One dead in foreign worker car crash

One person was killed and several injured in a serious traffic accident outside of Idre, in the Dalarna region of central Sweden, some 460 kilometres from Stockholm, when an overcrowded minivan carrying Ukrainian forestry workers was overturned.

“One person has died,” said Johan Szymanski of the Mora Fire Brigade to local paper Dalarnas Tidningar (DT).

The accident occurred just before 7am on Thursday morning, some five kilometres south of Idre. A minivan with space for nine passengers but carrying eleven, suddenly crossed over into the wrong lane and crashed into a car travelling in the opposite direction, according to the paper.

The minivan ended up overturned in a ditch, severely injuring several of the passengers and killing one.

The dead man hails from Ukraine and was in Sweden to earn his living as a forestry worker. Two of his relatives were also allegedly in the crashed vehicle.

Ambulances from both Norway and Sweden were called to the scene and a Norwegian rescue helicopter was also called in to lend a hand. The rescue operation was completed by 9.30am, according to the paper.

“It was chaotic. Only a few of them spoke English as well, so there were some language confusion as well,” said Jan-Olov Olsson of the emergency services to DT.

Four seriously injured passengers were taken to local hospitals by ambulance and helicopter, and several were also taken to a local clinic to receive minor medical attention.

The road was closed for several hours and traffic had to be redirected to alternative routes.

Those forestry workers that only sustained minor injuries were also offered help from a crisis group set up in a nearby town, with an interpreter proficient in the workers’ language.

“They saw the whole thing. Of course they have been affected by that. That’s why we want to have a chat with them,” said Olsson to DT.

TT/Rebecca Martin

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Gazprom appeals Swedish arbitration court’s ruling

Russian gas giant Gazprom has appealed a Swedish arbitration court ruling that ordered it to pay more than $2.5 billion to Ukraine's gas firm Naftogaz.

Gazprom appeals Swedish arbitration court's ruling
The dispute dates back several years. Photo: AP Photo/Bela Szandelszky

“On March 21st Gazprom filed a request to the Court of Appeals in the Svea District to partially annul the final arbitration ruling with Naftogaz Ukraine on the subject of deliveries” of gas, the firm said in a statement on Thursday.

It said the appeal was motivated by errors of procedure and abuses committed by the arbitrators.

Last month the Stockholm Arbitration Court ordered Gazprom to pay $2.56 billion to Naftogaz to settle all of their legal disputes and ordered the resumption of deliveries of Russian gas to Ukraine.

The two companies had demanded tens of billions of dollars from each other in a dispute over an expensive 10-year contract Ukraine signed in 2009 after Gazprom cut its deliveries in the middle of the winter.

Gazprom refused to restart deliveries as ordered at the beginning of March and had indicated it planned to appeal the ruling.

Moscow and Kiev have had a number of disputes over gas supplies in recent years, some of which led to reductions in supplies to other European countries via pipelines that transit Ukraine.

Roughly 15 percent of the gas Europe buys from Russia is transported through Ukraine.