Women use severed pig’s head to harass ex

Three women in southern Sweden are facing criminal charges after using the severed head of a pig to harass one of the women's ex-boyfriend and a number of other people.

“I’ve never heard anything like it in my thirty years as a police officer,” Robert Loeffel of the Kronoberg County Police told Sveriges Radio (SR)

The women, two of whom are sisters from Blekinge, and their mother from Skåne harassed and intimidated a group of 11 people in Växjö using the remains of dead animals. One man in the group is believed to be the ex-boyfriend of one of the women.

“They’ve put dolls dressed up as people in a roundabout, and parts of slaughtered animals have been placed on the dolls. The goal was to humiliate people there,” Loeffel told SR.

“In one of the cases, we had a slaughtered pig’s head that was sitting on a doll in a manner that suggested it was a human head,” he added.

The women also vandalized cars, put up signs, and sent dozens of texts messages and letters to the group, in a series of attacks which began last spring.

The other ten victims of the harassment, all of whom have a connection to the man, were left frightened and feeling unsafe, according to police.

Prosecutors expect to file a formal indictment against the three women later this week on charges of unlawful persecution (olaga förföljelse) under a law introduced to Sweden in 2011.

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