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Sweden Democrats fourth-largest party

TT/The Local/cg · 13 May 2012, 10:29

Published: 13 May 2012 10:29 GMT+02:00

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The increase in support for the party, 1.9 percentage units in the past month, is likely explained by the recent debate between party leaders, aired on national TV last Sunday, in which Jimmie Åkesson, the Sweden Democrats’ leader, received a lot of attention.

Immigration issues were the most important selling point for the party’s supporters when they were voted into the Riksdag in 2010.

These questions are less central now for those who say they support the Sweden Democrats, according to Sifo.

“We also see that the party has tried to widen its politics, but not very successfully,” Toivo Sjörén, head of Sifo’s polling division, said to the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

The Social Democrats receive support from 36.7 percent of voters, which is basically unchanged from last month’s poll. Since Stefan Löfven took over as head of the Social Democrats in January, the party has seen rapid growth in the polls.

The Moderates dropped by 1.4 percentage units, landing on 27.7 percent.

“There’s a risk that the large governing party is struck by tiredness, when trying to win their third election in a row,” said Sjörén.

“Elections are never won by what the party has done, but by what it’s going to do.”

The Christian Democrats lost another 0.4 percentage units, and are once more under the 4 percent threshold required to maintain representation in the Riksdag.

Since the election in 2010, the party has lost nearly half of its voters.

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Sympathy for the other small parties remains largely unchanged.

The gap has continued to grow between the governing centre-right parties and the left-wing opposition, and the opposition is now in the lead by 10.1 percentage units.

Sifo’s poll was originally published in newspapers Svenska Dagbladet and Göteborgs-Posten.

TT/The Local/cg (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

11:24 May 13, 2012 by Children Of Adam
The Sweden which we see today is the work of Social Democrate and since the others parties start to gain some power they Sweden value in the International market has dropped continuaslly.

These facists and racists parties only Brain wash the voters and blaming everything on immigrants And once they into power they mess up everything. Because only haters and facists are members of these parties and they dont have a solution for the government. Look atthe Holland right now, so much problem because of these racists getting in and fking all the systems .

Do not be brain washed by these racists. Get educated and get job and stop blaming others for you failurely.
11:59 May 13, 2012 by viennacalling
the necessary changes to the Global Political System will not happen with these , so called Leaders that we have, what we need (the Poor Taxpayer of the World) to see is voting papers with an additional box at the bottom which states Tick For None of the Above and form a whole new Democratic Party that represents the Most in the Community Worldwide and that is the Poor Taxpayer! Since the late 60's early 70's these parties have introduced far more Taxes on the Poor than the Rich in fact they have colluded to reduce the taxes for the Rich, the politicians worldwide have increased their incomes increased the Bankers incomes and when they need a Bailout its the Poor Taxpayer who contributes more of His or Her disposable income to help these Losers !
12:50 May 13, 2012 by canuk
while i might not agree with all the party stands for, at least they are willing to address the problem sweden has with immigration!
13:39 May 13, 2012 by towns
@ Children of Adam

You're comment just smells of the so-called brainwashing you love to rally against. It's just full of contemptible language and empty rhetoric, for instance:

"These facists and racists parties only Brain wash the voters and blaming everything on immigrants And once they into power they mess up everything."

Are you 13 years old or something? Because I have never heard adults discuss politics and use general, meaningless terms like "blaming everything" or "mess up everything." What exactly do you mean by "everything?" Maybe you're the one who should stop blaming others for YOUR failures.

Look, I didn't vote for the Sweden Democrats last time and I probably wouldn't again as I disagree with them on a few issues (like their stance on the Sami). However, not even the most nugatory political party (which SD isn't) is worthy of such a useless criticism. The Sweden Democrats are hardly the most "racist" party in Sweden as you claim, have you ever heard of the Party of the Swedes or the National Democrats? Additionally, the term "racist" is misused in regard to SD, it may be appropriate to call them "xenophobic" in certain instances, but certainly not racist. (4 out of 5 times when people say "racist" they actually mean xenophobic, "racism" gets thrown around like hot potatoes).
13:50 May 13, 2012 by Kublai
6,6%. That means that 93,4% are positive to todays politics with massimmigration on a never before seen scale. A massimmigration that leads to segregation between swedes and immigrants, criminality, gangs who use gangrapes, armed robberies against teenagers and elderly, stonethrowing and arson. It leads to closing down of hospitals, poor care for elderly people, poor school results and much other misery. I blame these problems on Swedens politicians and journalists who are the worst culprits and wants to show the world how "good" Sweden is by taking in so many immigrants from mainly the Middle East and North Africa. Nothing good comes out of this and not only swedes suffer the consequences, also honest hardworking immigrants get branded together with the bad ones and hatred between people spread like wildfire. It is a sure recipe for disaster and maybe civil war.
14:36 May 13, 2012 by calebian22
If the majority parties want to see the Sweden Democrats disappear, they will intelligently discuss the problems that the uncontrolled acceptance of refugees (I will not say immigrant since there is a difference) has caused in Sweden. Until, they do, SD will continue to grow, until they are large enough to be the monkey wrench like the PVV in Holland. PVV is causing "problems" because they are now large enough to stand up to the two larger parties and demand immigration reform.
15:18 May 13, 2012 by Abe L
Seen this trend for years, started in Austria with Jörgen Haider and it's been slowly making a trend northwards. Simple because the people are sick and tired of the left winged bullshit that's ben going on for to long. We've started paying taxes at a rate that's just flat out absurd, the few social system privileges left such as free healthcare and education have declined in quality so much that it's not worth the money anymore. We're just paying taxes to provide immigrants with houses and living standards who just thanks us by resorting to every known crime to mankind. And last we're seeing our privacy and freedom reduced every time with new laws against file sharing and spying on citizens. While at the same time not doing anything against social disturbing crimes such as rape, assault, robberies, burglaries and other things that affect the tax paying citizen directly.

Few years and Sweden Democrats + Pirate Party are in charge.
16:09 May 13, 2012 by Uncle
If one disregards the slogan spamming morons like Children of Adam and tries to think about it, there is absolutely no wonder that this party gets more and more voters.

All that SD wants is to introduce rules that are accepted in "racist" countries like Canada, Australia and Japan, but it is the higher goal of the muslim population to prevent this understanding.

I do not think that swedes are perfect. It is extremely difficult for a person who came for a country where "everything is allowed, until you do something that deserves beheading" and who grew up with clear and bright rules of life from his beating parents, to understand that it is not acceptable not to put a stick on the conveyor after you offloaded your groceries and it is not acceptable to be flexible with timing. So I totally understand the confused somalis and afghanis.

However the immigrants do not believe that THEY need to adjust their behavior. They TRULY believe that the swedes need to bend to their way of living (as it is the absolutely correct way) and if they refuse, they are racist. The Local wisely blocked commenting on the article where muslim kids get special treatment.

The kind of a special treatment of a superior group of people "who know better". The kind that Hitlerjunge got in their schools. The kind that does not mix them with the "dirty locals" in the showers and on trips. THIS is the problem and THIS is why SD will not disappear until an understanding that the surroundings has changed, ascend upon islamic immigrants.

Screaming about them "racist", while insisting that your kids get "special race" treatment does not HELP. It just makes you look either mischievous or retarded. I personally incline towards the former.
16:35 May 13, 2012 by towns
Correction in my last post: "Your" not "You're" for the opening word.

Anyway, I'm actually surprised the Sweden Democrats don't have MORE than 6.6% support. I mean if you look at parties with similar ideals as them around Europe, they have been scoring comparably low. For example, last year the True Finns in Finland and the Swiss People's Party in Switzerland gained 19.1% and 26.6% of votes in their respective countries. The Freedom Party of Austria gained 17.5% of the vote in 2008 and has been leading or near leading opinion polls in that country since. And of course there's the aforementioned Party for Freedom who gained 15.5% of the Dutch vote in 2010.

The closest comparison to Sweden culturally Scandinavian would be the Danish People's Party next door, they've been in parliament since 1998 (so they're pretty much a seasoned veteran party by this point) and fell in support about 1% last year but still managed to grab onto 12.3% of the vote, which is more than double what the Sweden Democrats got in 2010.

What I'm saying is that I'm surprised the SD don't have 10% support at the least, is this due to the politically correct nature of Swedish society or what?
18:11 May 13, 2012 by calebian22

In the last election, SD was polling right before the election between 3 and 4 % but ended up with 5.7 percent as the votes were tallied. SD is branded racist by many, so declaring your support, even in a public opinion poll is something that many Swedes will avoid. Avoiding conflict and having a good public image is very important to your average Swede. What they think privately and how they vote, is however a different story. In 2014, look for SD to hit double digits, especially if the majority parties continue to ignore the elephant in the room.
18:46 May 13, 2012 by towns

Yeah, it seems that's the case. I don't know a single person who is openly an SD-supporter (for fear of being publicly ostracized and branded as a "racist"), but I'm sure there's a few people I know who would vote for them and even more who lean in their direction. I think that if everybody in Sweden would vote with their true feelings rather than being afraid of what people might think of them or who they were "expected" to vote for, SD might get anywhere in the range of 10-20% of the vote. Of course this is just speculation, however I wouldn't be surprised if it would hold true.
18:58 May 13, 2012 by Uncle
What Sweden misses, is a POSITIVE approach to closing the gates to this flow of half baked material for prisons.

SD should propose investing the budget into those who are already here in order to provide them with better tools for integration and understanding of the swedish society (although it is clear to everyone in his right mind that it takes two to tango and that a lot of those who come here would love to see Sweden to turn into the bucket of feces that they left).

They need to present it in the way where every swede could proudly announce that by voting SD he/she HELPS immigrants and provides for their needs. Every voter should be able to say that for the sake of current immigrants, he/she forgot other outstanding problems and DONATED his/her vote for the salvation of current immigrants.

Closing borders would mean better education for immigrants, sponsored jobs, tax benefits, a personal social worker for every household, for God sake. More money would provide better control over imams, who sometimes "happen to erroneously misinform" their flock of the jihad requirements as nr 1 on Allah's list of priorities. It would allow to spread the wonderful immigrants all over the country into sponsored homes with weekly massage and food delivery to each family.

SD should look like a non-profit charity organization that Mother Theresa would not be ashamed to support. This is the only way forward in Sweden.
19:16 May 13, 2012 by djmarko
SD use immigration as a smoke screen for a hidden agenda, nothing wrong with addressing the issues with immigration but the fact some SD members of the parliament have been found wanting, some resigned, some left, goes to show its not really a political party, more like the tea party found in the US!!
20:20 May 13, 2012 by muscle
To all fellow immigrants! (Including me myself)

well Sweden Democrats should be actually thankful to the Immigrants. Because of many of our mistakes Sweden Democrats gained popularity.

The only way to reduce their popularity is to improve ourselves. Failure to do so, will kick social democrats out of govt and Sweden Democrats as majority party. So stop blaming and complaining about racisim BS and leave the lazy life and do something related to our own improvement.
21:31 May 13, 2012 by Uncle

Excellent point. Fully support.

One thing is to sit and whine about swedish racism (or french, or dutch, or german, or american, or australian, or whatever) and do nothing about it, but moan and completely other thing is to make organisations that assist the new-coming immigrants to integrate.

Such organizations could gather money not to build mosques and pay the lawyers in lawsuits against racist infidels, but invest into criminal youth, multi-children families and unemployed people from their OWN communities...

Hell, I have heard facts about somalians fooling new-coming somalians into paying for "arranging" documents and benefits that are awarded for free. Is there a somalian organisation that STOPS this behavior? Is there any action on behalf of somalian "veteran" community to protect the new-comers from their own people? No... it is expected from the racist swedes to take care of that.
22:31 May 13, 2012 by edphillis
I havent lived in Sweden a full summer so my experience is largely based on autumn, winter and spring but I have to say that Swedes by and large are not the most outwardly upbeat group of people. I think that a greater influx of immigrants is totally necessary to try and cheer things up here and dismantle the uniform social codes that are so ingrained. Unfortunately most immigrants look like they have developed this sort of downbeat demeanour to fit in. God help the Swedish conservatives who want things to stay as they are. They should travel more.
04:37 May 14, 2012 by ericrufinosiah
All Swedish Voters who cares about the future of their Swedish Motherland should

vote for Jimme Akesson and his Sweden Democrat as this is the only Swedish Party that tells the truth about Sweden today and it's future to the natives Swedish

unlike '

Should Jimme Akesson and his Sweden Democrat fails the Natives Swedish that

are going to vote for him and his party ,then there is always the next round so one

needn't worry about it too much.

Jimme Akesson and his Sweden Democrat should be given a chance by the

Swedish people to play a major role in shaping beautiful Sweden from now so that it won't be ruined by some holy pretenders .
10:10 May 14, 2012 by B Slick
Who is to "blame" for the success and continuing growth of the Sweden Democrats? The answer is very simple, ALL the other political parties in Sweden, yes ALL of them. Why you ask? Simple, ALL the other political parties in Sweden have ignored the issues concerning two points. First, uncontroled immigration and secondly the sharp rise in crime in Sweden. Before i voted in the last Swedish elections is asked each party the same question. What is your party going to do about uncontroled immigration? All the parties EXCEPT the Sweden Demacrats answered "no comment". The second question was what is your party going to do about the sharp rise in crime? The answer was from all the other parties was "we need more police". Thats the standard business as usual response. This is why the Sweden Democrats have done so well, ALL the other parties in Sweden have helped them to be what they are today, like it or not.
12:18 May 14, 2012 by flintis
@ children of adam:

I came to Sweden som 15 yrs ago & even in this period I have noticed the degeneration of the society once renowned for it's cleanlines. Everything cannot be blamed on immigrants but certain cultures ancient ways have certainly had a lot of influence. You only have to look in the areas where the ethnic minorities or not a minority to see the lack of respect they have for their surroundings with scrap cars etc left to rot.

The lack of respect & ignorance of the younger generation is also prominent quite obviously influenced by the "rap" culture.

Sweden is too soft to combat these problems & will soon degenerate into a third world country.
23:42 May 14, 2012 by Scambaiter
Sweden Democrats = thugs and racists in sheep's clothing.

The multicutural society is here to stay...live with it or move to that horrible place in Skåne where all the racists congregrate. Then you can indulge in your meaningless rituals and whinge to each other without bothering the rest of us.

Just because you hate your own lives doesn't mean you have to be haters.

Say no to the future Breiviks of this world!
10:23 May 15, 2012 by rise
To always hear whining about Swedes isn't doing anything but to further rise the despise of immigrants and disgust of immigration.

And true, the Swedes cannot blame every problem in Sweden on immigrants but it's exactly the same way for the latter as well - immigrants cannot blame every problem they're having on Sweden and the Swedes. People, immigrants as well as native Swedes, need to learn to take responsibility of their own actions!

To say "I hate it in Sweden but had no other choice but to come here" isn't just showing your own weakness but is telling you're a liar as well. There is always a choice! YOU make them. The choices WILL bring consequences. Live with them! You'll be a happier person once you realize that your situation in Sweden is your own fault. Because if it's a fault of your own actions you can correct the fault with some other of - still your own - actions.
14:00 May 15, 2012 by Uncle
Aaaaand scum-byter recharged his batteries at the mosque…

"Sweden Democrats = thugs and racists in sheep's clothing.

The multicutural society is here to stay...live with it or move to that horrible place in Skåne where all the racists congregrate."

Where should swedes go if they don't like "multicultural" (khm, khm islamic khm) society? To Skåne? You mean to Malmö, where Jews, gays and women do not get to pass on a street without being attacked by this loving and peaceful society?

Where otherwise would you propose to misplace swedes, who are, unlike the "multicultural" society, seem to be employed even according to the Prime Minister of the state Sweden?

To Stockholm where members of religion of peace seem to be exploding near main street? How about other country? New York? London? Madrid? Rome? Where can they hide from loving "multicultural" society?
05:52 May 17, 2012 by bells on the knight
I totally agree with SD AND I have never been a supporter before. Here is the reason.

The residency for my wife was recently rejected by the migration board.

Guess what:

I'm at least 9 generation Swedish, my kids are Swedish and my wife EU national. She now has to leave Sweden every 3 months or she face charges for illegal immigration and deported for life.

Totally screwed up system. I'm not treated as Swedish.
21:16 May 25, 2012 by DissidentRage
People need to know that moving to the right is not in their best interests. Rightist policies have no benefits except for the rich and powerful. Take it from an American, the land of proud right-wing politicians - it doesn't work, and it is actively killing us without us even noticing or caring.
17:44 September 22, 2012 by alecLoTh
Well said dissidentRage, people cherry-pick topics and flirt with the right, but instead get a ravenous beast they cant control.

A smarter alternative would be to push the moderates and lefts to add the policies they want, but to surplant them entirely with people who care only for the rich and privileged is cutting your nose to spite your face.
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