Snowmobile nudist confuses Swedish town

Despite a tempest battering parts of Sweden, a sprite-like creature appeared in the dead of Thursday night in the guise of a naked man driving a snowmobile. It was the second performance by the unidentified nudist in less than a week

Snowmobile nudist confuses Swedish town
Lake Siljan without nudist snow mobile drivers. File photo: ALindquist/Flickr

"I was down at the boat houses on Siljan Lake taking a walk," a witness told the local Dalarna Tidning (DT)  newspaper about his Thursday night outing. All of a sudden, a young man darted past on a snowmobile, with nothing but a white sheet to cover his shoulders.

"I could see his arse, that was bad enough," the witness lamented, noting that there were several people down by the lake taking a walk who were thus forced to witness the spectacle.

It was the second outing by the naked young man in less than a week. On Tuesday night, he braved the December chill completely naked, presumably leaving the bed sheet at home. The risqué behaviour had locals in Färsnäs, located near the the town of Mora, wondering who the nudist among them could possibly be.

"People have been talking up a storm these last few days, but I at least don't know who he is," the witness said. 

A mobile phone picture taken on Thursday showed the snowmobile driver's bare buttocks light up the otherwise darkened landscape behind him. They were whiter than the snow on the ground, thanks to the flash.

To see the picture for yourself, click here for the Dalarna Tidning story.


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