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Loreen win gives Sweden Eurovision 'Euphoria'

The Local · 27 May 2012, 00:11

Published: 27 May 2012 00:11 GMT+02:00

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Loreen received a total of 372 points in the competition, with 18 countries awarding her the maximum allowable 12 points.

"I want to say that I love you so much and thank you for believing in me," an emotional Loreen said before taking the stage for her victory encore performance of "Euphoria"

"I wouldn't have been able to do it without you. This is ours together," she added in thanking her fans and supporters.

Loreen's winning performance

The 28-year-old singer from Västerås in central Sweden had been tipped as a possible winner ahead of Saturday's final, but faced stiff competition from her European peers, including runners-up Buranovskiye Babushki, a group of singing grannies from Russia, as well as Serbian crooner Željko Joksimović, who finished third.

But as the voting entered its final stages early Sunday morning, it became clear that Loreen would return the Eurovision crown to Sweden for the first time since 1999 when Charlotte Nilsson won with "Take Me to Your Heaven".

In an interview with one of the hostesses during the counting of the votes, Loreen said that her message to all those that voted for her was that of love.

However, she didn't know what to do should she turn out to be the overall winner.

"I don't know yet. Cry, perhaps," Loreen said and smiled.

Loreen has been in the hot seat during her stay in Azerbaijan for meeting with human rights activists while in the country.

After getting through to the final on Thursday, Loreen was asked about her meetings and why she had chosen to meet with these groups.

“There are two sides to me, one is private and one is as a journalist. Right now I want to focus on the positive energies created tonight,” Loreen said in answer, reported Nöjesbladet at the time.

"Euphoria", written by Thomas G:son and Peter Boström, won Sweden's Eurovision qualification contest, Melodifestivalen, in March and has dominated the country's airwaves ever since.

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Sweden first won the Eurovision contest in 1974 with Abba's classic "Waterloo".

Loreen's victory gives Sweden its fifth Eurovision title, and bests last year's third-place finish by Eric Saade.

The wins means that Sweden will host the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013.

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Your comments about this article

00:47 May 27, 2012 by eurobloke
Mycket bra Loreen från Storbritannien! Så dig av Globen, Stockholm i 2013.
01:03 May 27, 2012 by kirub
Yes, very beautiful song, or one of them e.g. next to Serbia and Albania. Moldova had something chic with their entry, very nice to. Just this: who was that happy man sitting next to Loreen? I haven't seen that happiness since the seventies. I am in love with him.
02:39 May 27, 2012 by Hamsterdam
Congratulations Sweden.

A win here is what all the county has yearned for many years.

Shame that it is a song that rips off many others and sits comfortably with an average 1980's dance track. Sorry but now time to put an end to a contest that is no longer representative of good songs but naffness of the highest calibre,
03:13 May 27, 2012 by Shawntooth
b*tch slap on those haters who posted gross comments about her when she won at nationals, 12 points from russian, suck it! just because you haters are racists don't actually mean others also are, and you can't blame it for political correctness again this time!
03:35 May 27, 2012 by Spuds MacKenzie
@eurobloke Eurovision (& Melodifestivalen) will be at the brand new 65,000 seat Friends Arena next year...not at Globen.
07:00 May 27, 2012 by ramshead
It shouldn't surprise anyone, she is great.
07:05 May 27, 2012 by Leonardo A. Romero
Felicidades Suecia desde Nicaragua!
07:11 May 27, 2012 by skogsbo
Sweden wins in all respects, with 10 of 26 songs in the final being written by swedes, plus much choreography and dancers, it great business for sweden, not to mention a great performance too.
07:16 May 27, 2012 by prince T
Greysuede. I look forward to yor comments here. I want to know if she is still swede or morrocan.
08:49 May 27, 2012 by Frank Arbach
This year's Eurovision was no different to recent previous contests - where bad songs win, because they are written/performed for a particular event, audience (etc) - rather than from an urge to actually make good music.

I'm sure a lot of countries choose a song they know won't win - so that they don't have to pay to stage next year's contest!!
09:47 May 27, 2012 by byke
Really hope they host it in Malmö for 2013.

That way Stockholm won't have to foot the bill, and it will allow next years entries raise international awareness regarding the amount of deaths and killings in the area.

Maybe Azerbaijan's entry can visit a Swedish prison and try to talk to prisoners that the state has locked up prior to trial in the hopes to break them by keeping them in solitary confinement until enough evidence is found to take take them to court for a conviction. And if its a real high profile case, the state can leak information to the press in hopes of perverting the course of "justice".

"Sweden does not follow the so called "investigating judge model", and Swedish public prosecutors have very strong powers compared with the situation existing in other Member States: They may decide on any kind of measures during investigations, including coercive measures... e.g. phone surveillance, or detention. (European Commission Evaluation Report on Sweden, Doc 99227/2/08 REV 2. October 2008, para 2.1."
10:02 May 27, 2012 by Enjoyourlife
Congrats Sweden! A big shame to those who thought you will not win because your dancer is black. Wake up racists and enjoy your life, for death knows no color. Proud of you Loreen.
10:21 May 27, 2012 by SimonDMontfort
@Frank Arbach - indeed a bland evening full of appalling songs.

However, at least the winner, Loreen, ventured a touch of political dissent, before the contest, for which - congratulations
12:15 May 27, 2012 by towns
@ Enjoyourlife

Exactly! So much for that moron from SVT who said he thought Loreen should have changed her backing dancer because "Eastern Europeans are racist," well guess what, Russia gave Sweden 12 points!

Take that, SVT!
12:22 May 27, 2012 by rise

Not my call to answer but I have to comment anyway. According to Wiki she was born in Västerås 18 October 1983. Now, Västerås is a town in Sweden - not Morocco:


I don't know of any comments by Greysuede but surely everyone can agree that when born in Sweden you automatically become a Swede. In the same fashion as the football player Zlatan Ibrahimović also is a Swede since he was born in Malmö, also a town in Sweden - not the former Yugoslavia.
15:25 May 27, 2012 by fxrider

A child born in Sweden can't be a Swedish citizen unless one of the parents is a Swedish citizen during the child's birth or acquired Swedish citizenship before the child turned into an adult.

I don't know if Loreen's parents (who immigrated from Morocco) acquired Swedish citizenship before or after Loreen's birth. In any case Swedes like Loreen, Zlatan etc are very good examples of how immigration can contribute to Sweden's development for generations to come.
21:07 May 27, 2012 by Icarusty
if you dyed her hair blonde you wouldn't know the difference
00:59 May 28, 2012 by rise

Aha, I stand corrected about whether getting any citizenship when born here...

About contribution, yes there are some very shiny examples of it. There's two sides of the coin though. Less is more, as people are saying. Though as of 2010 14% of the inhabitants in Sweden weren't even born here. Too many, too fast...

People aren't given any time to prepare themselves mentally and get used to all the newcomers. 2010 still... over a hundred thousand immigrants came that year alone. And I have nothing against that - IF our politicians would only be honest about the immigration and not just being some cowardly chickens afraid of whether they open their mouth about it they're committing political suicide! SD is the ONLY ones who dares speak their mind! Pity they're such complete fools! It's a shame the other parties are saying nothing - zero - about actual problems with immigration or even admitting there are any, leaving voters frustrated to say the least. The politicians have no control over the subject, are to afraid of taking control, and will be giving votes as free gifts to SD if they keep remaining silent.
02:20 May 28, 2012 by Greysuede
Have I ever put her national identity under dispute on here?

I just told on another thread that if she's so genuinely concerned about human rights in Azerbaijan why she was doing it on the eve of Eurovision. Why she wouldn't do it let's say in september or december of 2012 in Azerbaijan or somewhere else in Belarus, Syria, Libya or Morocco where human rights records are abusive?

To be frank I don't like her music I'm still listening to Pastora Soler of Spain who was impressive to me. Since I heard Loreen is a nice person in the reality it's up to her to be Swede or Moroccan.

However if the likes of Sarah Down Fittar, Gina Dirawi, etc. are really Swedes then me Chinese ! Do they have their own secretive national culture at all or at least national original musical instruments before taking mickey out of others?

Eurovision isn't all about english language, terry hogans, graham nortons and other cheesy and arrogant british tramps people often like to cite arrogantly !
06:39 May 28, 2012 by prince T
Greysuede u are blatant liar. U specifcally mention Morrocco. I may copy ur thread for others to see.


Not everyone sees zlatan, loreen as swedes. Should we begin to question the citizenship of the queen and her children. Finnish immgrants calling themselves swedes should check with @fxrider.
07:58 May 28, 2012 by fxrider

I agree, politicians have messed up things beyond control and they still got absolutely no solution to the mass immigration problem. I never really understood what's so wrong about discussing the problem in the media. If these new people from different cultures are coming in, there needs to be a plan to settle them in a way that they remain happy, get a job and contribute to the society. Just booking their one way flight tickets is not called planning. Unfortunately this will make SD even more popular in coming years.
10:00 May 28, 2012 by OUIJA
After the victory, Loreen is a Swede for the Swedes. Before the victory, she would have remained as a morockan with a Swedish passport. Her winning song is quite good, but the euphoria around it is too much. The Russians did not need circus acts around their song and came in second place. Their song was quite good, with good lyrics, memorable music, rythm and a catchy gimmick. They sang happiness and everybody was happy For me, the ESC just confirmed that it is nothing more and nothing else than the European Circus Contest. .
10:18 May 28, 2012 by rise
What exactly is a Swede? A question which may lead to an endless discussion with few answers (and as I recall, it's been discussed before). For me, it's enough being born in Sweden and raised into the Swedish society. Which other ways are there to become a Swede? None, as I see it. Citizenship has nothing to do with; citizenship does not make you a Swede; growing up in Sweden does...

Now when that's been stated, everyone should see that through my point of view Loreen as well as Zlatan are... Swedes! Their parents may have grown up in Morocco and in the former Yugoslavia... but Loreen's mother is not Loreen!

Finnish immigrants is a question of its own. Between the years 1157-1809 Sweden/Finland were the one and a same country. That's 652 years. During that time no one would even have understood the question of Finnish immigrants in Sweden. Personally when I see a Finn I don't see an immigrant... more like a long lost brother maybe..?
10:54 May 28, 2012 by towns
@ rise

A more specific question than "what is a Swede" would be "What exactly determines when a person of immigrant background begins to be considered a Swede by Swedes themselves."

Loreen and Zlatan may both be born in Sweden, but neither of both their parents are. How about singer Eric Saade (who is half-Palestinian, half-Swedish), musician Salem Al Fakir (Who is half-Syrian, half-Swedish), or Centre Party politician Magnus Andersson (who is half-Egyptian, half-Swedish). Do the majority of Swedish people consider these three as ethnic Swedes? I'm curious.
12:58 May 28, 2012 by rise

"What exactly determines when a person of immigrant background begins to be considered a Swede by Swedes themselves."

My answer would be: nothing is determining it; an immigrant of the first generation will never be considered a Swede because the person in question will in fact never BE a Swede. Regardless of citizenship. It's too late for the ones from the first generation whom already have grown up and into the culture etc of their home country. If a first generation immigrant is a child, though, it is - as for an adopted child - a different story since they have yet to grow up and get indoctrinated with the values of their culture etc.

"Do the majority of Swedish people consider these three as ethnic Swedes?"

You'll have to ask that question to Prime minister Reinfeldt cause it was he who introduced the phrase "ethnic Swedes". ;) Personally I have no idea whom those Swedes really are. I prefer the phrases "native" and "non-native" Swedes...
13:11 May 28, 2012 by towns
@ rise

Thanks for the answer. It's more or less the same I'd give to my own question.
15:56 May 28, 2012 by fxrider
If you read about native Americans, you get a very different perception of Americans :)

In the USA, minorities are categorized as Latino Americans, African Americans, Chinese American, Indian American, Native Americans etc

Perhaps this could be an option in Sweden, native Swedes, Asian Swedes etc
17:04 May 28, 2012 by trade
Beautiful song. Really ugly singer. looks like a man.

Usually the swedish are beautiful.

Who is this Loreen?
19:12 May 28, 2012 by salalah
Is that the monster from "Alien" ???
22:00 May 28, 2012 by jostein
#23 by rise

"What exactly is a Swede?"

A swede is someone who is to the majority made up of swedish genetic material.

A workable definition of swedish genetic material is the genetic material that existed in sweden in 1892 and that is not from one of our minoritygroups, such as sami, travellers or jews.

If you are moroccan and marry a swede your are still moroccan. But your kids will be half swedish. If you are moroccan and move to sweden and marry another moroccan and have moroccan children and they in turn marry moroccans, this does not make neither you nor your children swedish, it makes you colonists.
22:13 May 28, 2012 by Greysuede
@ prince T

This is what has been said by me re "Azerbaijan condemns Loreen's activist meeting"

20:56 May 24, 2012 by Greysuede

Who's actually Loreen? Unknown singer of 3 hardly unknown songs.

I don't think that she's so genuinely concerned about human rights in Azerbaijan except promoting herself....

By the way, why she wouldn't care about human rights in her Morocco?

So liar it's you and your own name!

Have a good day with loreens, zlatans and others !
02:32 May 29, 2012 by Spuds MacKenzie

17:04 May 28, 2012 by trade

"Beautiful song. Really ugly singer. looks like a man.

Usually the swedish are beautiful.

Who is this Loreen?"

She's ugly because she is Morrocan...not Swedish.
15:33 May 29, 2012 by weballergy
I think you 'trade' and 'Spuds MacKenzie' have some little problem in your heads. You consider someone beautiful because 'is not swedish'. What kind of crap is that? Read a book or something, I guess the only thing you ever read was the cereal box and you probably didn't understand the half of it's content.
15:52 May 29, 2012 by rise

"A swede is someone who is to the majority made up of swedish genetic material.

A workable definition of swedish genetic material is the genetic material that existed in sweden in 1892...]"

I'm not denying what you're saying is true but, to me, arguments like that feels a little too close to that of what SIFR (The State Institute for Racial Biology) began in the 1920th. The institute is definitely a very dark chapter in Sweden's history! It lasted for as long as to 1975:


Of course I'm not claiming you're referring to the likes of it! But still... :-/

"If you are moroccan and marry a swede your are still moroccan. But your kids will be half swedish. If you are moroccan and move to sweden and marry another moroccan and have moroccan children and they in turn marry moroccans, this does not make neither you nor your children swedish, it makes you colonists."

Well yes that's an interesting way of putting it and in a fashion I think I can agree.
19:49 May 29, 2012 by jostein
#34 rise

Thank you for your calm and constructive reply. I am ethnocentric, not racist. I do not maintain that swedes are superior to any other ethinicity in any way shape or form. I do maintain that i am swedish and therefore have a right to be loyal to other swedes above other ethnicities, call it legitimate genetic selfinterest if you will. Maybe the SIFR was motivated by racism, constructing some hierarchy of ethnicities or somesuch? Then again, these are fine destinctions to make and maybe they boil down to the same thing? I dont know and i dont care, i feel the way i feel and i can explain it with the help of science and the theory of evolution. Im about what people are, im not about what people should be. I leave that to the moralists.

I do not understand and i do not sympathize with this hysteria to name anyone with one foot inside our borders "a swede". I find it hard to believe that the victims of this hysteria (ie minorities, immigrants and colonists) feel very sympathetic towards it either, most people are proud of their heritage and do not feel happy about having it kidnapped to further the greed and hunger for power of the swedish mediopolitical class.

About Loreen. She is hardly to blame for being morrocan nor for her parents moving to sweden. And she made a fantastic performance (and i sympathize with the "back to basics" part of her philosophy). The problem stems from the EVSC being a nationalistic event, its a tricky thing to represent the former nationstate of sweden, especially if you are not swedish. Where i think she (or more likely her team) errs is when choozing an africanamerican dancer in this nationalistic event. To me that was an insult to the indigenous population of sweden, a message of "you have been replaced".
09:34 May 30, 2012 by rise
People from northern Africa looks pretty much the same as people from southern Europe. Swedes (northern Europe) looks pretty much the same as Germans (central Europe)... Evolution - the sun as well of lack of the sun - has made us that way. Farther south into Africa they begin to look more like real Africans and are having lesser similarities with Europeans. And now it is not only the color of the skin becoming even darker...

But still Loreen has a look as though she might as well have come from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece etc. Would the racists still hate her then? A look on the map reveals Morocco is very close to Portugal and Spain. It's only The Strait of Gibraltar separating the countries. Personally I think she's beautiful when not having the looks of of a pale corpse like a Swede or German. ;)

Now, about "you have been replaced"... Loreen was born in Sweden and raised by the Swedish society (yes the society do raise you - in fact almost as much as your parents). The fact that she succeed does not make you or me less. The fact that Zlatan succeed does not make us less. We are still the same.

They are immigrants from the second generation but of course one can still succeed in Sweden being an immigrant of the first generation. Take Ludmila Engquist as an example. She was born in the former Soviet Union. However during the Summer Olympics 1996 she ran for Sweden and took gold! The fact that an immigrant would even want to compete in the name of Sweden doesn't make me mad or feel "less" - it makes me proud!
12:01 May 30, 2012 by weballergy
To 'jostein'. Ok, 'legitimate genetic selfinterest', racism, synonyms of the same stupidity. But I do not blame you. You're human as we all are. We do carry a heavy load impregnated in our genes that we're trend to 'reject' anything that is not considered our own 'likness', even if they have the right to claim it according to modern laws. But the reality is much more than our beliefs (and that's where science comes and shows that we're totally wrong). The borders that some people are still are fighting to preserve, are imaginary and been arbitrary imposed by the law of 'the stronger'. The ethnicity that you talk about is only an illusion for someone who do not understand that if we look back enough, we do have common parent and we all came from the same monkey. Sad? Hurt that thing called 'pride' isn't it? Of course can't make the little effort to read something about it, and you leave your thought drifting to 'i feel the way i feel and i can explain it with the help of science and the theory of evolution'. If you can't explain it with the help of science is because you've chosen the way of ignorance.
16:17 May 30, 2012 by jostein
#37 weballergy

"The ethnicity that you talk about is only an illusion for someone who do not understand that if we look back enough, we do have common parent and we all came from the same monkey. "

A gene exist because it has succeeded in copying itself. And that is the only reason it exists. Its like a catch 22 as it were. All herdanimals are ethnocentric(or the animal equivalent), according to what science knows today.

Our genome is made up of atomic (more or less) traits or influences that are persistent over time, lets call them "genes" to simplify. These "genes" are copies of one another. The more closely related two people are, the more they are made up of the same copies. In essence, i am the sum of the genes i carry. A host of my "genes" exist only among swedes or scandinavians since they have been created by mutations since my ancestors split away from other humans. None or almost none of the genes i carry are unique to only me. And the majority of what is me exist outside myself, espciailly in my family, among other swedes (or götar, to be specific) and among other scandinavians and among other germanics and among other indoeuropeans. This is what i mean with genetic self interest, that my lojalty is to what im made up of and that i will have a lojalty scale accoding to how closely related i am to other humans. Strongest to my family. And weaker and weaker the further you move away. Functionally, me myself, as an individual, is only a temporary form that my genome has taken, a temporary combination or cooperation between genes.

Anyway, thats a sketch how ethnocentrisism ties in with evolution and the copyinggame. It manifests itself as a feeling. I believe humans feel ethnocentric because the "genes" that did not foster ethnocentrisism have failed in copying themselves.
22:12 May 30, 2012 by weballergy
'Jostein', you clearly know little of what you're writing. Genes are much more complicated issue than what you say. I recommend you to read 'Cosmos' from Carl Sagan. I'm not a scientist and much less a biologist, but I've learned something in high school I believe. A gene has succeeded because has made mutations, to adapt itself to the environment and current circumstances. Meaning that if you actually have the genes from 1 million years ago, you will be probably dead by now, cause you're not a copy adapted to survive (by copy what you call a 'same copy' I call a successful mutation). Species who haven't adapted, are dead now. And you're the product of a successful mutation of your former parents and ancestors (mixtures of 'vikings', Russians and some other indo-european tribes around your area).

And by the way, genes are not made of atoms, are made of molecules, which had millions of atoms in it.

Do you see how ethnocentrism and racial theories had nothing rational at all (except that they only carry the fact that we're in our inner brain stupid animals yet)? but people who support it, they do it by the only mean of their ignorance and beliefs, not by real facts.

I tell you, read Carl Sagan, It will really unveil your eyes.
08:55 May 31, 2012 by jostein
weballergy, you need to read up on evolution instead of qouting broadspectrum tv-series.

here is the most acclaimed presentation of evolutionary thought in the last 100 years, freely available on the web:

11:51 May 31, 2012 by weballergy
Thanks for the link Jostein, I'll have a read of it.

Sorry may be I'm wrong, but your comments showed up a clear mess with the basic evolution theory.

Cosmos was not only a tv-series, was a book behind it, and this guy (may be not well-known in Sweden) won a Pullitzer price with his book Broca's Brain. The result?: make science understandable and accessible to people like you and me. For the first time in history. Even Stephen Hawking was amazed with his work. He did what any other scientist could never have achived.

That's why I recommend you him, and not a Nobel Prize guy who will only speak about an specific matter of investigation making the book boring (probably) cause I don't want to know the matter in that deep level (sorry, may be I'm wrong again cause I couldnt read the book you suggested yet).

I prefer to have the general idea, which I think is the first step (and most important). And also, I recommend you to read first Darwin's work, instead of this guy, cause, again, if you don't have the basis, you won't understand the rest.

And turning back to Loreen, she is Swedish and she made a f... awsome work and the pop culture people should be proud of it (and also Sweden), cause make Sweden a little bit more famous (the rest of the world don't even know where Sweden is, or believe Sweden might be Switzerland). Sad but true. Ignorance is borderless.

For the rest of the normal people, she is as Swedish as you claim to be.
16:08 May 31, 2012 by rise
I think I myself would be looked upon as some stereotype of a Swede because of my blue eyes and blond hair. And because I'm rather tall (186cm). At my mother's side there have been people born only in Sweden counting several hundreds years back. It's the same at my father's side.

Or is it really? Sure, my father was born in Sweden however his mother - my grandmother - was born in Finland and came to Sweden because of WWII. But then again, Sweden/Finland have been ONE country for the mayor part of their existence. For 652 years the countries were the one and a same. When my grandmother was born 1929 Finland had been separated from Sweden for only but 120 years of time.

But from jostein's way of arguing it would mean not even I am a true Swede, wouldn't it?! Even though my heart, blood and very soul belongs to Sweden!
19:06 May 31, 2012 by jostein
rise, all im noting is that us humans act in our genetic self interest and that i see nothing wrong with it. These are crude feelings, not surgical blades. But they do matter. If i were half swedish, half greek, i could choose to feel lojalty towards swedes or towards greeks.

Us humans will always divide other people into US and THEM. And we will always have one set of behaviours for individuals in our US and another set of behaviours in our THEM. It is the way we are made. These are not clearcut things, we exist in several us and them at the same time, like "us at this company" and "them" at the company we are negotiating with, us that cheer for chelsea, them that chear for manchester united, us that live on lidingö etcetera. But there is nothing that can compete with blood for forming a strong us. Both religion and politics try but they always come up short. And this is exactly what we would expect from the theory of evolution. Sure, we can sit around and pretend this behaviour does not exist. But that will accomplish nothing, except make us into hypocrites.

I mean, consider a closish famous argument (cant remember who made it):

A virtuous man would treat all humans as well as he treats his friends. Only, someone who treats everyone just as well as his friends have no friends. In fact, such a behaviour would be inhuman, alian. Se what i mean?

weballergy, the selfish gene is written to be popular science, one does not need any special knowledge to understand it and its written in an easygoing style. Its a good read, thoughtprovoking and a good cudgel in an argument since one can really expect a well read person to have read it, or call himself something other than well read, wether you agree with it or not. Its amazing to me how all the swedish leftwingeers go on raving about the christian right in america and that they do not believe in evolution. Whilest the same left waves around ideas that are totally incompatible with the theory of evoluytion (such as much of feminism).
00:57 June 1, 2012 by rise
jostein, thank you for explaining what you really meant. Now I understand and can only say: fair enough!

Now about the arguments of "us" and "them". So true. It is true even to the point of being a behavior born within us. Not something learned while growing up or because of lack of education or anything similarly. According to an American study xenophobia is a perfectly natural behavior, seen not only among us humans but among other primates as well.

The Local, the comments here, are showing many good examples of the xenophobia among us all. But ever since I learned it's actually an inborn and therefore natural behavior I'm less bothered by it but am instead mostly ignoring it. People are claiming Swedes to be "cowardly wimps" as well as "brave Vikings". None statement true but only prejudice. Swedes on their part may be claiming every immigrant to be a "muslim terrorist". Also prejudice and not true, of course.

Above is also why mass immigration/integration will hardly ever work! It is only an experiment in the minds of delusional and dreaming politicians. Where immigrants moves in, Swedes are moving out. It's that simple. Not very many people are interested in actually getting to know the newcomers (in that way getting a better understanding for them). Not many people are interested in getting new friends. One has barely any time over for "old" friends as it is.

For my part, I'm curious of you people... Why I'm being here commenting instead of at some Swedish site! ;)
08:23 June 1, 2012 by jostein
The massimmigration to sweden has never been cleared with the swedes. Rather it has been implemented on the sly by journalists and politicians. The formal abolishment of sweden as a nationstate was done on the sly with the huge change to swedens constitution 2010, not a word was said about it in the media.

Longterm this mass colonisation of sweden by people that are hostile to the swedes will lead to civil war or something similar. The evil of the journalists and politicians that work in sweden today and yesterday is unfathomable. My only hope is that they succeed in destroying central authority while they themselves still live. And its not altogether impossible, the redgreen opposition is even more fanatic and extreme than mr Reinfeldt. Even though mr Reinfeldt has taken immigration to such extremes its mindboggling. Six more years of mr Reinfeldts policies and we will have 800 000 more new compatriots. People with the most violent and intolerant valuesystems and from the most violent and intolerant parts of the world. People with minimal ability to make a living in sweden.
16:32 June 1, 2012 by builder
it is a good song and great performance
11:34 June 2, 2012 by weballergy
Joistein, stop wrinting bullshit, and get a plane and get the hell out of your little town, cause you know nothing about the world. 800.000 people and all will be "violent and intolerant"? I recall you that Swedes are immigrants too, and according to your brilliant classification all of them must be also intolerant and ignorant, as you are (cause they're inmigrants). Please, stop writing crap cause you're giving swedes a real bad image which I believe do not deserve. How old are you, 18?
13:44 June 6, 2012 by jostein
And prove there are two.
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Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and his Kurdish counterpart Nechervan Barzani. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

Sweden's Prime Minister Löfven is set to meet Swedish troops in Iraq on Tuesday.

Swedish politicians wage war on winter time
Soon it will look like this on your way home from work in Sweden. Photo: Anders Wiklund/TT

Should Sweden stick with summer time all year round?

'Don't turn the Pope into a global teddy bear'
Sweden's Queen Silvia and Princess Leonore visiting Pope Francis in the Vatican last year. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

It's time to hold the Pope to account and make sure he turns his words about reform into action, argues a minister of the Swedish Church ahead of Pope Francis' visit to Sweden.

Löfven: 'Sweden will double its number of troops in Iraq'
Stefan Löfven and Haider al-Abadi during the visit on Monday. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has promised to double his country's number of troops in Iraq following a meeting with Iraqi counterpart Haider al-Abadi on Monday.

Will Swedes soon be looking for fairtrade porn?
Should Swedes think fairtrade with porn? Photo: Karin Malmhav/SvD/TT

A fairtrade attitude to pornography would be beneficial, Sweden's health minister told The Local.

Presented by Stockholm University
Nordic fashion in focus at Stockholm University
Simon Paulin/imagebank.sweden.se

Nordic fashion took centre stage in the Swedish capital last week as Stockholm University hosted the “first-ever” academic conference looking at luxury and sustainability in the fashion industry.

Referee, coach and parents in Swedish youth football fight
File photo of a referee holding a red card not related to the story. Photo: Stefan Jerrevång/TT

A football dad broke his leg in the brawl in front of 11-year-old kids after a Hammarby youth football game.

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