Men hatch Swedish chicks from organic eggs

Two men in northern Sweden who bought organic eggs from their local supermarket have now had four chicks hatch from the batch.

Men hatch Swedish chicks from organic eggs

Lucas and Lars Lund from Hällnäs, near Umeå in northern Sweden, bought a carton of 24 eggs from their local Coop supermarket, the local Västerbottens-Kuriren (VK) newspaper reported.

“It’s really exciting for us. It all started as a hobby, and when I read online that organic eggs could yield chicks, I knew I had to buy an incubator,” Lucas Lund told The Local.

“I bought the freshest eggs in the store, then I came straight home and put them in the incubator.”

After a time in the incubator, the Lunds saw a surprising result as the eggs started to crack.

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“We have a total of five now and they are as cute as anything. And we think there’s another one on the way,” Lund said.

Of the 24 eggs purchased, Lund claims that 10 were fertilized.

“There is already a small crack in one of the other eggs, so we’re expecting another one very soon,” he said.

Lund explained that the little chicks must stay in the incubators for a while after birth, but that four have already “moved out” to their own patch.

“We’ll be doing the same thing next year when the chickens have matured,” he told The Local

Lund confessed that he and his brother tried the same experiment last year, however, this resulted in “just one crazy cock”.

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