Jägermeister wins battle with Jägaröl brand beer

A Swedish brewer's hopes for its Jägaröl brand beer have gone flat after the makers of Jägermeister complained the name was too close to that of the famed German digestif.

Jägermeister wins battle with Jägaröl brand beer

Sweden’s Patent and Trademark Office (Patent- och registreringsverket, PRV) had originally approved Jägaröl brand beer, which is produced at a brewery in western Sweden and is currently available in 60 outlets of Sweden state-run liquor store monopoly Systembolaget.

But the makers of Jägermeister filed a complaint over the similarly-spelled beer brand name, and after examining the complaint, officials with PRV reversed their ruling, finding there is a risk of consumers mixing up the Jägermeister and Jägaröl brands.

“It’s totally ridiculous that Jägermeister is trying to crush a little, little local brewery. I’m not a threat to them and it’s impossible to get us mixed up,” Magnus Jensen, the owner of the Jägaröl trademark, told the Metro newspaper.

While Jensen disagreed with PRV’s ruling, calling it “extremely poor”, he had no plans to file an appeal in hopes of keeping Jägeröl on Systembolaget shelves.

“I’ve offered my hunting team my last Jägaröl,” he said.

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