William and Alice defend baby name top rank

For the second year in a row, the most common names given to Swedish babies were William and Alice, while a stack of new names managed to sneak into the ranks of 2012's most popular monikers.

William and Alice defend baby name top rank

It was a close finish for the most popular boy’s name in Sweden last year, with 918 Williams pipping the 917 Oscars to the post for first place, according to Statistics Sweden’s (SCB) annual compilation released on Monday.

William has been a popular choice, alongside Oscar and Lucas (third place), for most of the past decade.

For the girls, the far and away winner was Alice with 938 babies last year, streets ahead of second-placed Elsa, a name given 756 times.

The top ten for both boys and girls saw a few names in the mix, including Alva for the girls and Charlie and Filip for the boys.

Lykke was the highest placed newcomer for the girls, with 148 babies taking the name to 86th place. The popularity of award-winning Swedish singer Lykke Li is likely responsible for the surge.

For the boys, there was a slew of new names on the top 100 including Henry at 88th place, with other newcomers Julian, Levi, Colin, and Matteo not far behind.

Top ten girls’ names in 2012, with total number.

1. Alice – 938

2. Elsa – 756

3. Julia – 683

4. Ella – 681

5. Maja – 670

6. Ebba – 653

7. Emma – 631

8. Linnea – 623

9. Molly – 606

10. Alva – 595

Top ten boys’ names in 2012, with total number.

1. William – 918

2. Oscar – 917

3. Lucas – 908

4. Hugo – 778

5. Elias – 770

6. Alexander – 754

7. Liam – 722

8. Charlie – 717

9. Oliver – 691

10. Filip – 673

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