Soldier under fire for classified Facebook post

A Swedish soldier who filmed his colleagues at work in a restricted area and then posted the footage on Facebook is now facing charges of crimes against national security and a potential dismissal from the Armed Forces.

Soldier under fire for classified Facebook post

“He was in a special restrictions area. There is equipment there that should not be publicly known and that criminals may want to get access to,” said major Carl Sjöstrand of the Armed Forces to local paper Kvällsposten.

The man was working at the southern Skåne regiment P7 in Revingehed outside of Lund when he picked up his phone and filmed his colleagues in the guards’ control room.

The man later posted the footage to his personal Facebook page, which is how the military found out about the incident.

“One of the other soldiers informed the superior officer and this led to the incident being reported to the police,” said Sjöstrand to the paper.

The internal investigation has so far led to the man losing his phone and the right to work in any position that may make him privy to classified information.

Based on the evidence presented by the Armed Forces, civilian prosecutors have already decided not to bring the case to court, but the military has requested that they reconsider.

According to Kvällsposten, the man has admitted posting the footage to Facebook and regrets having acted without thinking.

“He is deeply apologetic and regrets what has happened. As a guard it is his responsibility to prevent exactly what he went and did himself, just because he was bored one evening,” Sjöstrand told the paper.

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