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Ten hit songs you didn’t know were from Sweden

Ten hit songs you didn't know were from Sweden
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You'd be surprised by how many international hit songs are sung by Swedes. In fact, we wager that there are many songs that you know and love that you didn't even realize were from Sweden. Here are our favourite ten.
Let's get this out of the way immediately: If you are a music buff or if you are deeply ingrained in Swedish culture, this is not a list for you. Rather, it's a list for your friends. Your family. Your enemies, even. 
This is a list for those people who, when they hear the words "Swedish music", say "Oh, Abba, yes, I love Abba. Is there anything else, though?" 
Well of course there's something else. Abba was just so big the rest all got overshadowed. 
So, we suggest having a little listen to these songs, each sung by Swedes (in English), and see how many you didn't realize were by Swedish musicians.
For every song you knew was by a Swede, you get 1 point. Feel free to share your scores below. 

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