Gothenburg police arrest three in hospital brawl

Gothenburg police arrest three in hospital brawl
Police arrested three suspects after a fight erupted outside of the emergency ward at the Gothenburg Sahlgrenska University hospital in western Sweden late on Wednesday night.

“The members of staff who called us were worried. They described a very threatening atmosphere and were under considerable stress,“ said Stefan Gustavsson of the local police to newspaper Göteborgs-Posten (GP).

Between fifteen and thirty people were involved in the fight, some reportedly armed with knives.

However, by the time officers arrived on the scene, the situation had cooled down somewhat. The area was searched with dogs and a report of illegal threats was filed.

“At that point it had calmed down enough for us to take notes on what had happened. We left a few officers behind and departed. But it didn’t take long before it flared up again,” Gustavsson told the paper.

After the fight had started again, police returned in force and three men were arrested after threatening officers.

According to the paper, police believe the death of a patient admitted to the hospital may have sparked the fight.

“The people had a relationship to the deceased and there was a fight about what would happen now. I can’t say exactly what it is about, the preliminary investigation is confidential,” said Gustavsson to GP.

This is the second time in recent months that a big fight has erupted outside of the Sahlgrenska emergency ward.

Over the summer there have also been several incidents when staff have been forced to call police to help deal with brawls between family members that have broken out following a death, according to the paper.

The three men arrested in the most recent fight will be interrogated over the course of Thursday.

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