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Sweden Democrats climb in new poll

TT/The Local/pvs · 14 Oct 2012, 09:50

Published: 14 Oct 2012 09:50 GMT+02:00

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The Social Democrats, Green Party and Left parties together polled 48.6 percent to the Alliance parties' 42.2 percent in the Sifo poll, published in the Svenska Dagbladet daily on Sunday.

The Sweden Democrats meanwhile came in at a record 7.7 percent, up 0.5 percentage points on the previous poll.

The Green Party are behind the opposition bloc's climb, up 1.1 points on the previous month's poll. The Social Democrats meanwhile declined 1.2 points.

The Moderates climbed marginally by 0.1 points to 28.8 percent.

The Liberal Party (Folkpartiet) was down 1 point, the Centre Party down 0.4 points and the Christian Democrats dropped further below the 4 percent threshold for parliamentary seats.

Göran Hägglund's Christian Democrats polled 3.4 percentage points, down 0.4 points on the previous poll.

At about the halfway point in the Swedish parliamentary term, it remains unclear however whether the Red-Greens are ready and able to form a coalition in time for the election in 2014.

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The Sweden Democrats have enjoyed fairly stable support since the 2012 election and the latest poll indicated that the party will retain its balance of power status in the Swedish parliament after 2014.

The party on Friday announced a "clean out" of its rank and file with party leader Jimmie Åkesson declaring that he was eager to curb the stream of racist and homophobic comments made by party members since the 2010 election.

TT/The Local/pvs (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

10:34 October 14, 2012 by calebian22
No doubt this rise is due to the increase in Nazis here in Sweden, rather than problems with immigrants not integrating. This is great! SD 2014.
11:00 October 14, 2012 by byke
While I may not have great respect for a party that has been tarred with so many of its own politicians and their actions.

What this latest poll does is little more than show an increasing sentiment and view of a nation that many both inside and outside find repulsive and is a clear stain on the reputation of Sweden and its educational programs.

However, while an ever increasing divide is being seen within Sweden. Even if a cap is put on immigration, how will a nation deal with an ever increasing xenophobic ideology - with such a large part being considered "non pure"? Could we see a reintroduction of the sterilization laws that were pioneered by Sweden in an attempt to purify the nation once again, as we saw from the early 1900's to the late 1970's - still active 30 years after the nazi's lost power.

Heja Sverige!
11:50 October 14, 2012 by jostein
Who cares? We have passed the point of no return. 15 years ago or somesuch this could have made a difference. Now? Irrelevant.

The prognosis for immigration to sweden this year is 120 000 PUT (permanent residence permits). The prognosis according to migrationsverket for 2013 is 180 000 PUT. The majority of these people come from the most violent and cruel and ethnocentric places on earth and a very large portion are not literate.

These people are utterly unequipped to compete economically in sweden, at least not peacefully or legally. Why should they tolerate submissive and destitute status? Especially when their numbers explode? Especially when the swedes lose any and all wish to contribute to the wellfare state that is bleeding them dry and funding the colonisation of their ancestral lands?

This situation has been created by the genocidal racists aka multiculturalists.
13:24 October 14, 2012 by bryan73

Where did you get those numbers (120000, 180000)? Seem very high to me.
13:33 October 14, 2012 by Social Hypocrisy
It seems that a growing number of misinformed people are willing to cut off their noses in spit of their face.

This has nothing to do with political ideology and everything to do with economics.

How do these people expect to pay for the huge drain on Swedish welfare in the comming years? At present there are not enough people of working age to be able to carry the burden.

Its almost ironic. These SD voters with their arian mentality who claim to be so strong. Lets see them dig themselves out the sh*t in 10 years time.

Funily enough when the poop does hit the fan, most able bodies immigrants will leave the sinking boat and the SD voters to their own devises.
14:40 October 14, 2012 by Uncle
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
15:04 October 14, 2012 by jostein

Cant find it now, i certainly hope i have not been peddling misinformation. The 180 000 prognosis for 2013 sounds high to me too. The 120 000 for 2012 does not.

However, the administration of Mr Reinfeldt has been scoring record immigration each of its six years in power, staying above 100 000 PUT per year and increasing. That immigration will always increase since colonists that are already here bring family and seek their mate in their base-countries is natural. It is also natural that more and more colonists tread the roads well trodden, as it were. There is now an infrastructure and a modus operandi in place to get a swedish PUT. And its increasingly easy to live here without leaving your home culture as it were.

I will try to find my source and post it back here. Sorry for not having it available.
16:05 October 14, 2012 by byke
Just for the sake of truth and honesty.

Sweden had something like 52000 people leave last year, the highest exodus of a nation since records began.

So any rates that seem high, must be offset with those who leave.
16:12 October 14, 2012 by Social Hypocrisy

I work! If you for more than a fleeting second took a look you would realise that people like yourself are the biggest cause of the problem.

What do you expect when swedish society systematically freezes out anyone who is slightly different.

Frozen out the work market and any swedish social networks its hardly surprising that many immigrants simply give up, associate only with those who are like themselves and try to screw over a swede at any given chance.

Talk about being set up for failure.
18:34 October 14, 2012 by Uncle
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
18:53 October 14, 2012 by whoye

"People like you demand from swedes to change for the "cultural perks" of your barbaric society, instead of your society to start behaving in according to the swedish societal values.

This is the one and only reason for unemployment and nonacceptance of your awful so called "culture". "

this way of thinking and choice of words do not really represent a sophisticated codes of ethics, morality that you probably associate yourself with. (if they are so barbaric, you must be the Aristotle of ancient Greek). this particular mindset is bound to self-destruction, cause the only thing that lasts is hatred and i wish you all the best dealing with growing cancer inside you on the realm of pain and agony.
19:12 October 14, 2012 by Byggare Bob
PUT in Sweden 1981-2011: http://www.migrationsverket.se/download/18.478d06a31358f98884580007980/tabs1.pdf
19:58 October 14, 2012 by cowboykodp
Poor UNCLE :(

Your filth and nonsense has finally been exposed for good.

Time to leave Sweden and go back to Israel. I hear extremism of your kind is flourishing there.
21:38 October 14, 2012 by Uncle

You're back I see. Thought that you actually left forever after our last encounter. Mmm. Will be interesting. Especially with the glowing bright antisemitism that you display in promotion of multiculturalism. Fits perfectly.


I see that both you and the Local moderator agree that "swedish society systematically freezes out anyone who is slightly different" and "Frozen out the work market and any swedish social networks its hardly surprising that many immigrants simply give up" is a crystal clear and undeniable truth, where apparently swedes are guilty in general lack of success of CERTAIN immigrants (god forbid us to actually measure it against the success of Norwegian, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Chinese, German, Finnish and French immigrants), but these immigrants are not expected to change their "slightly differential" mentality to be more adapted for Sweden.

Attacks on Jews, attacks on women, attacks on gays, girl marriage and circumcision, honour murders, crime truth, unemployment truth EVERYTHING is perks that shall be expected and addressed to the evil Swedes.

Saying anything else is racism (convenient word where everyone from a mass murderer to a pedophile could turn to defend their rights, since obviously the word "immigration" is falling under racial protection rules but ONLY if we are not talking about christians, jews, buddhists or hindu).

Huge chunk of SOME certain groups here come with the most violent, xenophobic, chauvinist mentality that humanity ever created. However they are all cozy and warm under the protection of the "racism" word, even if the definition does not apply to them.

Apparently pointing at this fact is racist. Voting for the people who point at it is racist. The only thing that is not racist is to accept more and more nazis into this society.
22:17 October 14, 2012 by jostein
whoye, Social Hypocrisy

To go to a country where you can not support yourself and is dependent on parasiting on others is pathetic. Snivelling. Undignified. It is YOUR choice. YOU are responsible.
23:43 October 14, 2012 by whoye

you see, the problem is ignorance. i'm not trying to be rude or anything, we are all a bit ignorant of some concepts; realistically speaking a lot of things. for example: just because 40 years of theocracy in Iran, which caused all those terrible things that you have mentioned does not mean that Persian culture is barbaric or any other culture for that matter. you could even go one step further by comparing different cultures based on (not a belief systems or any other metaphysical concepts) but rather basic human solidarity, ethics, art, philosophy, history and so forth. and if you don't know anything about those things or know very little of your own and very biased toward others you'll end up hating them; as you do now. just because you don't hear a Persian Classical music on swedish radios does not mean that it's less "good". in fact, any proper musicologist will tell you that Persian music is much more sophisticated and complex than let's say Swedish folk music. maybe i'm being too specific and examples that i have given might seem little off, but i hope you do understand what i am trying to say. and i firmly believe that there is a very strong bond between hatred and ignorance.
04:41 October 15, 2012 by Alexey-nsk
Open the eyes of people, but you need a lot of work.
11:01 October 15, 2012 by Uncle

Man, you see how you YOURSELF jump to conclusions, while promoting "open minded" approach. It is a disease of socialists like yourself.

Did I ever bash persian culture? Could you quote me on that? No... You JUMPED onto conclusion that if I talk about CERTAIN immigrants, I mean the "browns". if I mean the "browns", I include persians into the formula, since a redneck like myself cannot possibly see the difference between persians, pushtu, azers, arabs, uzbeks and other sorts of tajiks... Does it make ME or YOU a racist?

Then you build an argument based on a culture that opposed islamic influence longest time and therefore can be considered as the most advanced in the bunch, although I already proved in previous arguments that the advances of this republic were practically shut down and directed towards war in the previous arguments, which you obviously missed.

If you would read my previous comments, you would understand that I pose myself directly against islam, since it is the sole and only process that stops development of cultures and persian culture is a perfect example of it. BTW, right NOW there are politicians in Iran who promote the persian culture as a concept above islam. Remind me what happens to their leaders?

Throw in arabs, who invented algebra, but went into barbarism and regression with the violent arrival of islam. Take indonesia. Take african cultures.

Opposing nazism (purely barbaric ideology), is not opposing the existence of a german nation or denying it's achievements. Opposing communism does not mean that one is racist against russians or chinese.

The same goes for islamic ideology which arrives here in masses of people who possess this barbaric ideology. Now make the connections. or should I chew this as well?
12:19 October 15, 2012 by whoye

i did quote you and you did call the whole culture barbaric. please do not try to hide your xenophobia (more correctly, "browno"phobia) behind secularism. i'm more than happy that people start to criticize islam and see it as what it is. that's not my point though and the other guy didn't mean that neither. but rather a racism, inequality that exists in swedish society; how it's almost impossible to fully integrate into society if you are an immigrant. i know personally tens of immigrants who are quite educated, who do believe in free society and are secular but yet face extreme challenges, gets rejected and discriminated against. and stop writing bulllshiitt, will ya? majority of immigrants do not fall into category that you have described. you sound a lot like fear mongering fox news
12:58 October 15, 2012 by Uncle
Haha brilliant. I see that you lose your nerve and start banging on about your personal experience with the immigrants you know. This of course an effective admission of lack of basis for your argument. Rhetoric 101.

You did not quote my dislike for persian culture. What you did is quoted me saying "So called culture" and ASSUMED that I am talking about the ancient cultures that new arrivals are coming from. If you would be half as enlightened as you pose yourself, you would know that by it's definition islam is replacing the culture that it forces itself upon with its own set of values and morals, which form a "culture" or a fake vision of such.

My point of view is not even secular. It is purely anti-islamic. End of sentence. I am not even attempting to hide this fact and I am ready to defend the point of view that by that I am the one fighting against racists.

Immigrants here are not fully integrated because of swedes aren't they? Swedish people are guilty in this lack of integration. Is this what you are saying? Swedes need to adapt to the newcomers? Just for me to confirm my assumption here. Thank you.
15:44 October 15, 2012 by rfmann
@ Social Hyppo

I'm an immigrant, and I don't like the Swedes very much. I am not making much of an effort to become like the locals, be fluent in the local idiom, and I am sure that does not help my social and other contacts with the indigenous population.

However, all this is my choice, just as coming in the first place was my choice. I can wish for this place and its people to be different (and I sure do), and whine about the shortcomings of the Swedes (guilty, too), but using this as a justification for asocial or even illegal behavior as you seem to suggest is utterly absurd. Whatever I may think of the Swedes, nobody forced me to come here, nobody forces me to stay here, and it is incumbent upon me to make this work.
17:44 October 15, 2012 by prince T
@whoye. U catch d essence of my arguements all along. The general notions that all immigrants are muslims is wat i fight against everyday. I meet immigrants even from Iran dat are christians and atheists. Some are highly educsted and speaks the language fluently. I cannot imagine why these ones cannot get in to the work force. Some cannot buy houses in certain part of city where I live without the help of a white person fronting as buyer. An immigrant friend of mmine that studied medicine in Poland but have lived in Sweden for more than12 yrs. What he was expected to do for 5 yrs in sweden to qualify to practice was finished under 2 yrs in oxford. A bigger universty college than all of sweden put together. Most people voting and joing SD are doing it for race reasons. They want immigrants out. Rejection of racism will be death of SD
18:01 October 15, 2012 by intrepidfox
All the negative people to SD. They are according to polls today the 3rd biggest party in Sweden. It´s called democracy. Accept it. As long as the sheep in the conventional parties take the same course as they do today there will be an even greater increase for SD.

Todays Sweden reminds me of when i worked for the GLC in London with Ken Livingstone as the boss. There were black only meetings, blacks were given first choice to jobs and they even had an advert for a job stating " job vacant to a black lesbian". I always remember my friend (still is) saying that these actions make people racist. It did.

Sweden is totally out of control.
20:15 October 15, 2012 by whoye

i haven't claimed anything about my intellect but i did speculate on your's. and frankly i was right. ask yourself a simple question: "have i ever learned anything from other cultures or did i just denigrate and feared them just like a kid who assumes that there is monster under the bed?" it's always a good idea to think through before making a final judgment. as Bukowski told "the problem is that the intelligent people are full of doubts while stupid ones are full of confidence". but hey, Bukowski was just a old drunk while you are a sober (excuse me for lack of a better word) fartt
23:07 October 15, 2012 by Uncle
No you haven't. You just feel free to assume about others people intellect. Now if you are not standing behind your own intellect, then it looks as strange as a village idiot who stands on the market square and calls others "idiots". A bit embarrassing.

Now you all the time bring "personal experiences". Like what did I learn from an immigrant... You personally know immigrants... Bla bla bla. It just shows that

1) you have not claimed one positive thing about your intellect correctly, since even a thick villager knows that personal experiences can be rarely valid in political arguments.

2) you are lacking basic quality education and it shows that you actually studied in the developing world or a SERIOUSLY crappy university. I am more inclined towards the former assumption. By that you strengthen my point about why the immigrants cannot find quality job here without a total re-qualification.

Now due to a lack of any statistical facts that can actually prove that 7% of swedes, 20% of Dutch and Norwegians and some 10% of Belgians and Danish are nazis without reason, as well as your refusal to confirm or deny my simple assumption that you expect the swedes to change while not holding the immigrants accountable, you are clearly a racist and a xenophobe against Swedish nation and as such you shall confess and expose the hatred that consumes you towards swedes and the European nations in general. Thank you.
08:28 October 16, 2012 by prince T
@ interpid. I have been to London several times and i am indeed going next week. What u said about London is a lie.

There is what they call EO Policy in UK that makes discrimination difficult. Unlike sweden, UK thinks that a female arab social woker will best understand an arab woman in refuge than a white british man. Though there is still discrimination but the system is fair compared to our Sweden. The system is designed to wedge out some pple. However u may be jealous of those blacks that qualified for the jobs they got. Look at that guy that won laurels for UK the olympics. Do u want to tell me that the black members Of Uk team to olympics were choosen bc they were blacks. An immigrant told me that the guy that won 5000m gold for UK would not have performed that feat if he was in sweden. I agree.

I will advise @ uncle to give it a break. From your comments u are immigrants yourself. Let it go.
09:33 October 16, 2012 by Uncle

"From your comments u are immigrants yourself"

Cute English btw.

Who said that I wasn't? I am talking about a problem with a very SPECIFIC immigration, which ultimate goal is not to adapt themselves and their moral values to their host state, but to use the democratic principle of this state that protects religious minorities and force their Middle ages morals on the majority.

What these people did not expect is the obvious reaction in form of SD. So instead of fighting the CAUSE, the fight is with the SYMPTOM and this fight is simply rejecting the symptom as unacceptable. SD in itself is bad. Islam in itself is bad. However SD balances islam beautifully. So when islamic immigrants would like to have sharia laws, remove swedish flags and holidays and have the right to be married to 10 y/o, SD would SAY something about it, while Moderates and Socialists would happily swallow it as a cultural perk acceptance.
15:19 October 16, 2012 by intrepidfox
@ Prince T

You stated I have been to London several times and i am indeed going next week. What u said about London is a lie.

This is what happened in the early 80´s at The Greater London Council. Did you work there? I did.. And the friend i mentioned is Black
16:57 October 16, 2012 by PS22
"up 0,5 points on the previous poll". Another change is mentioned as being "0,1%"

What is the error margin on these polls? These numbers seem incredibly detailed.
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