Cat ‘arrested’ after home break-in attempt

Cat 'arrested' after home break-in attempt
The cat pictured is not Oscar the cat burglar
A “fat and aggressive” cat named Oscar was arrested by police at the weekend for trespassing into a home in northern Swedish home and stealing food.

A family in Piteå took action after what they first thought was a stray cat had been terrorizing the family’s own felines.

They left out a cat trap for the mischievous pussy and captured him soon thereafter.

They then put a call into local police, who arrived on the scene and promptly took the cat into custody.

After taking the cat burglar down to the station, the police soon realized the offending feline was no wild outlaw.

“It is a fat, well-groomed and well-cared for cat – it’s no stray cat,” said Erik Kummu of the Norrbotten police to the Aftonbladet newspaper at the time.

The cat nevertheless spent the night in the lock-up, with police waiting to see if an owner would show up as the cat didn’t match any of those that had been reported missing.

The police told local papers that if no owner claimed the cat as their own, it would be put down.

On Sunday night, however, the cat-owner reclaimed the pet, which goes by the name of Oscar, no doubt saving at least one of the cat’s nine lives.

However, the cat-owner refused to comment to the paper on his pet’s alleged crimes.

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