Romanian beggar lands bumper lottery win

Romanian beggar lands bumper lottery win
Photo: TT
A Romanian man who slept under a bridge in a Swedish city and lived by begging recently landed a 210,000 kronor ($27,000) lottery win after buying a ticket on impulse, saying he now wants to build himself a house.
"I don't know what to believe. My wife doesn't believe me and I can understand her. I can hardly believe it myself," the man told Faktum magazine.
The lottery ticket in fact led to the man winning a car but elected to receive a slightly lesser sum in cash. The man has now returned to Romania and opened his first bank account.
"Oh, I would really love to build myself a house back home in Romania. I am homeless there too, says the man."
The man has also declared that he would like to return to Sweden, the country that has been so good to him – but he will not do so as a beggar.