Male pupil, 19, fined after striptease to classmate

A Swedish court has slapped fines on two teenagers for performing a striptease in front of a female classmate tied to a chair, while a third filmed the incident and posted the clip online.

Male pupil, 19, fined after striptease to classmate
The convict stripped down to his underwear. Unrelated file photo: ChristianLacroix/Flickr

Two high-school students in Vänersborg in western Sweden tied another pupil to a chair during the incident that would lead to charges being brought against them. The local district court was told that the young woman had at first played along and agreed to be tied to the chair, but protested once she found she could not get away. The boys, however, did not release her. 

Instead the 19-year-old male student stripped down to his underwear and began to dance in front of his female classmate. He also made gyrating movement towards her and ended his performance by mooning her. 

To make matters more complicated, a student who stood witness to the incident filmed it and posted the video to Facebook. While he was charged with aggravated slander, he was freed by the Vänersborg District Court. 

The 19-year-old was found guilty of unlawfully detaining another person (olaga frihetsberövande), He was also convicted of sexual harassment (sexuellt ofredande). He was fined the equivalent of 55 days' income, and his 17-year-old cohort who was also found guilty will have to pay 30 days' worth of fines. 

The district court said in its verdict that the third pupil, who had published the video, had not meant to mock or ridicule the girl, which meant they could not find him guilty of aggravated slander. A fourth pupil present at the incident also walked free.

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