Ten wackiest licence plates banned in Sweden

See what sort of silly and sordid licence plate slogans Swedish authorities have deemed inappropriate for the country's roadways.

Ten wackiest licence plates banned in Sweden
Some of Swedes' personalized licence plate requests are really crazy. Photo: Mihcboldflickr/Flickr
Every year, the Swedish Transit Authority (Transportstyrelsen) rejects dozens of requests from drivers for personalized licence plates because they are deemed “too offensive”.  
But are they really?
Would you react to a car speeding past with plates that read PLAYBOY or POLISEN? Or perhaps reading BUDDHA in your rear view mirror would leave you so outraged you'd have no choice but to exclaim “OMGWTF” – another slogan that failed to pass muster with Swedish bureaucrats.
“It's always hard for us. In our assessment we try to establish some sort of general understanding of what's okay for society in general,” Mikael Andersson of the Transit Authority told broadcaster TV4.
“There's a bit of creativity required by our staffers in order to make the right call. People are pretty crafty with their applications.”
Since 2009, more than 100 applications have been rejected by the agency, with 29 being given the red light so far this year.

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