Swedish comic slams ‘secret’ Eurovision script

Swedish comedian Magnus Betnér has leaked what he claims to be a confidential script for a Eurovision sketch that he refused to be part of, stating that he hopes the "unfunny" piece is never aired.

Swedish comic slams 'secret' Eurovision script

The comic published the entire sketch in full on his blog on Monday under the heading “They wanted me to be in the Eurovision Song Contest”.

The blog entry discusses how Betnér was sent the scripts a few weeks ago, but refused to be on what he referred to as “that awful, awful show”.

However, it was the sketch, which tries to poke fun at a number of Swedish stereotypes, that offended the comedian the most.

“I don’t know what I resent the most. The fact that it’s plain, boring, hack to the level that a 5-year-old could have written it or the fact that they wanted ME to be in it?” he wrote.

“Hope it never airs. It sucks,” he added.

What appears to be the official script is then published in full, a scene that takes a look at life in Sweden through the eyes of a reporter who tries to make sense of Swedish people and their habits.

References are made to Swedish equality, the country’s fascination with good parenting, and the high percentage of Swedish single parents.

One excerpt sees the Defense Minister calling the Swedish Prime Minster to alert him that Norway has declared war on Sweden

“I see,” the Prime Minister replies. “But why are you calling me? I am on parental leave.”

Betnér also takes a swipe at the competition itself in the blog post, questioning why the organizers allow countries such as Russia, Israel, and Turkey to take part. He also questions why Hungary and Greece can compete when they “have proper nazis in their parliaments”.

Sveriges Television (SVT), the channel that will broadcast the show on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, refused to comment on the blog entry.

“I have understood that Magnus Betnér has received a script from FLX and that he has leaked it,” SVT’s executive producer Martin Österdahl told the Aftonbladet newspaper. FLX is a Swedish production company.

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