Instagram teen’s dad: ‘She was hung out to dry’

After discovering his daughter's photo had been uploaded in the "slut shaming" Instagram assault on Gothenburg teenagers, Kenneth Thilly has been left reeling by the faceless bullying.

Kenneth Thilly, a father of one of the victims, was left seething after the online attacks, which resulted in hundreds of young students rioting outside the alleged uploader’s school.

“I was extremely pissed off about the whole thing. She was hung out to dry, she didn’t even know what was happening,” Kenneth Thilly told The Local.

His daughter, Ebba, was alerted to the incident by friends and family who had seen the photo, but Ebba herself was blocked from the Instagram account and was left helpless.

“She felt completely out of control, and I was very, very angry,” her father added.


Ebba’s picture was uploaded to the site with accompanying text that suggested she was a “whore” and a “cow”.

According to Thilly, Ebba contacted Swedish media herself and explained that she felt sick to the stomach after the ordeal.

She told Sveriges Television (SVT) that the nature of online bullying differs from school yard bullying as online attackers are mostly anonymous.

The family has reported the incident to the police.

The local Göteborgs-Posten (GP) newspaper reports that police have received more than 40 complaints of slander in the wake of the degrading posts on Instagram and Facebook, which include claims about the teens’ sex lives.

Oliver Gee

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