Apple strips Swedish Whypod of its trademark

The Swedish patent office has ruled in favour of Apple's objection that a Swedish product entitled Whypod was too similar to its trademark iPod.

Apple strips Swedish Whypod of its trademark

Apple argued that Whypod, an online music broadcasting service, both sounded and looked like the name of their own product iPod and turned to the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (Patent- och registreringsverket, PRV) for backup.

Apple’s lawyers were clear about wanting to get the Whypod brand off the market, saying that “the usage could mean a risk of freeloading, assassination or purging of the iPod brand”.

The Swedish company, based in Vänersborg in southern Sweden, claimed in its defence that the prominent part of their product name Whypod is the word “why”, while the word “pod” is a frequently used term for any portable device.

The patent office sided with Apple and decided to strip Whypod of its trademark protection, claiming the name was too similar to iPod. Not only could they be mistaken for each other, but the Swedish newcomer could possibly damage Apple’s brand.

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