Malmö resident finds snuff in new jar of mayo

A Swedish man from Malmö, in southern Sweden, who was planning to enjoy a nice big dollop of mayonnaise with his meal, was recently shocked to find a small bag of snus, or so-called moist snuff, in the brand new jar.

“I opened up a new jar, and found the snuff in there,” mayonnaise enthusiast Sebastian Eriksson told local paper Sydsvenskan.

Not wanting to forego his condiment of choice if he could help it, Eriksson tried to avoid the unwanted additive to see if he could get any mayo out of the jar that wasn’t polluted by the snuff.

The offending object in his favourite topping was a pre-packed portion, rather than a pinch of loose snuff, so he figured he might be in with a chance, according to the paper.

“I was so hungry that I tried to dig around the snuff, but in the end I just left the jar. The mayo had been affected by the snuff’s colourants,“ said Eriksson to the paper.

To his disappointment he was therefore unable to use the jar and is now considering contacting the factory to see how they review their food hygiene and safety checks.

The mayo manufacturer Findus told the paper that they have strict routines regarding hygiene and safety and thinks that the risk of this kind of incident happening again would be very slim.

“On the other hand we are humble about what has occurred and we take quality very seriously, and therefore we always want to have a dialogue with the consumer to be able to conduct tests to see whether there is a risk so that we can deal with it,” Anna Broekman, press spokesperson for Findus wrote to the paper.

Eriksson told Sydsvenskan that he wanted the manufacturer to at least reimburse him one jar of snuff-free mayonnaise.

“It was really very disgusting,” he told the paper.

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