Suspected serial cat killer arrested

A man was detained Sunday on suspicion of animal torture after a series of brutal cat murders in the Högsbo area of Gothenburg.

Suspected serial cat killer arrested

A black-and-white cat was found hanging from a tree in a residential area on March 10th, reported tabloid Expressen GT.

Two days later locals found a yellow-and-white male cat with a ripped open stomach. His name was Birk. Someone had drawn a smiley face on a yellow Post-it note and stuck it to his body.

Locals posted warning notes in the area urging neighbours to keep their cats indoors. Several told Sweden’s TV4 news that they were scared to let their children out on their own, knowing that a “psychopath” was in the area.

A third murdered cat, also with a ripped open stomach, was found by the entrance of an apartment building on March 21st.

Locals complained that the police were not taking their concerns seriously.

“This has received so much publicity now that they have to do something but previously they did not care about our reports,” Birk’s owner Karl Rosenqvist told GT.

Ulf Åsgård, a psychiatrist and an expert on criminal profiles, said the unknown cat torturer could be dangerous to people as well as animals.

Concerned Högsbo residents organized searches to find the culprit.

The arrested man, who is in his thirties, is suspected on reasonable grounds.

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Outrage after Malmö council officers shoot aggressive swan dad

A swan living on a canal in central Malmö was shot dead by professional hunters on Sunday night, just weeks before the birth of his eight cygnets.

Outrage after Malmö council officers shoot aggressive swan dad
A swan studies its reflection in Malmö's Pildammsparken. Photo: Jakob Nilsson-Ehle/Flickr
The male swan or 'cob' signed his own death sentence earlier this year, when he attacked a group of children near his nest close to Malmö's police station, causing several of the youngsters to fall into the water. 
“I understand that people are upset about this. I'm upset myself. I conserve nature. I don't usually kill things,” Ola Enqvist, a nature conservationist employed by Malmö's local government, told The Local. 
“All male swans defend their nests of course. But this swan was particularly angry. He attacked everybody who passed by, and people were afraid.” 
One local resident, Martina Andersson, told the Sydsvenskan newspaper that she found the decision “extremely upsetting”. 
“They were a real feature of the area,” she said of the swans. “He is only protecting his mate from the canoeists who paddle by, but it doesn't do anyone any harm.” 
Enqvist said two hunters had been granted special police permission to use a firearm and had then both shot the swan simultaneously to ensure he was killed instantly. They carried out the shooting late on Sunday night to minimize the risk of passers-by being alarmed. 
Enqvist said that to his knowledge the city authorities had never before had to put a swan down. 
“This was the first time it's happened, and I hope the last,” he commented.
As for the swan's mate, he said he hoped she would be capable of hatching and nurturing the eight eggs in her nest alone.  
“We think and hope that she will be able to bring up the children. She is the one in the nest, not the male, so we hope she will manage to do it herself,” he said.