Introducing... Family life in Stockholm

Moving your entire life abroad can be complicated. It can be even more complicated when you’ve got your family in tow. Luckily, in Swede it’s pretty easy.

Published: Wed 19 Nov 2014 09:00 CEST
Introducing... Family life in Stockholm
Moving to Stockholm? It's a good move for the entire family. Photo: Imagebank Sweden/Ulf Huett-Nilsson

I’m thinking about moving to Stockholm.


I got a job offer from my company and it seems like a great opportunity.

Hear ye, hear ye!

But I’m just not sure it’s realistic.

Wait, what? Why not?

Well, I’m not a lone wolf like I used to be. What about my other half, and our kids?

Oh, no. You have demanding teenagers, don’t you? I won’t lie, that can wear you down. But for a moment there I thought you had a serious obstacle.

I do! Can I really uproot my family, take the kids out of school, and move to a Scandinavian city built on rocky islands?

Of course you can, and the little saplings will be all the better for it! Stockholm is a wonderful place to raise a family. It’s rated E for everyone!

In fact, Sweden has been ranked one of the best countries in the world to be youngbe a parent, and to grow old in. And in all of Sweden, Stockholm is the best region for well-being!

Yeah, yeah, I hear your babbling. But I need facts! This is a big decision!

If it’s fact you want, it’s facts you get. For starters, parents get 480 days of paid parental leave for each child under eight-years-old, and mum and dad get to share the leave and each get time to bond.

Wait, did you say paid?

Yes, indeed I did. Even while taking time off with mini-you, you’ll still get most of your salary.

Oh, my! But I’m still not convinced it’s smart to bring a weeping babe into the world in a country so cold and dark…

Just bundle ‘em in reindeer skins and they’ll be fine. Besides, infants get free Vitamin D drops until age two, and healthcare is free for kids until age 18. After that it’s still very affordable.

And forget putting away cash for childcare or college – education is basically free, from age one right on through university.

Oh, but schooling…my kids don’t speak Swedish, how would they get by?

Kids are quick learners. And besides, both your spouse and your children can learn Swedish for free at one of Stockholm’s many SFI (Swedish for Immigrants) classes.

Hmm, that’s just grand, but I think I’d still prefer they get an international education.

Not a problem! Stockholm has plenty of international schools, too, where both Swedes and foreigners attend. Take your pick!

Alright, I’m convinced! Let’s board that plane!

Woah, hold your horses just one minute!

I knew it! What’s the catch?

I wouldn’t call it a catch exactly – you just have to prepare a bit. If you’re from outside of the EU, your family will need their own permits.

Curses. How long does that take?

It's not too bad, really. If you have found a job and you apply for a work permit, permits can be granted to your family members for the same amount of time. You just have to show that you can support them.

But my spouse needs to work too, ‘hen’ would go crazy staying at home all day…

Relax. If you’re staying for more than six months, your family members are eligible for work permits too.

Well, then. That seems reasonable. But how can my one-and-only find work?

That’s a whole other discussion. I simply can’t be bothered to go through it all again, so read it here.

And if you’ve got any other questions, just check out this treasure trove of information about Stockholm!

I think I will!

Read more about moving to Stockholm here 

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