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Ten cheesiest souvenirs you can find in Sweden

Ten cheesiest souvenirs you can find in Sweden
Who wouldn't want to see this perched on a shelf in the home of family or friends back home? Photo: The Local
Planning a visit to Sweden? Or do you live in Sweden and need something to send home? Well here is the ultimate list of the tackiest souvenirs on sale in Sweden.
You'd be forgiven for thinking the worst thing about Gamla Stan (Stockholm's Old Town) is the tourists, but the truth is, they're nothing compared to the choice of souvenirs.
Shop after shop after shop has almost exactly the same products (but at different prices), all being gobbled up by bumbling tourists looking for a memory of their visit to the Venice of the North.
To make matters worse, Sweden doesn't have an Eiffel Tower or a Big Ben to scale down and make into key rings or snow globes. We have a horse. A big red horse.
And it features prominently in the stores (and once in this list).
Anyway, without further ado, enjoy our little collection of trinkets from a recent stroll through Gamla Stan. Be sure to let us know below what we've missed, or what they sell in other corners of Sweden.

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