Police ‘knew in advance’ about nightclub blast

Police had been warned that a bomb would be detonated in a busy nightclub in central Sweden on Sunday, yet chose not to act in the hope of catching the attacker red-handed, according to a police source.

Police 'knew in advance' about nightclub blast

“They gambled with people’s lives to catch the thief red-handed,” the source told the Aftonbladet newspaper.

The bomb, which exploded just after midnight on Saturday night, resulted in the evacuation of the Blue Moon Bar in Västerås, and left close to 700 party goers standing out on the streets without their jackets.

“We were on the dance floor and saw one of the security guards rushing to the DJ, and the music was quickly turned off,” one witness told The Local following the blast.

“None of us heard the explosion as the music was so loud inside.”

No one was injured in the blast which occurred on the outdoor terraced area, yet glass shattered and a nearby hotel was also evacuated.

According to the paper’s source, the bomb was supposed to explode after 2am when the bar was closed.

“For some reason they’ve chosen not to react. It’s as if they have taken a chance and hoped to catch the perpetrators in the act. It probably could have been avoided, it’s just lucky that it went the way it did.”

Åsa Hedin of the Västmanlands police has neither confirmed nor denied the allegations, and told the paper that the investigation is still underway,

“It’s difficult for us to comment in detail about what we currently know and don’t know right now,” she said.

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Denmark suspects two Swedes over explosion at tax authority

Two Swedish citizens are suspected in connection with last week’s explosion at the Danish Tax Agency. One of the two is in police custody.

Denmark suspects two Swedes over explosion at tax authority
Copenhagen Police superintendent Jørgen Bergen Skov addresses the press. Photo: Philip Davali / Ritzau Scanpix

Copenhagen Police superintendent Jørgen Bergen Skov confirmed the arrests to press on Wednesday morning.

“Both individuals are suspected of carrying out the detonation at the Tax Agency,” Skov said.

One man, aged 22, was arrested in Swedish city Malmö on Tuesday and will be extradited to Denmark. Once he reaches Copenhagen he will appear for preliminary court proceedings, which the prosecution will request take place behind closed doors.

Swedish newspaper Kvällsposten reports the 22-year-old has no previous criminal convictions in the country.

The second man, a 23-year-old, is yet to be detained but an international arrest warrant for him has been issued, Skov said.

“During the night, we also searched several addresses in Sweden. We hereby confiscated what we believe to be a car used by the suspects,” he said.

“We have one suspect on the loose, which means we must be careful about what we say, out of consideration for the investigation,” he added.

The superintendent did not add any detail about how police were able to connect the two individuals to the August 6th explosion.

Skov also stressed that police do not believe the tax authority blast to be connected to a similar incident at a police station in Copenhagen’s Nørrebro neighbourhood in the early hours of Saturday.

“There is nothing to suggest (a connection),” he said.