Fleeing burglar dives into canal to escape police

A man in his twenties attempting to break into a hotel in western Sweden got spooked by police officers arriving and tried to escape by jumping in the canal.

The incident occurred shortly after 3am on Thursday morning when the man was observed by a security guard while attempting to break into a local hotel in Trollhättan in western Sweden.

The security guard who spotted him alerted the police to the scene. The police patrols that were sent to investigate and apprehend the would-be burglar soon discovered the fleeing miscreant.

But upon realizing that the police were in hot pursuit, the man decided to try his luck in the ice-cold waters of the nearby canal. There he struggled for a while before finally giving in and was subsequently fished out by police officers.

“The water was freezing so the man soon gave up,” police told local news site ttela.se.

After sending canine patrols along the route the escaping man had taken, officers recovered several items of his loot strewn across the area, which the burglar had dropped while running from police.

The man is now under suspicion of breaking and entering as well as theft.

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