Agency green-lights state ‘hooligan register’

The Swedish Data Inspection Board (Datainspektionen) has given the government thumbs up to start a register of blacklisted sports supporters, as long as a few changes are made to the scheme in order to safeguard personal integrity.

Agency green-lights state 'hooligan register'

“There’s always a risk that information kept in these types of sensitive registers will fall into the wrong hands,” said director general Göran Gräslund in a statement.

“Therefore, the obvious ambition to safeguard the personal integrity is commendable. However, the scheme has a number of points that need to be dealt with before the register can be implemented.”

According to the agency, the description of the aims in the proposed legislation doesn’t correspond with what the centralized register would be aiming to achieve.

Exactly what information should be kept on the supporters would have to be made clearer, according to the agency.

Also, an in-depth analysis of which information would be available to sport associations and event organizers would have to be carried out.

The Data Inspection Board further pointed out how several points in the proposal would mean infringements on the personal integrity of all supporters.

Some of the new regulations, including the register, would only affect those considered “risk-supporters” but others, such as personalized tickets and an increase in security camera surveillance would have an impact on all those attending sporting events.

“That’s why it is important that the needs, aims and effects of the measures are properly analysed, in order to evaluate if the interest is proportional to the potential infringement on personal integrity,” Gräslund said.

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Football fans spark chaos in Stockholm final

Swedish football fans stormed the pitch on Sunday night after IFK Gothenburg beat Djurgården in the Swedish Cup final, in a violent victory march that saw at least one flare hurled into the crowd and that required police intervention.

Football fans spark chaos in Stockholm final

The final between IFK Gothenburg and Djurgården went to penalties before the Gothenburg side took home the victory at Stockholm’s Friends Arena. However, the club’s supporters didn’t waste any time in storming the pitch and antagonizing the Djurgården fans.

Armed with flares, the supporters took to the field and marched to the other end, where Djurgården supporters hurled chair parts towards the opposition and the police in between.

Only moments after a security guard was hit in the head by what appeared to be a part of a seat, a Gothenburg supporter threw a flare into the opposing side’s crowd.

Dozens of riot police stood between the two sets of supporters during the standoff. Police meanwhile grappled with some of the supporters, with three officers sustaining minor injuries.

“The scenes that took place when the pitch was invaded and what happened afterwards are completely unacceptable,” Djurgården’s head of security told the Dagens Nyheter newspaper.

“I can understand, to a degree, that the winning side wants to celebrate with its heroes when they’ve taken the title – that’s neither surprising nor strange and more of a rule than an exception. But this went way overboard.”

Video of the commotion

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