Man ejected after Persian rug car wash attempt

Man ejected after Persian rug car wash attempt
A man is suspected of threatening behaviour after having been told not to wash his Persian rug in a car wash in Västerås in eastern Sweden.

The 43-year-old man rented the self-service car wash facility at a petrol station in Västerås on Saturday afternoon.

But instead of rolling up in his car, he proceeded to roll out a generously-proportioned Persian rug, which reportedly took up as much space as two vehicles.

Staff at the petrol station elected to point out this fact to the man, underlining that the facility was not designed for washing carpets.

With his carpet prepped and ready for a thorough scrubbing, the man reacted angrily to being spoken to, according to a incident report from Västmanland police.

“The man became very aggressive and threatening. The staff were obliged to call the police, in order to calm the man down,” the statement read.

The man is now suspected of threatening behaviour, with an alternative charge of harassment.

It is unclear from the report if the man was able to wash his carpet satisfactorily, but the indications are to the contrary.

“He was also ejected from the petrol station and left the location in disappointment, with a wet rolled-up rug under his arm.

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