Swedes ask Google most about floss and selfies

Swedes ask Google most about floss and selfies
Selfies were all the rage in 2014 - but what does selfie mean? Photo: Shutterstock.
Google has revealed what Swedish people searched for the most during 2014, with everything from mosquito bites, dental floss, and selfies taking top places.
Every year, the world's biggest search engine releases the top ten searches to come out of Sweden on topics such as Films, Celebrities, Food, and most interestingly perhaps – linked to "How", "Why", and "What" questions.
The most searched phrases beginning with "How…" included "How do you vote?", "How does Ebola spread?" and "How often should I floss?".
In fact, the Swedes turned out to be an inquisitive bunch, also asking probing questions about how the theory of evolution developed and how Parliament's speaker is elected. 
With a national election in September and EU elections in May, it was perhaps no surprise that politics made a serious impression in the top searches. Swedes also wanted to know more about the Swedish parties, why the EU was founded, and what the Social Democrats stood for. 
But more amusing searches also cropped up as usual, including "What is a selfie?", referring to when a person takes a photograph of themselves. Swedes were also rather curious to discover "Why mosquito bites itch?" and "Why does Suarez bite?", referring to the Uruguayan footballer who was disgraced for biting an opponent during the World Cup. 
Four of the top ten people searched for in 2014 also died this year: Swedish film director Malik Bendjelloul, Swedish journalist Nils Horner, Robin Williams, and actor Philip Seymour Hoffman.
Other big names to make the list were US actress Jennifer Lawrence, Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst, and Aussie singer Sia. 

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