our transatlantic colonial friends :)
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